MW Chapter 2222

Chapter 2222 – Choice

Lin Ming’s mind trembled. He clenched his fists.

He knew that his life was no longer entirely his own.

His was a life that Divine Dream, Clear, Ink, and Immortal Sovereign had desperately risked themselves to save from the clutches of the Soul Emperor.

Not just that, but on Lin Ming’s road of growth, he had encountered many teachers and benefactors. They had pushed him forwards, pouring of all their hopes into him so that he could inherit their legacies.

If he were to risk his life to Sheng Mei and was ultimately killed by the Soul Emperor, then how could he answer to them?

Realizing this, Ink said, “We aren’t only saving you, but also saving ourselves. Without you, there is no one else capable of stopping that old demon. When the great catastrophe descends upon this world, I fear that there might no longer be any lives left existing in the 33 Heavens…”

“In truth, I don’t have any qualifications to ask you to do anything; your choice is your own to make. However, I don’t wish for you to send yourself to die. The key question here is, if you die, can you exchange your life for hers?”

Clear sighed. These words caused Lin Ming’s thoughts to darken. Indeed, if he went to rescue Sheng Mei, then not to mention the disparity in strength between them, if the Soul Emperor were to be a little bit despicable and threaten him with Sheng Mei then he would have no choice but to be cautious around him in fear of hurting her. In such a situation, how could he possibly win?

His chances of defeating the Soul Emperor could be called near impossible. And if he didn’t kill the Soul Emperor, how could he rescue Sheng Mei?

Even if he offered his own life, would the Soul Emperor even consider this and be gracious enough to release Sheng Mei?

The Soul Emperor’s hatred towards Sheng Mei was enough for him to refine her soul and marrow a thousand times over!

But, if he didn’t try to rescue her…

As Lin Ming thought of Sheng Mei’s fate having fallen into the Soul Emperor’s hands, he felt as if his heart was being pulled out; it was almost unbearable to breathe!

He was lost.

On one side, he was the hope of humanity and perhaps even the hope of all life in the 33 Heavens. On the other side was a woman who had been through life and death with him, who had risked herself to save him…

On one side was the great cause of his race, the legacy of his seniors. On the other side was what his heart wanted, as well as the love between a man and a woman.

To Lin Ming, this was an extremely agonizing choice.

Lin Ming took out the Grandmist Spirit Bead. In a daze, he released Divine Dream, Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, and the others.

Divine Dream was also incomparably weak. Within the Spirit Bead space, Xiao Moxian had exhausted every method at her disposal to stabilize Divine Dream’s weakening fires of life.

“Divine Dream!”

Seeing Divine Dream appear, Empyrean Vast Universe was immediately moved and thrilled. Out of those here, he had the deepest feelings for Divine Dream.

Divine Dream’s body was stained with blood. Her face was pale and her life force was constantly draining from her.

“Seniors, do you have a pill that can make up for blood vitality?”

Lin Ming asked, finding it a bit difficult to say. He could guess that Clear and Ink likely didn’t have too many precious pills with them.

“We do, but the grade is inferior to the one we gave you.”

Ink took out a pill bottle from his spatial ring. With a faint movement, a green medicinal pill tumbled out from the pill bottle.

“Seniors, you won’t take any?” Lin Ming asked with worry; he could sense Clear and Ink’s weakened life force.

Clear shook his head. “These are pills from our master’s pill furnace. These pills are suited to the races of the 33 Heavens. As temple spirits, the strength of our blood vitality is different from yours and eating these pills would be useless.”

“Master…” Lin Ming’s heart shook. He remembered that Clear and Ink had said that the Asura Road Master had yet to die, but he simply didn’t know where the Asura Road Master had gone. When he asked Clear and Ink about this, their reply had been that once Lin Ming possessed the strength to become a chess player instead of a chess piece, then that was when he would be informed of the Asura Road Master’s whereabouts.

And now, Lin Ming believed he had this strength.

But now was not the time to ask such questions. Lin Ming quickly passed the pill to Divine Dream.

No matter how precious this pill was, it could only hasten Divine Dream’s ability to restore her blood vitality. To completely make up for all the side effects that Divine Dream suffered was actually incredibly difficult.

After Divine Dream swallowed the pill, a hint of red finally appeared on her face.

Lin Ming let out a sigh of relief. He looked towards Clear and Ink, “Seniors…”

Clear and Ink glanced at each other; they already guessed what Lin Ming was about to say.

