MW Chapter 2218

Chapter 2218 – The Soul Emperor’s World


What the Soul Emperor cultivated was to fuse the super world of the Demon God’s Tomb into himself, turning it into his own strength. Finally, his body would become one with the world, and if the world was indestructible then he would also be immortal!

Now the Soul Emperor had opened up an eye between his eyebrows, and the endless starry skies contained within that eye was the world of the Demon God’s Tomb!

This meant that the Soul Emperor was already putting his full effort into this battle. This technique was also one that the Soul Emperor had yet to fully control because he hadn’t finished his seclusion. After all, he had yet to thoroughly refine the Demon God’s Tomb.

“Be careful, this old bastard is ready to go all-out!”

“Lin Ming, eat this pill!”

Ink and Clear nearly spoke at the same time. A round pill suddenly appeared in Lin Ming’s hand.

Lin Ming glanced down. This pill was a deep green and it was unknown how it was refined. It seemed a bit soft, but it was a hard as jade. The surface of this...

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