MW Chapter 2227

Chapter 2227 – Plans

“Lin Ming… when the Soul Emperor reenters the Demon God’s Tomb, the three avatars of the Demon God’s Tomb Master will fuse back together and he will begin his final period of seclusion. This is also the last bit of time we have left remaining…”

The Asura Road Master’s faint voice sounded in the void. Lin Ming never forgot that when his Eternal Soul was taken away by Sheng Mei at the Sky Spill Planet, Sheng Mei had said that the Soul Emperor would have to go into seclusion, and this period would go on for 10,000 years to 100,000 years.

And at this time, because of Immortal Sovereign, the Emperor Bone Sea within the Demon God’s Tomb had nearly collapsed. The Soul Emperor’s first task would be to repair the Emperor Bone Sea and then go into seclusion to fuse with the Demon God’s Tomb.

Then, in terms of time, the Soul Emperor’s period of seclusion would surely be longer than the 10,000 years that Sheng Mei predicted.

In the past, the Soul Emperor had already gone into seclusion for 9000 years and he must have already refined the Eternal Soul. All that was left over was to repair the Emperor Bone Sea and thoroughly refine the Demon God’s Tomb. As for how much time this would take, Lin Ming didn’t know!

“Lin Ming! The Demon God’s Tomb Master fused together with the world of the Demon God’s Tomb, gathering heaven and man into one and dual cultivating the inner self and outer self. In terms of the Laws, the heights he reached have surpassed the past glories of both me and Immortal. This is also the reason why Immortal and I were defeated by him. Due to the idealistic conflicts in cultivating the inner and outer universes me and Immortal shared, we battled many times. Yet in the end, we were defeated by the Demon God’s Tomb Master who had managed to gather heaven and man into one. That was truly the greatest joke of all time!

“Unfortunately, by the time we both realized that we had been wrong all along, it was no longer possible for us to turn back. Our Laws, our foundation, everything had already been finalized and set in stone, and it would be impossible for us to return to a road that we had never walked down and reach the end of this road in a short period of time.

“We cannot, but that does not mean that the children of the 33 Heavens cannot. Immortal and I created our own worlds all in order to wait for a person to appear who could completely refine these worlds into their body and truly achieve the realm of fusing heaven and man, reaching a peak of martial arts that no one else has ever stepped upon!

“Only like this is there a chance of contending with the Demon God’s Tomb Master. And you, you are without a doubt the most suitable candidate for doing so!

“Refine the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe…” Lin Ming took a deep breath, repeating these words to himself. He was clear just what these words meant.

These were two super worlds. Although they were slightly worse than the world of the Demon God’s Tomb, they were undoubtedly both at the level Beyond Divinity. And, these two worlds were the polar opposite of each other, just like yin and yang sides of a primal chaos diagram. Fully fusing these two super worlds together within himself was easier said than done!

“I know what your concerns are – you think your boundary is too low. In fact, when Immortal and I created our own worlds, we also believed that we needed a genius that was at the peak of True Divinity, and only such a character would be able to simultaneously refine both these great worlds and take hold of that opportunity to step Beyond Divinity. If there was someone with a lower cultivation, then that would be too difficult.

“But… you are different. Not to mention that your strength, foundation, and mortal bodily have reached an inconceivable degree of formidability, but what is most important is that before refining the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe, you have already fused together the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra, even managing to wound the avatar of the Demon God’s Tomb Master with this!

“This is a boundary that Immortal and I yearned for in the past but were never able to reach! With your foundation and me putting in my full effort to help you, it is by no means impossible for you to jump ranks and refine the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe.

“Lin Ming… you should know that the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe contain not just the inheritances that Immortal and I left behind with all of our hearts and minds, but moreover, in the last 10 billion years, in the Law system that composes the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe, countless peerless talents of the 33 Heavens have ventured within!

“Their comprehensions, cultivation methods, inheritances, experiences, and even their destinies, were more or less recorded in the Laws systems of these two great worlds and accumulated for all this time. For 10 billion years this strength has been slowly gathering and had already reached an immeasurable degree. All of this has been prepared just for you!”

The Asura Road Master’s words shocked the heart and mind. Lin Ming was left stunned. He knew that in these years, the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe had drawn in countless geniuses to enter their smelting trials. The Asura Road’s numerous mystic realms, trial missions, final tests, the Akashic Dream Universe’s golden pages, emperor carving, shrine platforms, various battlefields…

There was simply an innumerable number of smelting trial lands. And it was for this reason that these two great worlds established a variety of rewards for those that participated.

This was the reason why so many peerless geniuses within the 33 Heavens chased these trials, and also the reason why many great influences took the completion percentage within the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe as their ultimate standard in judging the potential and talent of a genius.

