MW Chapter 2214

Chapter 2214 – The Power of the Soul Emperor


Hu –

Hu –

Hu –

Souls cried and demons wept. The sea of the Soul Emperor’s tear was flooded with countless suffering souls and bones.

Lin Ming felt the energy within his body turn stagnant and his strength be suppressed by a great deal. There was even a feeling of tight breathlessness in his chest; it was clear that this sea was the Soul Emperor’s force field domain.

“This is the sea of suffering. Those who enter have no way to leave, and today, you will die here.”

As the Soul Emperor spoke he lifted a finger and pointed it outwards. His skin was as pale as paper and one could even see the blood vessels beneath. However, a normal man’s blood vessels were blue, but the Soul Emperor’s were gray, as if the blood that flowed within them was also filled with death.

This finger amplified to infinite proportions in Lin Ming’s eyes. He was simply unable to resist, unable to dodge. The spiral...

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