MW Chapter 2231

Chapter 2231 – The Eternal Wall Breaks

The Eternal Wall had already sealed away the Dark Abyss for 10 billion years, like a peerless vicious beast that was chained down with heavy chains. Because of these chains, the Soul Emperor’s avatar had been separated from reuniting with the other avatars. For all these years the Eternal Wall was a great stone that pressed down on the Soul Emperor, leaving him gasping for breath.

Today, this great stone would finally be broken.

Once that occurred, the 33 Heavens would link back together with the Dark Abyss and all lives in existence would be within his control. He would rule the world for a hundred billion years, a trillion years!

The Soul Emperor wanted to fuse with the Demon God’s Tomb and the Demon God’s Tomb was like an ancient great beast with an incomparably greedy and horrifying appetite. In order to make the Demon God’s Tomb an eternal existence that would grow ever stronger, able to resist the great Shattering of the universe several times over, then the Soul Emperor needed to give the Demon God’s Tomb enough nourishment.

And just the Dark Abyss was not enough!

With the bountiful 33 Heavens, the abyssals could grow stronger and produce more and more descendants. And, the native peoples of the 33 Heavens could be taken as captives and reared to become alternative nourishment!

3000 years had passed and the energy storms in the skies above the Eternal Wall had already come to a stop. After destroying a part of the Eternal Wall’s energy structure, the Soul Emperor was able to set up a large array formation to sever the connection between the world’s energy and the Eternal Wall.

“Let it begin!”

The Soul Emperor revealed a maniacal laugh. He smashed his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood essence. Then, with his blood as the ink, he began to draw a totem upon the cracked earth of the Eternal Wall.

The land was already marked with vicious and fierce cracks. As the Soul Emperor’s blood essence passed through these cracks, it floated upwards, as if it were a drawing within the void.

As the Soul Emperor started to draw this grand array his complexion became increasingly pale. 3000 years ago in his battle against Lin Ming, the Soul Emperor had gone from the appearance of a youth to that of a withered man in the fading years of his life. It was clear that this battle had done a considerable amount of damage to the Soul Emperor.

So many years had passed and the Soul Emperor still hadn’t recovered. His body was as thin and gaunt as firewood and his eyes were like dying embers. Now, as he was using his blood essence as ink to draw up this great array diagram, it made him look like a terminally ill old man, about to die at any moment.

“Fishy… it’s begun…”

Within the Eternal Wall, Sheng Mei awakened from her meditation. Her eyes shimmered in the dark, seeming to see through the layers of amethyst walls and seeing the array diagram that the Soul Emperor was drawing up.

“The energy has started to become chaotic. The Soul Emperor is burning his blood essence to make the final preparations.”

The Eternal Wall was already riddled with cracks and flaws. The Soul Emperor’s strength could easily seep through the ground into the nearby Amethyst Origin Crystal, thus Sheng Mei could clearly feel him.


Fishy nodded. For these last 3000 years she hadn’t been idling about either. Although she wasn’t suited for cultivating the martial arts Laws of the 33 Heavens, she still continued to train herself so that her divine soul would fuse together more perfectly with the Amethyst Origin Crystal. This made it easier for her to control the Amethyst Origin Crystal, making it nearly her instinct.

Whether it was Fishy or Sheng Mei, they had spent these million days and nights constantly preparing for this last struggle!

Success or failure, life or death, all would come down to this final bet!

“Are you afraid?”

Sheng Mei gently smoothed Fishy’s bangs, her heart aching. She didn’t want this naïve and kindhearted Fishy to be involved in this sort of life or death battle. And, she also knew that in this struggle against the Soul Emperor, their chances of winning were nearly zero.

The best case situation was that they would be able to flee with their lives. But as Sheng Mei recalled all of the Soul Emperor’s innumerable methods, she felt her heart sink. To merely escape from this old demon would be a task fraught with countless sufferings and dangers!

Sheng Mei had already prepared for the worst possible scenario. When she determined she was unable to escape, she would leave the amethyst space and burn her life in its entirely, completely exploding.

With her peak middle True Divinity cultivation and her combat efficiency that would allow her to kill a peak True Divinity master, then if she were to explode herself in front of the Soul Emperor she could surely cause heavy losses to him!

Sheng Mei didn’t think she would be able to kill the Soul Emperor, but she might be able to win a slim chance of survival for Fishy.

In these past years Sheng Mei had learned of Fishy and Lin Ming’s experiences together. She sincerely felt love and affection for this little girl and her bizarre upbringing. She didn’t want her to die because of her own troubles.


