MW Chapter 2216

Chapter 2216 – Heaven and Man as One


From when Lin Ming first started fighting with the Soul Emperor, the human race headquarters had already obtained news of it. Even though they knew perfectly well that they couldn’t play any effective role in Lin Ming’s battle, they still couldn’t stand idly by and ignore the danger that Lin Ming was in.

Even disregarding the fact that Lin Ming had rescued them several times, if Lin Ming died then humanity would soon follow.

Lin Ming and the Soul Emperor did not conceal the location of their battle at all; wherever they went, the earth would shake and the heavens would crumble. It wasn’t difficult for human True Divinities to use their sense and lock onto the path that Lin Ming fled in and where the Soul Emperor was chasing him. With this, the high level figures of humanity started to rush towards Lin Ming, and the first one to arrive was naturally the strongest of them all; Divine Dream, who had just left seclusion.

“Senior Divine Dream!”

Lin Ming’s body flickered and he arrived at the side of Divine Dream and helped support her. After being heavily wounded by the Soul Emperor, Divine Dream couldn’t even stand steady.

As he watched Divine Dream bleed from her head and her spiritual sea darkening, Lin Ming bit his lips, rage filling his heart!

As his life was hanging by a thread, Divine Dream had overdrawn her life in order to block that catastrophe for him. Now, he could feel Divine Dream’s life aura rapidly weakening. This left Lin Ming burning with worry!

“There is actually someone who came to rescue you without a care for their life… and to give you a chance to catch your breath. Since this is the case, let me fulfill your wishes and allow you to die together.”

As the Soul Emperor spoke, he stretched out his palm. The surface of his palm tore open and a bone staff drilled out from the flesh and blood.

The bone staff was 10 feet long and glossy, as if it were made from black agate.

This was the Soul Emperor’s weapon!

The Soul Emperor had the appearance of a youth and wasn’t too tall. This bone staff that was hidden in his body was actually a good deal longer than his height.

It was genuinely crafted from the bones of the Demon God from 100 billion years ago; it had already reached an unimaginably high grade!

As the Soul Emperor brandished this bone staff, his aura became far more terrifying.

Seeing this weapon and feeling the immense pressure of the Soul Emperor, Divine Dream shivered; this was not a level of strength that a True Divinity could contend with.

“Lin Ming… I will give you the final measure of my strength…”

Divine Dream struggled to say with a true essence sound transmission. She had already been severely weakened. The difference between her and the Soul Emperor was far too great. In order to block his strike she had to overdraw her blood vitality, and the injuries she sustained in the process were far too deep. She was almost only managing to support herself with her will alone.

Now, it was impossible for the strength she had left remaining to pose any threat to the Soul Emperor. The only thing she could do to play a role in this battle was to burn her blood vitality and divine soul and pass that strength on to Lin Ming.

With the strength of her divine soul as the conductor, she could pass the last dregs of her power into Lin Ming’s body. Then, combined with Lin Ming’s Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and True Divinity strength, he could reach the peak of essence, energy, and divine. With this, he might have a possibility of blocking the Soul Emperor’s next attack.

But by this time, Lin Ming’s eyes had already turned blood red.

He was well aware that if Divine Dream were to burn her blood vitality and divine soul in such a state, she would undoubtedly die!

“Senior Divine Dream, I know that you want to bet everything in order to preserve my life as well as preserve the future of humanity and the 33 Heavens. But, I cannot borrow your strength. I do not want others to die for me. Moreover, my body has already been marked by the Soul Emperor’s True Divinity spirit mark. While I can escape one catastrophe, I cannot escape the second. There is simply no path left for me to retreat. In truth, ever since the first day I stepped onto the road of martial arts, there has never been any retreat for me. In my lifetime I have been defeated, I have fled, I have been schemed against, and once I even fell from the highest mountain peak to the lowest valley and experienced true death. But, I never thought of admitting defeat! If the Soul Emperor wants to kill me, then let me face him!”

As Lin Ming spoke, he burned his blood vitality without reserve! A horrifying strength rushed through him, so intense that his meridians and mortal body were barely able to withstand it. His skin began to crack apart and tear open from the pressure.

But at the same time, Lin Ming’s martial arts will rose straight up and then rose again. That invisible martial arts will seemed to turn into a peerless spear that pierced into the vastness of the universe!

The change occurring within Lin Ming left Divine Dream startled. At this time, the heavily wounded her found it hard to resist the pressure created by Lin Ming’s eruption of strength.


