MW Chapter 2213

Chapter 2213 – Lin Ming versus the Soul Emperor


“Jiu’er, come here!”

As Jiu’er was dripping with a cold sweat, unsure of what to do, a deep and dignified voice sounded out from behind her.

Jiu’er trembled; this was her father’s voice.

Although this unknown person had quietly passed through their enchantments, their father had discovered it afterwards.

Or, there was a possibility that this stranger had allowed their father to discover him…

No matter what happened, Jiu’er knew with absolute clarity that this was an extremely critical situation. This was because she could see how tense her father was, how solemn his expression was, and she could even see beads of sweat beginning to form on his forehead.

Jiu’er’s heart skipped a beat. In her eyes, her father was a near omnipotent existence. But now there was sweat forming on his forehead.

“Father!” Lin Huang gripped his spear, his breath caught in his throat.

“You come too!”

Lin Ming’s tone brooked no disobedience. In this situation, the role Lin Huang could play was nearly negligible.

And at this time, from not too far away, two people were walking towards this area. One of them was a gentle-looking woman. She wore a light yellow dress and had a delicate bamboo basket hanging on her arm. This bamboo basket was filled with little mushrooms that had been bred in this small world. By her side was a handsome youth. He had elegant clothes and a charming appearance. The outline of his face was faintly similar to Lin Ming’s, but they possessed two completely different styles.

They were Qin Xingxuan and Qin Xingxuan’s son, the second brother that Jiu’er spoke of – Lin Xuan.

The two of them were originally chatting and laughing, but as they saw the scene by the lake, their steps came to a standstill.

Qin Xingxuan looked at Lin Ming and the white-clothed youth with wide eyes. Shock flashed in her pupils. She and Lin Xuan had just been at the lakeside relaxing, and afterwards had decided to pick some mushrooms to prepare some mushroom soup for later. But now they had returned to this scene before them.

Looking at Lin Ming and Lin Huang’s actions, they understood that this was an enemy invasion.

“Xingxuan, come here…”

Lin Ming’s voice was low and deep. Just before he appeared, he had been with Mu Qianyu, Xiao Moxian, and his daughter Lin Yu – he had received them all into the Grandmist Spirit Bead’s space.

Now, he planned to bring Qin Xingxuan and the others into the space within the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

He was well aware that if the Soul Emperor were to attack at this time, those here would die a horrible and violent death!

It was because of this that his forehead was wet with sweat. His sense was completely focused on the Soul Emperor’s every action and movement.

If his family were to be killed by the Soul Emperor, he couldn’t imagine just what the consequences would be.

“Father, he is…”

Jiu’er had already guessed who this stranger was. In this universe, if there was a person that could cause Lin Ming to be so tense and worried, there was only a single one.

Before Jiu’er finished speaking, a flash of light covered her field of vision. She felt a moment of dizziness as she was sucked into a strange space.

Lin Ming and the Soul Emperor had vanished. Lin Huang, Qin Xingxuan, and Lin Xuan arrived in this strange space with Jiu’er.

“This is the Spirit Bead’s space…”

Lin Huang dual cultivated essence and energy. Lin Ming had once brought Lin Huang into the Grandmist Spirit Bead to cultivate, so he was able to recognize this space.

“Father has transferred us into the Spirit Bead’s space, but he remains outside, facing the great enemy…”

Lin Huang clenched his fists together. At this time, he saw that within the Spirit Bead space, there was also Mu Qianyu, Xiao Moxian, and Lin Yu.

“Mother!” Lin Huang worriedly shouted out.

“What happened?”

Xiao Moxian and Mu Qianyu were unclear as to what had occurred outside. They were originally together with Lin Ming, but Lin Ming’s complexion suddenly changed and he instantly placed them into the Spirit Bead space. Before much time passed, Lin Huang, Qin Xingxuan, and everyone else also joined them.

Xiao Moxian naturally realized that this was most likely because danger had arrived!

“Soul Emperor… I fear that the Soul Emperor has come…”

Jiu’er muttered, worry etched across her features. Her words caused everyone’s hearts to sink!

“Soul Emperor… how could this be… isn’t there still a long time before he emerges from seclusion?”

Xiao Moxian recalled that Lin Ming once said the Soul Emperor would have to go into seclusion for tens of thousands of years. But from that point, only 9000 or so years had passed. This was the reason why Lin Ming was willing to make some time to accompany his family.

If the Soul Emperor had already left seclusion then Lin Ming would never have dared to be together with his family. Otherwise, if the Soul Emperor were to suddenly appear out of nowhere, then his entire family would be sucked into the chaos.

“I have no idea…”

Jiu’er shook her head. She began to worry over her mother Sheng Mei.

Her mother had entered the Asura forbidden land and still hadn’t returned. Now that the Soul Emperor had appeared, would her mother be safe?


