MW Chapter 2217

Chapter 2217 – Fight As One


Lin Ming’s injuries were far heavier than the Soul Emperor’s.

He had truly fused together the highest Laws and his will had already reached the highest possible peak.

But, the problem was that he lacked the strength to display this!

Ultimately speaking, in the end, his cultivation was too low and his inner world and mortal body couldn’t withstand the burden!

That strike just now was only possible with Lin Ming burning his blood vitality and divine soul. But, just how many more times could he burn his blood vitality and divine soul?

The Soul Emperor before him was different from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. In the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s life, he would never have been able to take that final step Beyond Divinity. But, the Soul Emperor had already accomplished this. Even if they were at the same boundary, the Soul Emperor’s strength would far outstrip the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s countless times...

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