With the Soul Emperor at the center, a storm of energy erupted, covering Lin Ming and Divine Dream. This energy storm was only the Soul Emperor’s opening move, but this opening move was already able to disintegrate any Empyrean level martial artist!

Beneath the tearing strength of this storm, the severely wounded Divine Dream was naturally unable to resist it.

Lin Ming opened up a protective shield of the power of divinity and demons, stimulated his strength to the limit!

“Strength! Give me strength! More strength! Strength beyond strength!”

Lin Ming roared in his mind. The demon spine buried in Lin Ming’s flesh and blood was pulled out by him. With the support of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, it was forcefully swallowed into his body!

Such a Demon God bone would be difficult to digest if it were fused into his flesh and blood, and it would even have side effects. But at this time, Lin Ming couldn’t care about such things!

“Mm?” The Soul Emperor’s complexion changed for the first time. As Lin Ming wildly combusted his blood essence, he could feel that Lin Ming’s divine soul had reached an unprecedented peak!

This was a transformation that could only occur on the precipice of life and death. The Soul Emperor’s expression became several points more dignified. “This child cannot be allowed to remain alive!”

In this battle, the Soul Emperor was able to feel just how terrifying Lin Ming actually was. He had to take advantage of this time to destroy him!

The Soul Emperor attacked. The bone staff shot forwards, crashing towards Lin Ming and Divine Dream like the collapse of the world!

At this time, Lin Ming lifted his hands and placed the weakened Divine Dream into the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

Lin Ming lifted his arms evenly. A blood red lotus appeared in his right hand and an Asura wheel appeared in his left.

These were the two highest Laws that Lin Ming cultivated – the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra!

Then, Lin Ming brought his hands together. From between his eyebrows, his Eternal Soul blazed like an inferno, like a blinding sun!

With the support of that incredible divine soul, the originally incompatible Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra began to thoroughly fuse together at this moment!

Lin Ming had already started the initial steps in fusing together the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra in the Demon God’s Tomb. And in order to completely fuse the two together, what he needed was a turning point!

And today, Lin Ming fused together the universe of the world and the universe of the body. At this moment, his mortal body, inner world, and divine soul, completely fused together with the universe of the 33 Heavens!

Lin Ming’s body was like a star, like all things in existence. The energy in his body was like the origin energy of the universe, and his soul was like the Heavenly Dao Laws!

The strength of the 33 Heavens’ universe flowed towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming’s strength climbed at a maddening pace. This was no longer just his strength, but strength that came from all lives and all worlds in the 33 Heavens!

Lin Ming attacked. He didn’t use the Black Dragon Spear again. At this time, his flesh and blood body had turned into a spear; his will was the sharpest spear point!

Lin Ming’s figure turned into a dazzling beam of light that thrust straight towards the Soul Emperor and collided with that bone staff!

With a silent collision, the world lost all color. All that remained was a heaven-destroying divine light that lit up the entire wild universe.

Great worlds shattered and rivers of stars were cut apart. In this horrifying impact, Lin Ming’s mortal body cracked apart and his arms were nearly reduced to bones!

However, the Soul Emperor’s body shook and he was thrown hundreds of thousands of miles away!

“How… is this possible?”

The Soul Emperor steadied his body and came to a stop, his features completely frozen.

He looked at Lin Ming and then lowered his head. With a dazed expression, he could see a shocking hole in his body!

His snow white robes were dyed crimson with fresh blood. This wound nearly passed through his chest. He couldn’t remember just how long it had been since he had received such a heavy wound.

“You actually… wounded me?”

The Soul Emperor felt this unbelievable.

He was a Beyond Divinity existence! And even amongst Beyond Divinity level powerhouses, he was still an outstanding individual!

Now, although he was only an avatar and only had a fraction of his main form’s strength, it still wasn’t a level that a True Divinity could contend with.

The Soul Emperor covered his chest. His flesh and blood crept about, wriggling as it tried to regrow. However, this wound contained the strength of the Great Dao Laws and was equal to a scar created by the Great Dao; it wouldn’t regenerate for a short period of time.

Not just that, but the Soul Emperor also felt an agonizing pain wrack his spiritual sea. Lin Ming’s attack had not only pierced through the Soul Emperor’s mortal body but also injured his divine soul.

The strength of the Soul Emperor’s divine soul far surpassed anyone’s in the universe, and yet he had actually been wounded by Lin Ming!

“You have really… surprised me! But even so… you cannot change your fate.”

The Soul Emperor moved forwards one step at a time. At this time, not too far away, Lin Ming had already become a completely blood-drenched person. The arms that held the Grandmist Spirit Bead had nearly turned into white bones.


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