MW Chapter 2230

Chapter 2230 – Changes

The truth was that 10,000 years ago before the great catastrophe arrived, whether it was humans or saints, they slacked on their cultivation after reaching the Empyrean realm.

The first reason was because the Empyrean realm was far too distant from the True Divinity realm. Even if they cultivated diligently their efforts were likely to come to nothing.

The second reason was because their resources and inheritances were lacking. 10 billion years ago when the martial arts civilization of the 33 Heavens was at its most glorious and prosperous times, it was far less difficult for an Empyrean to reach True Divinity, and many True Divinity influences would help those with potential complete this final step as long as they put in their due diligence.

But afterwards, when the various races of the 33 Heavens fell into steep decline, the total number of True Divinities...

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