MW Chapter 2225

Chapter 2225 – Twists and Turns

Space locked up and slowly came drawing in. World strength surged outwards, completely covering Sheng Mei. Facing the Soul Emperor’s strength, Sheng Mei didn’t even know how to begin resisting him. She closed her eyes in pain. The sounds of bones cracking from beneath the Soul Emperor’s feet echoed in her ears like the pained howls of lost souls.

The Soul Emperor’s hand drew close. His deathly pale palm was withered and dry, a horrible sight to behold. Yet, those ten nails were sharp and cruel, shining with a cold luminescence.

Sheng Mei couldn’t even revolve her true essence right now. From half a foot away, just the cold wind coming from the Soul Emperor’s nails were enough to cut Sheng Mei’s skin.

Blood flowed out. On top of Sheng Mei’s snow white neck, it was like a red plum had fallen into the snow.

“What a beautiful color.”

The Soul Emperor’s eyes lit up with a feverishly frantic light.

As long as the Eternal Wall was...

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