MW Chapter 2227

Chapter 2227 – Plans

“Lin Ming… when the Soul Emperor reenters the Demon God’s Tomb, the three avatars of the Demon God’s Tomb Master will fuse back together and he will begin his final period of seclusion. This is also the last bit of time we have left remaining…”

The Asura Road Master’s faint voice sounded in the void. Lin Ming never forgot that when his Eternal Soul was taken away by Sheng Mei at the Sky Spill Planet, Sheng Mei had said that the Soul Emperor would have to go into seclusion, and this period would go on for 10,000 years to 100,000 years.

And at this time, because of Immortal Sovereign, the Emperor Bone Sea within the Demon God’s Tomb had nearly collapsed. The Soul Emperor’s first task would be to repair the Emperor Bone Sea and then go into seclusion to fuse with the Demon God’s Tomb.

Then, in terms of time, the Soul Emperor’s period of seclusion would surely be longer than the 10,000 years that Sheng Mei predicted.

In the past, the Soul Emperor had already gone into seclusion for 9000 years and he must have already refined the Eternal Soul. All that was left over was to repair the Emperor Bone Sea and thoroughly refine the Demon God’s Tomb. As for how much time this would take,...

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