MW Chapter 2221

Chapter 2221 – Sudden Change

An overwhelming inferno of rage surged in the Soul Emperor’s heart.

He hated!

He hated Lin Ming, hated Sheng Mei, hated Immortal Sovereign!

Even with that last strike he had still failed, and now it would be incredibly difficult to kill Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s life force had reached unbelievable heights. His Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were opened to the eighth Dao Palace, his acupoints and meridians were thoroughly connected and linked, and with him having swallowed a totem level abyssal and dual cultivating divinity and demons, as well as comprehending two of the highest Laws, whether it was his body, inner world, or divine soul, they had reached mind-boggling levels.

Everyone knew that Lin Ming had contributed the most strength to this battle. He had consumed the most blood vitality and had fought for the longest time. And as the fight continued on, Lin Ming still had strength left.

Rather, it was more accurate to say that Lin Ming had already overdrawn his strength, but his...

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