MW Chapter 2233

Chapter 2233 – The Soul Emperor Returns

Hearing Sheng Mei’s shout in her ears, Fishy didn’t hesitate. She immediately poured the entirety of her strength into the Amethyst Origin Crystal.

Chi - !

The Amethyst Origin Crystal flared up with a blazing divine light; it flew straight towards that other world.

The Soul Emperor’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Just now he had been immersed in surprise at the appearance of such a mysterious world. Why would such a strange world be in the Dark Abyss? But as he saw Sheng Mei about to escape, how could he allow them to do as they wished?


The Soul Emperor’s world strength transformed into a giant black hand that grasped towards the Amethyst Origin Crystal!

At this time, Sheng Mei was already in desperate straits, recklessly pushing forwards. This was her last chance!

To defeat the Soul Emperor in a frontal battle was naturally impossible, and trying to flee from his grasp was also a mission with innumerable difficulties and risks. But, if it were only to fly into a space crack that was 10,000 feet away, that was far easier.


The Soul Emperor’s palm thrust outwards. All around him, the Demon God’s Tomb force field tightened up. The black hand grasped onto the Amethyst Origin Crystal!

The energy collision caused the Amethyst Origin Crystal to wildly tremble. The impact force that spread through caused Sheng Mei to shake and spit out a mouthful of blood.

However at this moment, she didn’t care about this at all. Disregarding all consequences, she overdrew her blood vitality, overdrew her life, and continued to hurtle towards the entrance to that other world!

Chi chi chi!

The Amethyst Origin Crystal began to spin. Its edges were as sharp as knives as it split open the black hand of world strength created by the Soul Emperor.

Although the Soul Emperor’s world strength was formidable, the Amethyst Origin Crystal was actually the ultimate nemesis for all forms of energy. At this time, the Amethyst Origin Crystal was cutting through that black hand with unstoppable force!


The Soul Emperor was shocked. He disregarded his exhaustion and consumed a massive amount of world strength to send a palm reaching out for the Amethyst Origin Crystal, but this attack was still cut apart. It was like the Amethyst Origin Crystal was a heated blade of iron and his attack was a chunk of fat, directly pierced through, impossible to block!


The Amethyst Origin Crystal sank into the entrance to that different world. It rapidly flew into the space storms that roiled within and vanished from sight.

The Soul Emperor was stunned. He thought that the might of the Amethyst Origin Crystal had slightly exceeded his expectations.

10 billion years ago, the Soul Emperor had fought with the Asura Road Master and had encountered the Amethyst Origin Crystal. At that time, the Amethyst Origin Crystal hadn’t seemed too terrifying.

Was it possible that in the 10 billion years that the Amethyst Origin Crystal had been the incarnation of the Eternal Wall, there had been some sort of change to it due to the massive accumulation of energy?

Or, could it be that 10 billion years ago when the past life of Sheng Mei sacrificed herself and poured her strength into the Amethyst Origin Crystal, her actions had served as a catalyst to hasten this change?

All sorts of theories passed through the Soul Emperor’s heart. He could feel that the Amethyst Origin Crystal had likely evolved somehow. If Sheng Mei hid in the Amethyst Origin Crystal and tried to flee with all her might, it would indeed not be easy to keep her here.

If it were the Dark Abyss then he would have a much greater assurance. But in this different world…

The Soul Emperor looked at that gradually shrinking entrance that seemed as if it would soon disappear. He hesitated for a moment and finally chose not to chase after them…

This different world caused the Soul Emperor to feel particularly strange. The space storms within were far fiercer than those in the Dark Abyss and the entrance seemed as if it would vanish at any time. Going to this different world would be easy, but to capture Sheng Mei and return safely before the entrance vanished might not be possible.

The Soul Emperor estimated that if he wanted to capture Sheng Mei he would need to expend a considerable amount of effort. If things went smoothly it would take an hour, and if things didn’t go smoothly then no one knew how long it would take.

If he were to enter this different world and the entrance vanished before he captured Sheng Mei, then could he return?

The Soul Emperor wasn’t confident he could do this.

Whether it was the 33 Heavens or Dark Abyss, the Soul Emperor was fully confident he could freely wander about as he wished. But to go into a completely different world that had never been discovered before, there were just too many uncertainties involved. He might lose track of the space coordinates in this different world and be unable to find his way back.

“I never thought that something like this would occur… it seems that the heavens haven’t yet abandoned you…” The Soul Emperor took a deep breath. Although he was filled with unwillingness, he decided to give up his pursuit of Sheng Mei.

The appearance of this different world should have happened because of the shattering the Eternal Wall. The energy that had accumulated for 10 billion years erupted all at once, piercing through space and making this entrance visible.

However, the Soul Emperor thought that this might be Sheng Mei’s destiny. If fate truly existed, then with Sheng Mei’s destiny her life shouldn’t come to an end.

In this situation where he had to go to a completely unknown different world to chase down Sheng Mei who had such a great destiny upon her, this wouldn’t be the wise action to take, especially since the Soul Emperor had so many other matters to attend to.

