MW Chapter 2224

Chapter 2224 – Fate

The Soul Emperor’s words caused Sheng Mei’s eyebrows to press together. She had a foreboding premonition in her heart. Ever since she entered the Asura forbidden land, these feelings had been there.

Because Lin Ming had suffered an accident, Sheng Mei thought that this foreboding premonition had come from him.

But now it seemed that this premonition was because of herself and was completely unrelated to Lin Ming. It was also the reason why she was captured by the Soul Emperor.

As she stood atop the Eternal Wall, Sheng Mei was able to gradually guess what the Soul Emperor’s true goal was.

What was placed before her was a great scheme, a scheme where she would surely die…

“10 billion years! The Eternal Wall has sealed this land for 10 billion years! Not only has it sealed away the Dark Abyss, but it has also divided my body!

“The land of the Dark Abyss is far too small and the resources are too barren....

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