MW Chapter 2229

Chapter 2229 – Unity


A giant space gate appeared in the skies above the Asura Sea. It constantly expanded before finally fully opening.

As this space gate appeared, the waters of the Asura Sea began to rise in fierce and turbulent waves. The elites of the saints and humanity flew out amongst the great waves. Although each one was wounded, they were all in good spirits and beamed with smiles.

Another crowd of elites had completed their final trial.

They obtained treasures and inheritances from the final trial space. Compared to their original backgrounds, the rank of these new inheritances was completely disproportional, a gap as great as the heavens and earth.

“What is your completion percentage?” A young elite excitedly asked after just having left the final trial.

“Mine is 76%, what about you?”


“How fierce! I passed 75% this time and thought that was already amazing, but I never thought that Brother Zhou would have 78%. I’m really sweating with shame here!”


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