Slowly, that giant space fissure that spread out for over a thousand miles shrank to several miles in length. Then, after a mere 10 breaths of time, it completely vanished.

From beginning to end, Sheng Mei and the Amethyst Origin Crystal didn’t reappear.

The Soul Emperor sensed that after the entrance to this different world was sealed up, it wouldn’t be easy for Sheng Mei to return. She might be forever trapped in this different world.

Although his heart was filled with simmering resentment, he didn’t delay any further. He flew directly into the depths of the Dark Abyss.

Besides the Soul Emperor, his other two avatars were still in the Dark Abyss. Now that the Eternal Wall had disappeared after so many years of effort, he had to take advantage of this time to fuse together with the Demon God’s Tomb and also deal with the nearly collapsed Emperor Bone Sea. With so many matters to deal with, he couldn’t afford to delay!

Just the Eternal Wall had taken him 3000 years to deal with. This was equal to allowing Lin Ming to grow for another 3000 years!

In addition to the Soul Emperor’s future seclusion, everything might add up to over 10,000 years. The Soul Emperor didn’t know what heights Lin Ming had grown to, but he knew that he absolutely could not allow Lin Ming to continue growing.

Every year that the Soul Emperor was delayed meant that Lin Ming would grow that much stronger. In the Soul Emperor’s mind, the danger that Lin Ming represented was far greater than the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign from 10 billion years past.

When Asura and Immortal encountered the Soul Emperor, they had already cultivated for countless years. They were existences that could be described as old monsters.

Their ages were too great. Even though they were strong, their potential had shrunk to almost nothing. The Soul Emperor wasn’t afraid of them because of this. Whether it was Asura or Immortal, the Soul Emperor could allow them to freely cultivate as they wished without any worries.

But Lin Ming was different. He had only cultivated for a small number of years. Compared to Asura and Immortal, this time period was simply negligible.

But in such a short period of time he managed to attain a True Divinity level cultivation and have strength equal to a peak True Divinity master. Moreover, he still managed to make another breakthrough. He could be said to have reached the limits of True Divinity.

In just 10,000 some years, with an initial True Divinity cultivation, Lin Ming possessed strength at the limits of True Divinity. This was something that the Soul Emperor could hardly believe. 10 billion years ago, whether it was Asura or Immortal, neither of them had managed to reach such heights.

If the Soul Emperor were to allow such an enemy to freely grow then this enemy would surely surpass Asura and Immortal in the future, perhaps even surpassing himself.

Sooner or later, this enemy would send him to hell.

The Soul Emperor naturally had to prevent such things occurring.

The Soul Emperor quickly flew deep into the depths of the Dark Abyss.

At the same time, in the 17th level of the Dark Abyss, in Deep King Road Demon Palace, a low and sonorous voice reverberated throughout the entire palace.

“All Elders of Deep King Road, come see me at once!”

This voice carried with it a great majesty and imposing aura. It rang through the ears of every True Divinity level abyssal. As these abyssals of the Dark Abyss heard this voice, they felt the blood quicken in their veins and their hearts begin to race, as if resonating with this sound.

Many higher abyssals directly fell to their knees. “We obey.”

With the summoning of this voice, all True Divinity abyssals of Deep King Road hurried deep into the Demon Palace.

At this place there was an independent world. This was Deep King Road’s forbidden land. Without express permission, no one was allowed in.

But now this forbidden land was opened and the True Divinities of Deep King Road began to enter, one after another.

The moment they entered this forbidden land they felt a terrifying pressure fall down upon them. All the True Divinity level abyssal knelt down.

Before them, not too far away, there was a giant demon head. This demon head seemed forged from metal. It floated in the skies, over a thousand miles large, hanging above like a small star.

This demon head was – Deep!

In front of Deep, these abyssal overlords didn’t dare to take a single breath. They absolutely did not dare to look up into Deep’s face.

They respectfully knelt on the ground, their heads touching the floor as they waited for Deep’s orders.

Deep was silent. All abyssals awaited his command.

And something similar was occurring in the Great Flood Demon Kingdom. In the Great Flood Demon Kingdom’s capital city, a 1000 mile long life form, similar to a python, was perched atop a divine mountain. Its amber pupils flashed with icy light as it stared at the countless abyssals kneeling at the base of the divine mountain.

This giant snake had a pair of wings on its back and four claws. There was also a single horn jutting from its head. It resembled a Flood Dragon a little, and was also the true ruler of the Great Flood Demon Kingdom – Flood!

The Great Flood Demon Kingdom had existed for 2 billion years already. Very few abyssals ever saw Flood. Most of the time, no one even knew where Flood was. In fact, for the last several hundred million years, Flood seemed to have completely vanished, and some abyssals even suspected that Flood had died.

But today Flood had appeared. Moreover, Flood appeared on the Great Flood Demon Kingdom’s divine mountain, in the presence of the trillions upon quadrillions of subjects that lived in the capital city. All the abyssals within hundreds of thousands of miles were able to see this scene.

Their expressions were filled with excitement and awe.

Flood, their hearts’ Demon God, had actually appeared!

All abyssals had a premonition that something important was about to occur in the Dark Abyss.

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