MW Chapter 2220

Chapter 2220 – The Final Attack

In the starry skies, the Soul Emperor frowned. Sheng Mei, Ink, Clear, and Lin Ming all held their breath; they didn’t know what the Soul Emperor’s situation was like.

And the Soul Emperor seemed to be momentarily lost in thought. With a calm gaze, he looked upon Lin Ming and the others, not immediately attacking.

The Soul Emperor remained motionless, as did Lin Ming and the others. After all, whether it was Lin Ming, Clear, Ink, or Sheng Mei, the four of them had all received varying degrees of injuries and had consumed a great deal of their blood essence.

If the Soul Emperor continued his storm-like assault on them then they wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Now that the Soul Emperor’s attacks had slowed down they naturally had to take advantage of this time to recover.

Ink and Clear each swallowed pills and also passed two to Lin Ming and Sheng Mei. But, these pills were clearly not as precious as the one Lin Ming had just eaten. After eating them up, a period of digestion and absorption was required for them to play a role.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. He said with a sound transmission, “Let’s… make one more bet!”

“Mm?” Clear and Ink were startled.

“Join together to attack the Soul Emperor!” Lin Ming’s wounds caused the hearts of the others to skip a beat.

“Are you saying that the Soul Emperor has already been injured and he requires even more time than us to suppress his injuries?” Sheng Mei suddenly realized this possibility.

Originally, the Soul Emperor had grasped the initiative in the offensive, and he also knew that they were wounded and had consumed a great deal of their energy. But in this situation, the Soul Emperor still hadn’t moved first to strike at them; perhaps this meant that the Soul Emperor needed some time to adjust his condition.

“Could this be a trap? It was only a strike from the Cold Ice Mirror. According to any logic, it shouldn’t have been able to cause too great an effect, and from the looks of things there isn’t anything different with the Soul Emperor…”

Clear and Ink hesitated for a moment. The might and power of the Soul Emperor was already deeply engraved within their hearts. For him to be severely wounded by Sheng Mei’s last strike seemed truly incomprehensible.

Lin Ming said, “I think there may be some other reason, but we still have to make this bet! Even if it is a trap we still must rush into it, because if he recovers and attacks us again we will all undoubtedly die!”

Lin Ming and the three others weren’t a match for the Soul Emperor. If the battle dragged on then their deaths were assured. Since this was the case, they might as well make one final desperate bet since the result of that couldn’t be any worse than waiting.

As Lin Ming spoke, energy began to bubble up within his body and he burnt his blood essence once more. This was truly Lin Ming’s limit. Even after eating up that last pill, this attack would completely exhaust his strength.

Even if Lin Ming were to survive this battle, he would still have to suffer the consequences of overdrawing his blood essence.

Since this was a life or death struggle, Sheng Mei, Ink, and Clear also desperately fought. They each erupted with their fullest potential, revolving their energies to the limit for this final strike.

And not too far away, the Soul Emperor still had a gloomy expression; it was unknown just what he was doing.

Lin Ming didn’t hesitate. “Attack!”

With a loud shout, Lin Ming fused the two highest Laws within his hands. Although the Holy Scripture Laws hadn’t reached perfection as he only had the seven revolution red lotus, these flaws were able to be made up for by Sheng Mei!

At the same time, Ink and Clear fused the Asura phantoms into their bodies once more, displaying their greatest strength!

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s attack merged together as one and joined with Clear and Ink’s attacks. The four people attacked together and the energies gathered into two raging currents, hurtling towards the Soul Emperor like two wild dragons!

Facing this overwhelming attack, the Soul Emperor fiercely grit his teeth. A sharp light flashed out from his filthy eyes!

The world of the Demon God’s Tomb erupted from between his eyebrows once more. Like a great vicious beast that swallowed all, it devoured every attack!


The currents of energy smashed into the void. The Soul Emperor shook and he was forced backwards before barely managing to stabilize himself. On his originally pale white face, an abnormal red luster began to spread.

At this time, as the Soul Emperor looked at Lin Ming and the others, his eyes held a reckless killing intent!

But although this killing intent surged in his eyes, he still didn’t counterattack. This left Lin Ming and the others startled. Without a doubt, the Soul Emperor had been injured somehow or some hidden wounds had suddenly broken out, making it so that he had no choice but to stop and suppress them.

Although they didn’t understand what was happening with the Soul Emperor, no one would let go of this opportunity that had arrived in front of them. Lin Ming and the others were already in desperate straits. They had each burnt their blood essence several times already and couldn’t possibly continue burning it. With their strength exhausted, their striking power was also limited. Thus, Sheng Mei summoned the Cold Ice Mirror once more. The Cold Ice Mirror still held Immortal’s remnant strength; it was more than enough to attack the Soul Emperor with!

