MW Chapter 2220

Chapter 2220 – The Final Attack

In the starry skies, the Soul Emperor frowned. Sheng Mei, Ink, Clear, and Lin Ming all held their breath; they didn’t know what the Soul Emperor’s situation was like.

And the Soul Emperor seemed to be momentarily lost in thought. With a calm gaze, he looked upon Lin Ming and the others, not immediately attacking.

The Soul Emperor remained motionless, as did Lin Ming and the others. After all, whether it was Lin Ming, Clear, Ink, or Sheng Mei, the four of them had all received varying degrees of injuries and had consumed a great deal of their blood essence.

If the Soul Emperor continued his storm-like assault on them then they wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Now that the Soul Emperor’s attacks had slowed down they naturally had to take advantage of this time to recover.

Ink and Clear each swallowed pills and also passed two to Lin Ming and Sheng Mei. But, these pills were clearly not as precious as the one Lin Ming had just eaten. After eating them up, a period of digestion and absorption was required for them to...

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