MW Chapter 2210

Chapter 2210 – Summons


These divine chains of order locked up humanity’s destiny. It was like this 3.6 billion years ago and continued until the present, like a great mountain pressing down on humanity.

In front of Emperor Shakya, Xiao Moxian, and everyone else’s gaze, Lin Ming walked towards those divine chains of order one step at a time. With every step he took, the stars in the highest heavens trembled. This was a manifestation of Lin Ming’s body having reached the peak, where he achieved subconscious resonance with the Great Dao of the heavens and earth.

When Lin Ming arrived in front of the divine chains of order that bound the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, all sorts of phenomena appeared around him. Celestial dragons weaved through the air, phoenixes cried out, and a land seemed to appear within the chaotic misty of blood, one that had genuine life living upon it.

This was a phenomenon that only appeared when the mortal body became sanctified, when the body became a world in itself.

Lin Ming started to gather his strength. Before he did anything, the divine chains...

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