MW Chapter 2234

Chapter 2234 – Divine Conversion Pool

The moment Sheng Mei disappeared into this different world, within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming felt his heart tremble. He could feel his faint connection with Sheng Mei weakening. If he didn’t carefully try to sense this, it was almost impossible to notice.

Moreover, even such a sensation was slowly fading…

At this time Lin Ming had already been in seclusion within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace for 3000 years. But because he had spent 1500 years within a time enchantment, the truth was that he had been cultivating for 18,000 years already.

Before this, Lin Ming had never spent such a long time cultivating in a single period.

In fact, going into seclusion for a long time wouldn’t necessarily increase one’s strength. Going into seclusion to cultivate was something that never managed to catch up to the speed of actual combat and experiencing the battlefield for oneself. In terms of foundation, the former would never be as solid as the latter.

But now with Lin Ming’s current...

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