On the lakeside, the Soul Emperor still sat upon a rock, fishing. His clothes were as white as snow, like a hermit who had secluded himself in the mountains.

From the point that Jiu’er and Lin Huang had discovered the Soul Emperor, to when Lin Ming had appeared, the Soul Emperor still hadn’t moved.

Lin Ming slowly reached out a hand. The Black Dragon Spear seemed to have a life of its own as it appeared in Lin Ming’s grasp.

The Soul Emperor’s back faced Lin Ming. He gently laid down the fishing pole and stood up. The moment he rose, the life-filled lake seemed to rapidly lose all vitality, with him at the center.

The green grass withered, the flowers crumbled. The originally deep blue waters turned muddy and yellow. The corpses of spirit fish floated to the surface of the water as the entire lake turned into a lake of death.

“Do you find it strange that I didn’t do anything to your family?”

The Soul Emperor turned around and looked at Lin Ming. He still had the appearance of a sickly youth near death. The only difference from before was that the filthiness and death in his eyes had diminished by the tiniest bit.

“It’s because you believe that victory is already in your hands.” Lin Ming stared at the Soul Emperor.

The Soul Emperor smiled. “The reason I came is not because I want to use your family to force you to do something, nor do I wish to take you as my servant. Thus, there is no need for me to provoke you, because all I wish to do is destroy you.”

The Soul Emperor casually stated that he would take Lin Ming’s life. This sort of tone and feeling was as if he were trading goods with Lin Ming.

“But you are not the complete form of the Demon God’s Tomb Master! Do you think you have the strength to kill me?” Killing intent began to surge off of Lin Ming, gradually condensing towards him. Even the power within the force field enchantments that guarded this world was taken back by Lin Ming.

“You guessed right. My main body is still in the Dark Abyss, and I cannot recover it.” The Soul Emperor said, not denying this.

“Not only do you not have your complete form but you haven’t finished your seclusion; your soul is not yet immortal!” Lin Ming said, his words sharp and deadly. He guessed that the reason the Soul Emperor left seclusion midway was all in order to strangle him before he could grow further!

The Soul Emperor thought little of it. He simply smiled, “It seems you have always misunderstood me. My goal is not to refine the Eternal Soul. Even with the Eternal Soul I cannot gain eternal life. The reason I need to go into seclusion for such a long time is in order to have my soul become the Heavenly Dao Laws of the Demon God’s Tomb and thoroughly control the Emperor Bone Sea. Your Eternal Soul is merely a primer, an opening act for me to do so.”

To have his soul become the Heavenly Dao Laws?

Lin Ming’s heart shook. A human had essence, energy, and divine – they were equivalent to one’s flesh and blood, true essence, and soul.

Correspondingly, the universe also had its own essence, energy, and divine – they were all creatures and matter in existence, all energy in the universe, and the Heavenly Dao Laws.

The soul of the universe was the Heavenly Dao Laws.

If the Soul Emperor could transform his own soul into the Heavenly Dao Laws then he would naturally become immortal.

“Although I have not completed the final transformation of my soul, I have still completed over half. There is also one final stage remaining, but I can pause this final stage midway to come out and handle some matters that must be completed in advance… for instance, killing you!”

Lin Ming coldly sneered. “It seems you aren’t as confident as you think you are. Do you think you won’t be my match 10,000 years from now?”

The Soul Emperor laughed out loud, without any sense of denial. “In the great scheme that I have laid out for 100 billion years, I have considered all the people in the world within my calculations, and yet I have actually miscalculated you. In these 100 billion years I have seen countless peerless geniuses, but I never imagined that there would be a genius who could rise to a level that could truly threaten me.

“And I never would have imagined that on the Sky Spill Planet, Sheng Mei would guarantee your life with some threats and concessions. And while I was in seclusion, in a situation where you were nothing but a dried up lamp on the verge of death, you actually managed to survive and become reborn, even cultivating yourself back to the peak.

“You have indeed given me many surprises. But, I no longer wish to be surprised again, so I have personally come to kill you off.”

While the Soul Emperor spoke, a single teardrop rolled out from one of his filthy eyes.

As this teardrop left the Soul Emperor’s eye, it crazily expanded, turning into a raging flood that overwhelmed Lin Ming’s small world.

Everything in the world was sucked into this flood.

This water was like acid, corroding the life force of anything it touched!

“Although I do not have my complete form, I am not someone you can defeat. Now, let me see just how much you’ve grown these past years!”

As the Soul Emperor spoke, the waters had already filled up the entire small world. With a loud explosion, the enchantments that Lin Ming had laid down in this world, all of the concealing array formations completely shattered!

These were enchantments that not even an upper True Divinity could destroy if they put in all their strength. Yet in front of the Soul Emperor, they were actually so weak and fragile.

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