MW Chapter 2231

Chapter 2231 – The Eternal Wall Breaks

The Eternal Wall had already sealed away the Dark Abyss for 10 billion years, like a peerless vicious beast that was chained down with heavy chains. Because of these chains, the Soul Emperor’s avatar had been separated from reuniting with the other avatars. For all these years the Eternal Wall was a great stone that pressed down on the Soul Emperor, leaving him gasping for breath.

Today, this great stone would finally be broken.

Once that occurred, the 33 Heavens would link back together with the Dark Abyss and all lives in existence would be within his control. He would rule the world for a hundred billion years, a trillion years!

The Soul Emperor wanted to fuse with the Demon God’s Tomb and the Demon God’s Tomb was like an ancient great beast with an incomparably greedy and horrifying appetite. In order to make the Demon God’s Tomb an eternal existence that would grow ever stronger, able to resist the great Shattering of the universe several times over, then the Soul Emperor needed to...

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