MW Chapter 2224

Chapter 2224 – Fate

The Soul Emperor’s words caused Sheng Mei’s eyebrows to press together. She had a foreboding premonition in her heart. Ever since she entered the Asura forbidden land, these feelings had been there.

Because Lin Ming had suffered an accident, Sheng Mei thought that this foreboding premonition had come from him.

But now it seemed that this premonition was because of herself and was completely unrelated to Lin Ming. It was also the reason why she was captured by the Soul Emperor.

As she stood atop the Eternal Wall, Sheng Mei was able to gradually guess what the Soul Emperor’s true goal was.

What was placed before her was a great scheme, a scheme where she would surely die…

“10 billion years! The Eternal Wall has sealed this land for 10 billion years! Not only has it sealed away the Dark Abyss, but it has also divided my body!

“The land of the Dark Abyss is far too small and the resources are too barren. The abyssals in the Dark Abyss are like a black dragon locked in by chains. No matter how glorious your martial arts civilization of 100 billion years is, no matter how you wonderful your inheritances, no matter how much you screen out your talent and bloodline over time, these are heavy chains that are impossible to break free from.

“Without powerful abyssals, where would I obtain rich sacrifices to have the world of the Demon God’s Tomb become ever more perfect?

“This Eternal Wall has become a knife in my heart, and I must pull it out no matter what! But unfortunately… the Eternal Wall is formed from the Amethyst Origin Crystal. If it were just the Amethyst Origin Crystal then there wouldn’t be much to fear, but there is also a great array formation left behind by Asura. 10 billion years ago, your previous life offered herself in a blood sacrifice, pouring her source strength and source divine soul into the Eternal Wall in order to become the final lock that bound this place.

“For the last 10 billion years, I have attempted countless methods but have been unable to break apart the Eternal Wall! Then, I took a step backwards. If I cannot shatter it, then I will simply unravel it! As long as the Eternal Wall is undone then it will return into the Amethyst Origin Crystal. If this happened, not only would I pull out the knife in my heart but I would also gain a divine tool; wouldn’t this just be wonderful?

“However, to unravel this seal isn’t easy! I deeply delved into studying this seal for numerous years and finally managed to just barely find a method that would work. In order to end this trouble, I needed the one who started it. In the past you were the one who sealed this land with your final blood sacrifice! And now, in order to unravel this seal, I also need your blood!

“Originally, your previous life died. But luckily for me she wasn’t resigned to fading into ashes and nothingness. She left behind her tenth reincarnation, and this allowed me to find you. When I did, I also found a ray of hope to unseal the Eternal Wall!

“The reason I trained you has never been because I need another helper. I have never been lacking for helpers, and I have always required my followers to be absolutely loyal to me, just like Deep Child.

“Compared to Deep Child, where do you think you have the qualifications to become my right hand? To train you is no different from raising a tiger to bring about disaster. How can I not understand this truth?

“But, I still put my full effort forwards in order to strengthen you, so that you could become a peerless genius. This was because I needed you to reach the True Divinity realm, and even possess strength that far surpassed others at your level. Only like this would your source blood essence be strong enough to act as the key to open the Eternal Wall!”

As the Soul Emperor spoke, Sheng Mei’s mind quaked. She finally understood what was happening.

In order to display her talent to the fullest, the Soul Emperor wasn’t able to control an independent personality. Only like this would she be able to dig out the limits of her potential. If she were only a puppet that was controlled by others, how could she reach the highest boundaries of martial arts?

Thus, even if the Soul Emperor knew she had thoughts of rebelling, he still didn’t suppress her. Instead he made use of her ambitions. He even deliberately condoned and cultivated her hatred towards him, making her treat him as an enemy so that she would push herself even further, stimulating all of her potential to defy him!

The Soul Emperor continued, “You thought you had the bloodline of the dark angel race, and were even an orphan of the dark angels. In truth, I implanted this bloodline within you. I completely exterminated the dark angel race and took the essence of their bloodline to implant into you. Do you know just how much I’ve done for you?

