MW Chapter 2216

Chapter 2216 – Heaven and Man as One


From when Lin Ming first started fighting with the Soul Emperor, the human race headquarters had already obtained news of it. Even though they knew perfectly well that they couldn’t play any effective role in Lin Ming’s battle, they still couldn’t stand idly by and ignore the danger that Lin Ming was in.

Even disregarding the fact that Lin Ming had rescued them several times, if Lin Ming died then humanity would soon follow.

Lin Ming and the Soul Emperor did not conceal the location of their battle at all; wherever they went, the earth would shake and the heavens would crumble. It wasn’t difficult for human True Divinities to use their sense and lock onto the path that Lin Ming fled in and where the Soul Emperor was chasing him. With this, the high level figures of humanity started to rush towards Lin Ming, and the first one to arrive was naturally the strongest of them all; Divine Dream, who had just left seclusion.

“Senior Divine Dream!”

Lin Ming’s body flickered and he arrived at the side of Divine...

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