MW Chapter 2214

Chapter 2214 – The Power of the Soul Emperor


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Souls cried and demons wept. The sea of the Soul Emperor’s tear was flooded with countless suffering souls and bones.

Lin Ming felt the energy within his body turn stagnant and his strength be suppressed by a great deal. There was even a feeling of tight breathlessness in his chest; it was clear that this sea was the Soul Emperor’s force field domain.

“This is the sea of suffering. Those who enter have no way to leave, and today, you will die here.”

As the Soul Emperor spoke he lifted a finger and pointed it outwards. His skin was as pale as paper and one could even see the blood vessels beneath. However, a normal man’s blood vessels were blue, but the Soul Emperor’s were gray, as if the blood that flowed within them was also filled with death.

This finger amplified to infinite proportions in Lin Ming’s eyes. He was simply unable to resist, unable to dodge. The spiral fingerprint was clearly visible, each circle like a vortex. Because the Soul Emperor’s finger seemed as large as the heavens, each circular fingerprint was like a ring-shaped mountain range!

Lin Ming’s eyes shot open and he grasped the Black Dragon Spear in his hands. He felt that in his entire life he had never encountered such a terrifying attack before!

The finger possessed enough pressure to break down the skies. Lin Ming exploded in a thunderous roar as strength erupted within him to the limits. Around him, eight Dao Palaces opened and the two highest Laws also fused into his inner world. The Asura blood began to burn!

Lin Ming aimed at the center of that giant finger and thrust out his spear. Spear light as thick as a mountain hurtled forth, like a pillar that lifted the heavens!

However, facing that giant finger, even the mighty spear light was nothing but a tiny needle that crashed into it.


Spear light shattered. However, even though the giant finger was also pierced through, it continued to crush down as before!


With Lin Ming as the center, the entire cosmos seemed to fall down. A massive fingerprint formed in the endless void. Lin Ming coughed out as his joints emitted loud cracking sounds. His bones broke all over, his organs shattered, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He was sent flying backwards. Like a bag of blood that had been ripped open, blood rained down.

So strong!

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. This was the first time he experienced the strength of the Demon God’s Tomb Master, and this was only his avatar!

If the avatar was so horrifying, just what would the complete form of the Demon God’s Tomb Master be like?

Lin Ming held his breath, revolving the power of divinity and demons in his body. His broken bones and shattered organs began to rapidly repair. A look of faint surprise flashed in the Soul Emperor’s eyes.

“You seem to have opened the eighth Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, attained a higher level and rebirthed your body. In addition, you have absorbed a totem level abyssal into your body. With the two forms fused together, this gave you the body of a heavenly demon. Now, your body’s tolerance capacity and recovery abilities far surpass those of any martial artist on the same level… but, how many of my attacks do you think you can withstand?”

The Soul Emperor said with a smile. His smile caused one to feel a chill creep down their back.

Lin Ming was aware that what the Soul Emperor said was true. If he hadn’t opened the eighth Dao Palace, allowing the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and Nine Stars of the Dao Palace to connect and commune at a higher level and giving his body a qualitative leap upwards, then perhaps the Soul Emperor’s attack just now would have sundered him in half. Even if he didn’t die, he would have lost most of his life and basically been left helpless.

But even like this, with his current condition, he wouldn’t be able to withstand many of the Soul Emperor’s attacks before exhausting all of his strength!

This was because no matter how powerful his regenerative abilities were, if he wanted to recover from severe wounds he would have to consume a massive amount of energy. And, the more powerful the body, the more energy that would be used!

He couldn’t allow the Soul Emperor to freely attack him again!

Lin Ming bit down on the tip of his tongue and burnt the Gate of Life’s blood essence.

The strength from the burning blood essence caused Lin Ming’s blood vitality to seethe within his body!

He clenched his teeth, his eyes blazing at the Soul Emperor.

However, the Soul Emperor merely curved his lips upwards slightly. “Burning your blood essence? You have opened the Gate of Life, and if you burn a little bit of blood essence you can still restore yourself. But, this will only make your strength pass away that much faster, and bring you nearer to death that much quicker.

