Chapter 222 - The Spreading News of Death

Chapter 222 The Spreading News of Death.


Chapter 222 – The Spreading News of Death

The snow was falling faster and harder; the bodyguards on watch weren’t on high alert.

The temperature was 20 degrees below zero. But this wasn’t anything to a Pulse Condensation period martial artist. As long as they revolved their true essence, they could easily dispel the frosty cold. However, the maids were the ones who suffered. They had no cultivation, so after standing in the biting cold wind and snow for a long time, they soon began to tremble.

Even though they were almost frozen, the Allied Trade Association had very strict rules. They could not even rub their hands or stomp their feet for warmth.

At this moment, there were several maids carrying grapes and other sweet snacks as they walked. Their small faces almost iced over, and the plates they carried were covered with snow.

A guard checked the fruit and snacks before nodding and indicating that they could pass and deliver the trays. But, as soon as he waved them past, he suddenly stiffened. He looked with unbelieving eyes at the waterside pavilion not too far away.

The pavilion was empty!

“This… my Lord!?”

“Mm?” Guard Two and Guard Three also looked over, stunned.

“What’s going on!?”

The four bodyguards panicked and used their movement techniques to enter the pavilion. They saw that Ouyang Dihua had already...

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