MW Chapter 2212

Chapter 2212 – Crisis


Within the wild universe, not only were there many star clusters with complicated terrains, but there were also many areas of space that were twisted up, making them nearly impossible to probe.

This was a place deep in the wild universe, in a world isolated from the outside –

This world wasn’t large. It was only several hundred miles wide and shined as if it were a bright spring day. The sounds of tinkling water from spirit springs filled the air. On the lush green grass, cute little rabbits ran around and mischievous fawns raced about.

A girl dressed in flowery clothes rode a winged unicorn. She galloped out from a forest, speeding along the plains, her melodious laugh ringing about like silver bells.

“Big Brother, teach me the body transformation technique tomorrow!”

The girl shouted from afar. She was Jiu’er. As she spoke, she hugged the winged unicorn’s neck and leapt off.

The Big Brother she spoke to was Lin Huang. At this time Lin Huang was training his spear. His actions were focused and meticulous.

Shua –

The winged unicorn reared upwards, its hooves raised high up into the air before being brought crashing back down. Bits of fragrant green grass flew up, some falling on Lin Huang’s spear and some falling on his face. But, he didn’t seem affected at all.

Jiu’er flipped over and landed at Lin Huang’s side. She could see that Lin Huang wasn’t looking at her and couldn’t help but smile. She slapped a palm on the shaft of Lin Huang’s spear, but the spear shaft had Lin Huang’s true essence poured into it, so it remained like an iron statue, motionless.

“I must say Big Brother, even Daddy says that we can relax for a year, so how come you are still training here?”

This small world was a hidden one that was carefully chosen by Lin Ming. Lin Ming spent a great deal of time and effort to lay down sufficient array formations to completely seal up this entire world. Even if a peak True Divinity powerhouse were to probe the surrounding starry skies with their sense, they still wouldn’t be able to discover anything.

Now, besides Sheng Mei, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and Xiao Moxian, Lin Ming’s four children also lived here. They all lived here, in this world that he had arranged, in order to give his family a chance to settle down and stabilize. He knew that in the near future he would have to fight the Soul Emperor, and he wanted to settle his family in order to avoid them being dragged into that great war.

This world was supported with stable enchantments that formed a comprehensive system. It absorbed energy from the universe and was extremely durable. Without Lin Ming personally unraveling the array formations, even if an upper True Divinity were to spend an entire day attacking it, they still wouldn’t be able to break their way in.

In truth, Lin Ming had prepared for the worst possible outcome. If an accident occurred and something happened to him, then his family could stay in this hidden world. At least, there would be a small chance for them to live on.

The great calamity was descending upon them all but had yet to arrive. Lin Ming’s original intention was to accompany his family for some time and allow them to enjoy the little bit of peace that there was before catastrophe came. But for this short and comfortable period of time, Lin Huang actually spent most of his time training.

“Little Sister, you are not suited for body transformation.” Lin Huang drew a flower in the air before putting away his spear. At this time, one could see energy gathered around him like two large snakes that were then sucked into his body. “Dual cultivating energy and divine is more than enough for you to walk very far. Even Father still takes two great cultivation systems as his primary focus, and the third system as an auxiliary.”

“Aiya, Brother you are just so boring! Body transformation just seems so cool. I have decided later than I will also use a spear as my weapon! Wait, no, I will use a lance, an ancient war lance, the type that is over 10 feet long!”

As Jiu’er spoke she assumed a straight posture. In her hands, energy of the heavens and earth gathered, forming into the shape of a lance.

This energy lance was ten feet long. As she brought it flat before her body, it seemed quite dazzling when combined with her heroic stance.

Lin Huang scratched his head. “Sister, training in martial arts is to strengthen yourself, not for playing around…”


Jiu’er was already left speechless by Lin Huang. She felt that it was just far too difficult to communicate with this Big Brother Lin Huang, and it was instead easier to get along with her second brother. However her second brother didn’t seem to enjoy practicing martial arts as much. In truth, her second brother was only around 2000 years of age, and it would be hard for him to play any role in the upcoming calamity. Let alone her second brother, even her eldest brother Lin Huang would find it impossible to help their father fight against the Soul Emperor.

