MW Chapter 2223

Chapter 2223 – Seeing Asura

“Senior Asura, is he in the Asura Road?”

Lin Ming originally had many guesses as to just where the Asura Road Master was. He even thought that the Asura Road Master might be in the Dark Abyss, perhaps even the Demon God’s Tomb.

It was only now that he learned the Asura Road Master had never left the world he created.

Ink nodded, “Master dwells here. He has been waiting all this time, waiting for a full 10 billion years. Once you see the master, you will know the whole story and the doubts in your heart will also be explained.”

As Clear and Ink spoke they began to fly towards the Asura Sea. They didn’t pass through a transmission array but directly tore through the void and crossed towards the Great Desolate.

The Asura Road had an extremely strange shape; it was very narrow and very long, just like a road, thus the reason for its name. The two ends of this ‘road’ were the outer Asura Road and the inner Asura Road with the Great Desolate acting as the dividing line. Even an Empyrean level martial artist couldn’t cross safely

But for Clear and Ink, crossing through the Great Desolate was actually easy.

As the two of them...

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