“Let me help you along!”

This time, the Soul Emperor stretched out his entire palm. This palm seemed to hold a great universe as it came crashing down upon Lin Ming!

At this time, Lin Ming’s strength had already been gathered to the limit. He cried out into the heavens, his mortal body nearly fusing together with the Black Dragon Spear!

Spear and man as one!


Lin Ming’s body and the Black Dragon Spear turned into a divine dragon that danced through the air. The divine dragon roared as it shot towards the Soul Emperor’s palm.

However, no matter how mighty and majestic the divine dragon was, in front of this hand that seemed to command the heavens and earth, it was actually no different from a bug. The divine dragon was about to be pinched by the hand!

Lin Ming roared out, burning another 10% of his blood essence!


A loud cry broke through the skies. In this crucial moment, Lin Ming’s speed rapidly rose up once more and he forcefully pushed out from between the fingers of that giant hand.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The heavens and earth collapsed and stars were torn apart. In the surrounding trillion miles, the meteorite belt turned into powder. The countless meteorites and asteroids disintegrated to dust!

The explosive shockwave swept through the entire galaxy. This feeling was as if the galaxy itself had been cut in half!

“What is that!?”

A trillion miles away, several human World Kings saw the apocalyptic scene occurring before them.

“Is that the supernova of a super star?” A World King mumbled, shocked. They were stationed in this part of the galaxy but didn’t know that Lin Ming’s hidden world was within their guarding area.

“No, this is two super existences fighting!”

A World King said, his complexion grim. “Hurry and send the news, immediately inform Senior Emperor Shakya!”



“Mm? You actually managed to escape my palm at the last moment?”

The Soul Emperor watched as Lin Ming ran about from between the creases of his fingers, hurtling towards him without stop. A flash of surprise appeared in his filthy eyes.

“My attack seems to have stimulated the potential within your body. Still, nothing has changed.”

The Soul Emperor wanted to take back his hand and attack once more. But at this time, the rapidly soaring Lin Ming changed his attack trajectory.

From hurtling straight towards the Soul Emperor, he forcefully turned himself a sharp 90 degrees!


The Soul Emperor’s sea of suffering force field was torn apart by Lin Ming without end!

The sea of suffering didn’t hinder the Soul Emperor’s strength and attacks, but, it would suppress Lin Ming. However at this time, with Lin Ming fused together with his spear as one, this force field was torn open by him instead!

With Lin Ming’s body as the center, seawater curled up into a storm as he opened up a whirlpool passage!

“You want to flee? An intelligent decision!”

A playful look crossed the Soul Emperor’s features. Lin Ming’s strike was not aimed to injure him but to break through the sea of suffering and escape!

If one faced an enemy that far exceeded themselves, and knew perfectly well that fighting the enemy meant certain death, then continuing to fight was not bravery but stupidity. Moreover, Lin Ming also had his family with him right now.

He didn’t want his family to be buried with him.


The boundaries to the sea of suffering were ripped open. Lin Ming overdrew his blood vitality. With the massive backlash of doing so, he spat out a mouthful of blood. However, Lin Ming ignored his injuries and flew non-stop into the depths of the universe!

He ripped open a space channel and shuttled through the void!

In a battle between martial artists, one only needed to be slightly stronger to defeat someone else. But to kill the other party, that was actually far more difficult.

In particular if the other party was attempting to escape with all their might.

Since Lin Ming knew he couldn’t contend with the Soul Emperor, he chose to temporarily run away.

“You… think you can escape?”

The moment that Lin Ming broke into the void, an ancient rune flashed out from between the Soul Emperor’s eyebrows. This was a spirit mark; it directly fell upon Lin Ming’s body.

In the past, Lin Ming had already suffered enough losses and experienced enough pain thanks to a True Divinity mark. Now, another mark appeared on his body…

Lin Ming’s thoughts darkened. He could feel the mark that stuck onto his body and knew what he faced now was a great life and death crisis.

He seemed to have returned to the time when he was being chased down by Soaring Feather God King. No matter how much he tore through space and transferred through the void, the Soul Emperor still followed tightly behind!


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