As the Cold Ice Mirror appeared, the Soul Emperor’s expression turned fierce and diabolical!

Lin Ming, Sheng Mei, and the others didn’t know what the Soul Emperor’s problem was at the moment.

And in truth, it wasn’t the Soul Emperor’s mortal body that was the problem, but something occurring in the world of the Demon God’s Tomb.

It was better to say that there were great changes occurring in the Demon God’s Tomb’s Emperor Bone Sea!

As for what these specific changes were, the Soul Emperor didn’t have time to fully investigate. But, he could guess that these changes were related to the ancient demon emperors that had been sealed away for all those billions of years! And it was also likely related to Immortal Sovereign and the Demon Lord!

These two existences were the greatest powerhouses within the Emperor Bone Sea. While they were suppressed within, they naturally shouldn’t have been able to cause any trouble. But now the Soul Emperor had left his seclusion early and also fought with Lin Ming and the others, not hesitating to use the world strength of the Demon God’s Tomb that he had yet to fully refine.

With the instability within the world of the Demon God’s Tomb, the overdrawing of energy, as well as the invasion of Immortal’s energy from the Cold Ice Mirror, all of these factors combined together provided an opportunity for change within the Emperor Bone Sea!

The Soul Emperor could even imagine that Immortal Sovereign had been lying in ambush within the Emperor Bone Sea all this time. Immortal Sovereign must have been waiting for this moment when his control over the Demon God’s Tomb was at its lowest to suddenly burst out at this crucial junction point and give him a fatal strike!

“You all… deserve death!”

The Soul Emperor’s expression became increasingly fierce. The Demon God’s Tomb force field also turned increasingly unstable. Black flames seemed to light up in his eyes.

Hah - !

From within the Soul Emperor’s body, the roar of a great dragon seemed to suddenly burst out.

The Soul Emperor’s body started to tear open. Cracks appeared in his pale skin and black flames blazed out from these cracks, brilliantly gushing into the air!

Before Lin Ming and the others attacked once more, the Soul Emperor moved first!

In that moment, the Soul Emperor also spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Be careful!”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He realized that the Soul Emperor was disregarding any backlash or wounds for this one strike; he wanted to take them all out here!

The Soul Emperor’s body burned with black flames and his target was also extremely obvious – it was Lin Ming!

He wanted to kill Lin Ming. For him, this might even be his final chance. Once Lin Ming was allowed to escape, the consequences would be inconceivable!

Within the void, the world strength of the Demon God’s Tomb all gathered towards the Soul Emperor. Like a meteor that trailed with black flames, the Soul Emperor hurtled towards Lin Ming.

With this sort of momentum, Lin Ming even thought that the Soul Emperor wanted to use this avatar to perish together with him!!

“Block it!”


Clear and Ink’s eyes turned red. They realized that this might be the Soul Emperor’s last attack. If they could survive this then they would win.

Hum – !

The Cold Ice Mirror trembled as it shielded Lin Ming’s front. Sheng Mei’s body began to burn with icy blue flames. All of her accumulations ever since reaching True Divinity completely erupted in this moment.

As for Clear and Ink, they stood on each side of Sheng Mei. They gathered their hands together and burnt their blood essence one more time. Their mortal bodies began to wither and turn old with speed visible to the eyes; this scene left Lin Ming’s heart aching.

With the battle having reached this stage, there was no longer a path to retreat, for him or for anybody else.

They could only risk everything they had!

Lin Ming suppressed the hate and sorrow that simmered in his heart. He poured out his final strength, attacking together with Sheng Mei, Clear, and Ink.

The two sides brutally collided!

The sounds of shattering filled with air, following with waves of energy that fired off in all directions!

The surface of the Cold Ice Mirror shattered!

Sheng Mei bore the brunt of the attack. As the controller of the Cold Ice Mirror, she had poured all of her strength into it, including even her divine soul. In this final collision with the Soul Emperor, she withstood the greatest burden!


Sheng Mei spat out a mouthful of blood. Her field of vision began to blur. The impact against her soul nearly split apart her spiritual sea and almost caused her to lose consciousness!

She desperately tried to suppress the agonizing pain spreading through her soul. With her having overdrawn her energy and with this last attack, she really couldn’t withstand anything more.

Lin Ming, Clear, and Ink, were all shaken away by the energy. The Soul Emperor’s hair was scattered about him and his body was bathed in blood!

In this final strike, the Soul Emperor had paid a heavy price. This was because he overdrew on the energy needed to control the Demon God’s Tomb and the Emperor Bone Sea had almost collapsed!

But, Lin Ming still didn’t die!

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