MW Chapter 2215

Chapter 2215 – Moth to the Flame


Transferring through the void again and again, the Soul Emperor’s True Divinity mark was no different from a life-reaping symbol. With Lin Ming’s strength, if he were given enough time then he could erase it. But now the Soul Emperor would never give him this time.

Lin Ming didn’t know how long he spent racing through the starry skies. From the edges of the wild universe, he flew towards the central region.

At this time, just as Lin Ming underwent another great void transfer and left the space channel, he could see that not too far away there was a planet. This planet was filled with life and beautiful scenery. There were some people who lived simple farming lives and there were also martial artists who had gathered to form small sects. This was a common human planet in the wild universe.

2000 years ago, the mortals of humanity had already begun to spread out and develop throughout the wild universe. Afterwards the Saint Sovereign left seclusion, but because there weren’t many saint Empyreans...

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