MW Chapter 2211

Chapter 2211 – The Soul Emperor Emerges


As Sheng Mei’s steps came to a halt, that voice disappeared, as if it had never appeared at all.

However, Sheng Mei knew that this couldn’t have been an illusion.

She closed her eyes, quietly sensing the origin of that voice. After a long moment of silence, that summoning call appeared once more. It was still weak, but this time, Sheng Mei was able to keenly sense which direction it came from.

With some anticipation, with some unease, with some fear, Sheng Mei silently walked forwards.

She passed through a graveyard and finally arrived atop a vast field of ice.

The cold energy was rich atop this field of ice, and snow billowed in the wind.

This cold energy came from the strength of Laws, and Sheng Mei felt that these Laws were somewhat familiar. This was because she also cultivated the Ice Laws, and her Laws seemed to be interlinked in many places to the Laws in the Asura forbidden land, as if they came from the same origins.

Sheng Mei remained pensive. Then, atop this...

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