MW Chapter 2222

Chapter 2222 – Choice

Lin Ming’s mind trembled. He clenched his fists.

He knew that his life was no longer entirely his own.

His was a life that Divine Dream, Clear, Ink, and Immortal Sovereign had desperately risked themselves to save from the clutches of the Soul Emperor.

Not just that, but on Lin Ming’s road of growth, he had encountered many teachers and benefactors. They had pushed him forwards, pouring of all their hopes into him so that he could inherit their legacies.

If he were to risk his life to Sheng Mei and was ultimately killed by the Soul Emperor, then how could he answer to them?

Realizing this, Ink said, “We aren’t only saving you, but also saving ourselves. Without you, there is no one else capable of stopping that old demon. When the great catastrophe descends upon this world, I fear that there might no longer be any lives left existing in the 33 Heavens…”

“In truth, I don’t have any qualifications to ask you to do anything; your choice is your own to make. However, I don’t wish for...

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