All of these things were plans that were long since prepared by the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign. Not only did they do this to lift up and train their talented descendants within the 33 Heavens, but they also wanted to choose a descendant that possessed the ability to simultaneously refine these two great worlds. Moreover, they also planned to accumulate the Laws, destiny, and experiences of countless peerless geniuses to have the strength of the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe reach the peak!

All of these plans were ultimately created to resist the Demon God’s Tomb Master!

This chess game spanned the heavens and earth and now it was reaching its grand finale. On one side stood the Demon God’s Tomb Master, and on the other side stood Lin Ming. And behind Lin Ming also stood the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign!

For 10 billion years, it was unknown how many generations had put in their full efforts, it was unknown how many masters of the 33 Heavens died in various battlefields, it was unknown how many geniuses entered the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe, and perhaps they perished, and perhaps they also became outstanding existences that achieved great things.

These people all had their own legends and stories. But the passing of years was ruthless and callous. These people eventually died, and even the jade slips that recorded their histories shattered to pieces. In the end, these people all became nothing but grains of sand in the endless flow of time.

However, it was exactly this endless sand that composed the history of the 33 Heavens!

This history might be glorious, it might be humiliating, it might be righteous, it might be filled with blood…

But no matter what, this history carried with it the will of all their ancestors. And that was to… carry onwards.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Lin Ming clenched his fists. This final fate all had to be shouldered by him! Every wisp of destiny that was marked in the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe, every single Law, everything contained the will and wishes of the countless ancestors that had preceded him, and this was something that would be carried forth by him!

He already sat in front of the chess game. There was no route to escape. All he could do was desperately fight and fight again!

“Lin Ming, it is time to begin. This period of seclusion will continue for a long, long time. At the start, I will be able to act as your protector, but in the final critical phase, I will have no choice but to put all my effort into helping you refine the two great worlds. At that time, I will not be able to divert much strength into protecting the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe. We must grasp the time before us and complete this before the Demon God’s Tomb Master finishes his own period of seclusion!

“First, you must perfect your nine revolutions of reincarnation as well as open the last Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!”

After Lin Ming fused together the Heavenly Sutra and Holy Scripture, his comprehensions in the Holy Scripture Laws had reached heights no less than Sheng Mei’s. Now all he lacked was time.

As long as he had time, then with his current boundary he could complete his ninth reincarnation, passing through nine deaths and nine lives.

However… even though Lin Ming had these lofty goals and ideals in his heart, there were still gloomy clouds that muddled his thoughts.

The Asura Road Master sighed. “Lin Ming, I know you are worried about your wife, however… I am unable to leave the Asura Road, and your strength is insufficient to save her. All you can do is believe in her destiny and believe in her, and hope that she has another fortuitous encounter…”

The Asura Road Master understood what Lin Ming was thinking. However, this was the final step of a plan that had been laid out 10 billion years ago and also involved a final war that would involve all life in the 33 Heavens. In this situation, Lin Ming had no choice he could make.

“I understand…” Lin Ming grit his teeth as he spoke. Perhaps Sheng Mei really might have her own destiny. At the very least, she was still alive right now.

The Asura Road Master said, “This seclusion will continue for a long time. Refining two great worlds is not easy, and isn’t any simpler than the Demon God’s Tomb Master fusing together with the Demon God’s Tomb. So, this period of seclusion will far surpass anything you have ever experienced.

“Because this will continue for such a long time, there are some matters I will resolve for you. I will help you subdue the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign that you have sealed away so that he will faithfully follow your orders and protect your family. However, after I subdue him, his boundary will drop a great deal.

“There is also the remnant soul of an Empyrean deeply slumbering within your inner world. I will awaken and restore him, and will consider this as having completed the karmic ties between you two.

“The Black Dragon within your inner world, your children, your wives, the human leader Divine Dream, as well as all other overlords of the 33 Heavens with potential can enter the space of the final trial and undergo the final trial. They may even accept some of the inheritances left behind from ancient times within the Heavenly Dao rules of the two great worlds. To them, this will be a great lucky chance.”

The Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe had been laid out for ten billion years and now it was time for these two great worlds to display their true value. All the geniuses of the 33 Heavens, all of Lin Ming’s family and friends, they would all be able to obtain massive advantages!

It had to be known that 10 billion years ago, there were numerous True Divinities in the 33 Heavens. But in the current 33 Heavens the level of talent was withered and weak.

However, the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe gathered the destinies and accumulations of innumerable geniuses for the last 10 billion years. For the next several thousand years or even tens of thousands of years, all of these accumulations would be released so that the lives of the 33 Heavens would be able to soar to all new heights!

At that time, it wouldn’t be strange if crowds of True Divinities were to appear once again!

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