MW Chapter 2233

Chapter 2233 – The Soul Emperor Returns

Hearing Sheng Mei’s shout in her ears, Fishy didn’t hesitate. She immediately poured the entirety of her strength into the Amethyst Origin Crystal.

Chi - !

The Amethyst Origin Crystal flared up with a blazing divine light; it flew straight towards that other world.

The Soul Emperor’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Just now he had been immersed in surprise at the appearance of such a mysterious world. Why would such a strange world be in the Dark Abyss? But as he saw Sheng Mei about to escape, how could he allow them to do as they wished?


The Soul Emperor’s world strength transformed into a giant black hand that grasped towards the Amethyst Origin Crystal!

At this time, Sheng Mei was already in desperate straits, recklessly pushing forwards. This was her last chance!

To defeat the Soul Emperor in a frontal battle was naturally impossible, and trying to flee from his grasp was also a mission with innumerable difficulties and risks. But, if it were only to fly into a space crack that was 10,000 feet away, that was far easier.


The Soul Emperor’s palm thrust outwards. All around him, the Demon God’s Tomb force field tightened...

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