The amethyst space suddenly shook. The energy structure began to fracture and burst apart. Cracks spread throughout the Eternal Wall like a spider’s web – it would soon break apart.

Sheng Mei remained calm as if she didn’t feel anything at all. Since she had already firmed her determination, then even if the Soul Emperor were to directly enter the amethyst space and stand before her, she still wouldn’t fear anything.


The space suddenly shook again. Violent explosions seethed and surged outside the amethyst space. Even if Sheng Mei didn’t use her sense, she could still imagine how terrifying the waves of energy were outside!

This was a grand array formation that the Soul Emperor had formed using his blood essence. By gathering the strength of the world of the Demon God’s Tomb as well as the heaven and earth origin energy of the Dark Abyss, he was launching his final strike against the Eternal Wall!

The sounds of explosions became increasingly loud and dense. From above, the array formation that the Soul Emperor created was like a giant and evil eye that floated above the blackened earth.

This eyes constantly eroded away at the land, as if it would swallow it all.

The waves of energy became increasingly fierce. Sheng Mei sensed that an irresistible strength was slowly tearing open the Eternal Wall – it wanted to forcefully pull out the core of the Eternal Wall, the Amethyst Origin Crystal!

The connection between the Amethyst Origin Crystal and Eternal Wall was being forcibly drawn apart. At this moment Sheng Mei’s sense of time became incredibly slow. In the turbulent chaos all around her, she had to grasp hold of that fleeting opportunity!

Sheng Mei had already fused together with the memories of her previous life and the Eternal Wall was also laid down with the joint efforts of the Asura Road Master and her previous life. Because of this, Sheng Mei had a clear understanding into the energy structure of the Eternal Wall and she could also make use of this energy. Otherwise, by relying on just her and Fishy, it would be difficult to cause heavy damage to the Soul Emperor.

As the Eternal Wall broke apart more and more, violent currents of energy gushed out towards Sheng Mei and Fishy! The Amethyst Origin Crystal was like a boat that was being smashed by giant waves in the sea, and had completely lost its anchoring with the Eternal Wall.

“Now is the time – attack!”

Sheng Mei’s eyes flashed with a cold brilliance. All of her strength erupted at once. Fishy didn’t hesitate as she went all-out. Joining together with Sheng Mei, the two of them took control of the Amethyst Origin Crystal and attacked the Soul Emperor!

With Sheng Mei’s strength and Fishy as the medium, the two joined with the Amethyst Origin Crystal, allowing its speed to reach the peak!

The void between Sheng Mei and the Soul Emperor was flooded with a horrifying pressure and wild waves of energy. But, this pressure couldn’t stop the path of the Amethyst Origin Crystal.

Surrounded by this pressure, if one was familiar with the Eternal Wall’s energy structure and could make full use of the Laws, they could even use this pressure to increase their strength and enhance the impact force of the Amethyst Origin Crystal!

This was like a person using strength to grab hold of a slippery bar of soap. The more strength they used the greater the pressure would be and the faster the soap would fly out of their hands.

And the current Sheng Mei and Fishy were like this. Not only did they pour in all of their strength but they also borrowed the world strength that gushed out from the torn Eternal Wall, all in order to initiate this final fatal strike against the Soul Emperor!

Seeing the Amethyst Origin Crystal hurtle towards him, the Soul Emperor wasn’t surprised at all. He sneered, “You are someone I raised myself, how could I not know your thoughts!”

The Soul Emperor knew that Sheng Mei wouldn’t idly sit around and wait for death in her final moments.

He had already sealed away a portion of his strength in his body. The reason he did so was to deal with Sheng Mei’s desperate counterattack after he drew his grand array formation and fell to his weakest state.


Energy erupted from within the Soul Emperor’s body. The Soul Emperor’s palm came crashing down upon the Amethyst Origin Crystal!

In that moment, the strength locked within the Soul Emperor’s body was unsealed. From the Soul Emperor’s hand, a black vortex appeared. The world strength of the Demon God’s Tomb came roaring out!


The energy flow violently collided with the Amethyst Origin Crystal and exploded. It was like giant blood red lotuses were blooming atop the Eternal Wall.

The Eternal Wall was thoroughly torn apart, turned into countless fragments.

And in this titanic wave of energy, the Amethyst Origin Crystal was sent flying away. Within the amethyst space, Sheng Mei bore the brunt of the energy impact and spat out a mouthful of blood. Beside her, Fishy also paled.

The Soul Emperor had already been prepared for their final desperate strike. And although it had been difficult for the Soul Emperor to withstand this blow, the damage to Sheng Mei and Fishy was even greater!


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