“You don’t know. You only thought that I destroyed the dark angel race as well as eliminated all the enemies of your people. But, this was also information that I intentionally allowed you to know. I even opened the Demon God’s Tomb ahead of time so that you could carry out the abyssal ritual and accept the totem abyssal level inheritance, directly increasing your strength to that of a True Divinity, and perhaps even higher than that.

“If you had obediently accepted the inheritance at that time then I wouldn’t have controlled you. I wanted you to become stronger, continuously stronger! However, what happened in the Demon God’s Tomb left me surprised. Not only did you not accept the totem abyssal level inheritance but you even managed to accidentally break through the spirit mark and energy mark that I left within you.

“Although the process was completely unlike what I thought it was, if I only look at the results, then you have indeed broken into True Divinity and have met my most basic requirements.

“I had to leave seclusion early. Even if this hindered my cultivation and caused me heavy losses so that Immortal found a chance to harm me, I still had no choice but to do so. There were two matters I needed to complete. The first was to kill Lin Ming and the second was to regain control over you!

“I wasn’t able to kill Lin Ming, and that is something I deeply regret. But, I still managed to take back control of you. I have raised you for such a long time, and now, it is time to make use of you… in particular, at this moment your previous life’s father has taken control of half the Emperor Bone Sea and wishes to perish together with me. I must return and fuse with my other two avatars, turning our three bodies into one. I need to refine Immortal’s remnant soul and truly merge together with the Demon God’s Tomb so that I can obtain everlasting and undying life!

“I do not have much time left. Come, my child. I have raised you for such a long time, and it was all for this moment.”

As the Soul Emperor spoke his gaze became fierce and hideous. With his scattered air and withered old skin, he looked like a blood-sucking ghost.

“You can keep dreaming!” Sheng Mei clenched her teeth and wildly struggled. However, her energies and Laws were all imprisoned by the Soul Emperor!

She wasn’t afraid of death. But, she didn’t want her death and blood to help the Soul Emperor and cause Lin Ming and Jiu’er to suffer disaster!

“Don’t waste your time. I caught you after so much trouble so how could I allow you a chance to sever your meridians and commit suicide? Just become my sacrifice!”

As the Soul Emperor spoke, death energy gushed out from his body. Dark winds howled all around him. Atop the dark Eternal Wall, bones shattered and flew upwards, as if countless suffering souls were dancing in the skies.

The Soul Emperor walked towards Sheng Mei, one step at a time. He stretched out his skeleton-like hand to grasp at her neck.

Death was so close.

At this moment, despair rose up in Sheng Mei’s heart. The Soul Emperor’s seal was far too powerful; she couldn’t even resist.

Was this the end of her destiny?

Upon birth, she was raised as a sacrifice. She didn’t know her past and she didn’t know her future… all that existed in her life was cultivating and cultivating even more. She didn’t have love, she didn’t have friends, she didn’t have anything at all.

But then, she had Jiu’er. She learned of her past life and she confirmed her feelings with Lin Ming.

She now had a goal in life. She had something she needed to protect, and with this she understood the significance of life.

But after understanding all of this, what she faced was death.

If it were only dying, then that wasn’t scary. Before death there were at least many beautiful memories she could recall.

At the very least, in the 1500 years she spent in the Demon God’s Tomb, although she had been cultivating all that time, she had Jiu’er and Lin Ming accompanying her. She had felt nothing but incomparable satisfaction.

However… she now knew that not only would she die, but her death would bring about destruction to everything she loved and wanted to protect!

Was this the entirety of her life?

She was raised in sorrow and she would die in tragedy. When she was alive, she had suffered by herself. But when she died, she would instead bring suffering upon the world.

Was there anything more painful than this?

Sheng Mei felt as if she had been swallowed alive.

This was a fate that she could not avoid or resist…

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