“Second Brother is fishing with Aunty Xuan. Let’s go and take a look. Daddy is something, huh? He said that he would accompany us for a few years, but we haven’t even seen his shadow these past days. I wonder just what he’s been up to.”

Jiu’er was a particularly talkative child. Perhaps it was because she had grown up in the stuffy and quiet Demon God’s Tomb, but even when faced with this Lin Huang that didn’t respond much, she still chattered on non-stop.

Lin Huang shook his head. He followed his little sister.

They passed through a hillside and came to a small lake that rippled with clear blue water.

The waters within this lake were all from spirit springs. If a mortal were to drink a single drop they could prolong their life for a hundred years. All of this had been arranged by Xiao Moxian, and Lin Ming’s entire family had lived here in this independent world for three and a half years already.

Lin Ming said that he would live in this small world for five years. Then, he would leave to go into seclusion alone, perceiving the Laws and impacting towards a higher boundary.

To the current Lin Ming, in a situation where he didn’t experience a great lucky chance and only bitterly trained, he wouldn’t be able to increase his strength much in five years.

When a bowstring was always strung taut, it would eventually snap. To always be tensed was not necessarily a good thing. To calm down, slow down, and allow oneself to relax before returning to train again, this might allow one to cultivate even better than before.

Thus, Lin Ming used this time to accompany his family. And most importantly, he didn’t know if he would have the chance to do so in the future.

With the great battle looming in the horizon, Lin Ming always felt restless.

As they arrived at the lakeside, Jiu’er called, “Second Brother! Aunty Xuan! What are we eating for lunch today?”

When a martial artist reached the Xiantian realm they could already ward off hunger. At this time, they could absorb heaven and earth origin energy or take pills to maintain their lives.

Lin Ming’s entire family was naturally capable of warding off hunger. But, when his family came together they liked to prepare food and eat together; there was a certain harmony and subtle joy in this. Of course, the foods that Lin Ming’s family ate were all top spirit foods, not much worse off when compared to transcendent divine pills.

And Jiu’er particularly loved the food that Qin Xingxuan prepared. But, as she shouted out loud, her footsteps came to a pause.

She looked at the distant lake with doubt. She could feel a strange aura.

This was a light death energy.

The death energy entered into the small lake that had been filled with life and overflowing with spiritual power. The lake was polluted, and even the green grass around it began to wither.

On the lakeside, a white-clothed youth was sitting on a large stone, his back facing Jiu’er and Lin Huang. He grasped a fishing pole of green bamboo. As the fishing line fell into the water, it caused a circle of ripples to spread out.

Jiu’er held her breath. From afar, she had not seen this person, but as she approached he had appeared like ghosts and gods. This sort of feeling was as if he had always been here, but she had simply never discovered him.

It was clear that this wasn’t the back of her second brother!

Jiu’er’s heart tightened. Lin Ming had never revealed the location of this world to anyone. Besides her mother Sheng Mei who could locate this place due to the link between their souls, as well as their Aunty Mo, Mo Eversnow, who occasionally visited, there was never anyone else who came.

And now this person had appeared from nowhere, their entire body overflowing with killing intent. Moreover, their father wasn’t here and also seemed to have no knowledge of this. How could Jiu’er not be panicked?

This person didn’t seem like any human Empyrean. In fact, he didn’t even seem human at all!

Beside Jiu’er, Lin Huang had already taken hold of his spear to face this great enemy.

As for Jiu’er, although she held onto her spatial ring, she never planned to take out her weapon. She could faintly feel that this person had come by themselves. For someone to be able to quietly penetrate past their father’s enchantments without notice, how powerful should they be?

She didn’t dare to imagine, but she knew that this person was someone that neither she nor Lin Huang could deal with. She quietly took out a sound transmitting talisman and prepared to send Lin Ming a message. Only if Lin Ming arrived here was there a chance to deal with this stranger.

Jiu’er could feel her palms wet with sweat. But, when she pulled out the sound transmitting talisman, that strange back remained as motionless as before. This caused her heart to sink. This other person absolutely realized her own little actions and yet didn’t care at all, simply remaining there like a rock. This was proof that he simply didn’t fear their father at all…

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