MW Chapter 2228

Chapter 2228 – The Times Change

Time passed. At the entrance of the Dark Abyss, Sheng Mei and Fishy had stayed together in the Amethyst Origin Crystal’s inner space for 30 years already.

Every now and then during these 30 years, Sheng Mei could feel energy passing from the Eternal Wall.

After the Soul Emperor left his energy within the Eternal Wall’s inner energy structure, it took root and began to germinate, tenaciously growing.

Sheng Mei didn’t know what method the Soul Emperor used, but the energy mark he planted actually wasn’t able to be recognized by the Eternal Wall. It grew like a malignant cancer, spreading outwards. If this continued then a small part of the Eternal Wall’s energy structure would fall under the control of the Soul Emperor. At that time, by joining forces within and without, the Eternal Wall would sooner or later fall.

After another five years, the Soul Emperor’s energy mark exploded for the first time.

This matter occurred suddenly and without any hint at all. At the time, Sheng Mei was closed up in cultivation and Fishy...

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