MW Chapter 2226

Chapter 2226 – Prelude to the Final Battle

“Fishy, how did you meet your Big Brother Lin Ming?” Sheng Mei asked Fishy.

Fishy related her experiences about how she met him in True Martial City, and also told Sheng Mei how she ended up here. When Mo Eversnow tried to cross into the Dark Abyss in the past, she had been sucked into this place.

From that point on she had stayed in here. She didn’t know how many years she had been here for but she slowly discovered that she had completely merged with the amethyst space around her. She was able to control this space, as if doing so was a part of her most natural instincts.

Fishy’s words startled Sheng Mei. She realized that this amethyst space was the inner space of the Eternal Wall. In other words, the inner space of the Amethyst Origin Crystal!

The little girl in front of her could control the Amethyst Origin Crystal. Just how was she related to the Amethyst Origin Crystal?

As Sheng Mei was left confused by all of this, she suddenly felt this amethyst space tremble around her.

The fierce trembling continued, leaving Sheng Mei and Fishy shaken. Immediately,...

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