MW Chapter 2212

Chapter 2212 – Crisis


Within the wild universe, not only were there many star clusters with complicated terrains, but there were also many areas of space that were twisted up, making them nearly impossible to probe.

This was a place deep in the wild universe, in a world isolated from the outside –

This world wasn’t large. It was only several hundred miles wide and shined as if it were a bright spring day. The sounds of tinkling water from spirit springs filled the air. On the lush green grass, cute little rabbits ran around and mischievous fawns raced about.

A girl dressed in flowery clothes rode a winged unicorn. She galloped out from a forest, speeding along the plains, her melodious laugh ringing about like silver bells.

“Big Brother, teach me the body transformation technique tomorrow!”

The girl shouted from afar. She was Jiu’er. As she spoke, she hugged the winged unicorn’s neck and leapt off.

The Big Brother she spoke to was Lin Huang. At this time Lin Huang...

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