Clear said, “It is time that we lead you to see our master…”

“See Senior Asura?”

Lin Ming asked, his thoughts shaken. He found it difficult to compose himself. For the majority of his life he had been hearing of the legends related to the Asura Road Master. This was the greatest powerhouse to exist in the history of all races in the 33 Heavens, an existence that surpassed Immortal Sovereign!

He was formidable and mysterious. However, what Lin Ming didn’t understand was why hadn’t he made his move yet?

Could the wounds he suffered in the past truly be so severe that not even 10 billion years was enough time to recover?

Some wounds could be restored after a period of rest or by eating up a pill.

But there were some wounds that couldn’t be recovered from. For instance, if one’s body were cut in half, and that cut off half was destroyed. Or for instance, if one’s soul or inner world was divided and destroyed.

The mortal body, inner world, and soul were the three most important parts of a life. When a martial artist practiced martial arts, it was to enhance and temper these three parts; this was the ultimate manifestation of a martial artist’s cultivation.

If the body or soul was split in half and destroyed, then although one could reform themselves, that would be equivalent to reducing one’s cultivation by half. One’s talent and potential would suffer injury and this sort of wound would also cause one’s cultivation to drop. From that point on, one’s cultivation would come to a standstill and it would be difficult to recover from this.

This was particularly true for a Beyond Divinity existence like the Asura Road Master. There might not be any True Divinity spirit treasure in existence that could help restore his wounds.

Or, it could be like when Lin Ming was at the Sky Spill Planet and his soul source was sucked out of him without anything left remaining. Such wounds were even more serious. They were similar to someone burning all of their blood essence or soul essence, and eventually their life force would run dry and they would die.

“You also come, as well as the rest of you. We will meditate for a time to restore our wounds and then leave.”

Ink said to Divine Dream as well as Lin Ming’s family members.

Divine Dream had recovered a great deal by this time and Xiao Moxian and the others had just emerged from the Grandmist Spirit Bead. They were all startled to hear this; they never thought that Clear and Ink would call on them.

Clear and Ink meditated for a period of time. Then, Ink took out an Asura Command. Joining together with Clear, they opened up a space channel leading to the Asura Road.

The wild universe was a long distance from the Asura Road and it would take some time to open the space channel. During this time, Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, as well as Lin Ming’s children, flew to his side and held his hands.

“Big Brother Lin…”

“Lin Ming…”



The calls of his family echoed in Lin Ming’s ears, touching his heart.

When a person was in their most helpless moments, the care of their family could dispel this helplessness and confusion.

Lin Ming looked at his family. At this time, they already learned what happened to Sheng Mei and how it happened.


Lin Ming traced Jiu’er’s face, unsure as to what he could say.

Jiu’er tightly gripped Lin Ming’s hand. “Mother will be alright.”

Jiu’er bit her lips and spoke in a slow and clear tone, as if she were not only telling Lin Ming this, but also herself.

“Lin Ming…”

Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, and Qin Xingxuan held onto Lin Ming’s hand. They could naturally feel the pain in his heart.

There was nothing they could do to help him with this burden. They could only hold his hands and transmit their comfort to him.

Xiao Moxian said with a sound transmission, “If you have decided on something, then go and do it. There is no need to consider us…”

Lin Ming’s heart warmed. He knew that his decision was likely to mean that he would fall into further danger in the future. If anything happened to him, it was hard to imagine what his family would experience.

Xiao Moxian didn’t want to distract Lin Ming, but how could he completely ignore his family’s thoughts? The situation he faced was far too difficult.

“I will return safely. I promise this to you all!”

Lin Ming grit his teeth and said. After that period of impulsiveness, Lin Ming had finally calmed down. If he rashly rushed out to look for the Soul Emperor, then not only would he not be able to save Sheng Mei but he would also die in vain; there would be no meaning to this.

He wanted to rescue Sheng Mei not just so he could live with a clear heart and mind, but also because he wanted to truly save her.

At this time, the space channel to the Asura Road opened.

“Let’s go.”

Ink and Clear said. They flew towards the Asura Road together. Lin Ming, Divine Dream, and Lin Ming’s family followed close behind.

After flying through the space channel for an unknown period of time, the scenery around them changed and they arrived upon a wild plain.

This was the Asura Road’s Great Desolate.

Seeing this scene before him, Lin Ming was filled with a myriad of emotions. He had returned to the Asura Road once again.

This world had accompanied Lin Ming for the majority of his life.

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