MW Chapter 2210

Chapter 2210 – Summons


These divine chains of order locked up humanity’s destiny. It was like this 3.6 billion years ago and continued until the present, like a great mountain pressing down on humanity.

In front of Emperor Shakya, Xiao Moxian, and everyone else’s gaze, Lin Ming walked towards those divine chains of order one step at a time. With every step he took, the stars in the highest heavens trembled. This was a manifestation of Lin Ming’s body having reached the peak, where he achieved subconscious resonance with the Great Dao of the heavens and earth.

When Lin Ming arrived in front of the divine chains of order that bound the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, all sorts of phenomena appeared around him. Celestial dragons weaved through the air, phoenixes cried out, and a land seemed to appear within the chaotic misty of blood, one that had genuine life living upon it.

This was a phenomenon that only appeared when the mortal body became sanctified, when the body became a world in itself.

Lin Ming started to gather his strength. Before he did anything, the divine chains of order in front of him began to tremble, as if they couldn’t withstand Lin Ming’s horrifying strength.


Lin Ming punched his fist out. Endless blood vitality gushed out. His blood burned with brilliant flames that lit up the vast skies and burned down those divine chains.


With a loud bellow, the faint fog of blood which lingered in the air turned into blood dragons that smashed into the divine chains of order in a violent frenzy.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The divine chains of order finally broke apart and disappeared in the world.

In that instant, the nine Dao Palaces released an incomparably dazzling brilliance.

Out of the Nine Stars, one of them shined like the bright moon at night.

Starlight flowed out in rivers, all of it falling down upon Lin Ming’s body in torrents.

This starlight came from the eighth Dao Palace that Lin Ming desired to break into – the Bright Channel Dao Palace.

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. The seven bright stars were – Ravenous Wolf, Titan Gate, Cherished Kismet, Merciful Song, Ardent Virtue, Martial Song, and Army Breaker.

The two dark stars were Bright Channel and Hidden Origin.

The last two Dao Palaces of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace wouldn’t grant special abilities to a martial artist. However, they were like two sets of chains that linked together the nine Dao Palaces, causing them to shine ever brighter as they allowed the Great Dao to blend into them.

To open the last two Dao Palaces would bring about an overall increase in strength for a martial artist. Like an Empyrean breaking into True Divinity, there would be a comprehensive increase in strength!

After the divine chains of order were torn apart, Lin Ming borrowed the endless blood vitality within the Grandmist Spirit Bead to soar upwards!

He took the brightest of the nine stars and directly thrust it into his body!

During these years, Lin Ming had accumulated far too much in the body transformation aspect. With the addition of the Grandmist Spirit Bead helping him, even though this was a large boundary in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, he still made a direct breakthrough!

The star was refined by Lin Ming. The Bright Channel Dao Palace began to burn!

Weng –

Hum –

At this time, the seven bright Dao Palaces within Lin Ming’s body responded. They emitted sounds of ecstatic joy, as if they took great pleasure in what was occuring.

Even the already opened Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Gate of Life, the Gate of Death, the Gate of Healing, all of those gates, all of that endless life potential burst out from Lin Ming’s body once more.

This stimulation was even more thorough than before. Even the previously unrefined blood vitality essence that remained in his body began to burn away like snow in an inferno.

Lin Ming’s mortal body was constantly attacked and regenerated within the billowing blood vitality. His skin surged like waves in a storm and his entire body emitted an aura that seemed as if he could destroy the heavens and earth.

Even some rays of light twisted around him, unable to approach him. He seemed to become a single body with the world, a self-contained system, repelling any strength that approached him.

Piki paka!

Blinding bolts of lightning drilled out from Lin Ming’s pores. They encircled him like threads of silk, like endless purple hairs that lingered around him.

Billions upon trillions of Great Dao Laws took shape, turning into scales that bloomed on Lin Ming’s skin like flowers.

More and more blood vitality rushed out, seething with excitement, breaking everything open, forming a furnace that sprayed out without end, illuminating this entire part of the world with divine light so that everything turned translucent.

Nearby, Xiao Moxian, Emperor Shakya, and the others were able to feel this strength.

In that moment their blood vitality seemed stirred by the blood vitality and potential emitted from Lin Ming’s body. Most of the starlight from the Nine Stars gathered in Lin Ming’s body, but a small part of it also dissipated outwards, flowing through the void.

If Lin Ming were to make a breakthrough alone, this starlight would dissipate in vain.

But now, with so many human martial artists present, they naturally wouldn’t allow this starlight to go to waste. This starlight was strength that approached the source of the Great Dao.

Whether it was Xiao Moxian, Emperor Shakya, Jiu’er, or anyone else, they began to absorb the power of the Nine Stars.

However, the one who absorbed the most starlight was actually not Jiu’er, but Lin Huang.

Lin Huang also had Lin Ming’s bloodline running through his veins, and he experienced no pushback in refining the power of the Nine Stars. Moreover, Lin Huang dual cultivated essence and energy. Compared to Jiu’er who cultivated energy and divine, he naturally possessed the superiority.

This scene continued for several hours.

After Lin Ming thoroughly refined the strength of the Nine Stars, he seemed to emerge from the darkness of creation, a silent immortal that climbed towards the peak of the human mortal body that had been sealed away for billions of years.

At this time, Lin Ming’s mortal body emitted an even brighter brilliance. As for light from the universe, as these rays approached Lin Ming, they were crushed by a dark and strange strength.

The current Lin Ming’s mortal body had reached an incomprehensible degree.

Lin Ming’s body possessed infinite strength that needed to be vented outwards. His eyes flashed and he looked not too far away towards the divine chains of order that imprisoned the essence gathering system.

This was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s final arrangement, one that he used to swallow humanity’s destiny.

Lin Ming roared out loud. He smashed out a fist!


The world shook. The divine chains of order disintegrated!

Now, even Famine had been completely swallowed by Lin Ming. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had relied on Famine’s abilities to form these divine chains of order; now, beneath Lin Ming’s potent strength, these divine chains naturally weren’t a match for him.

Kacha! Kacha!

The divine chains of order collapsed at an increasingly fast pace. Not too far away, Emperor Shakya and the others watched on, speechless.

They had paid deep prices and put in so much time and effort, yet they weren’t able to break through these divine chains. Yet, these divine chains of order were being so easily torn asunder.

This power of divinity and demons could really be called the endless Great Dao Laws, rolling over and crushing everything.


After Lin Ming shattered these divine chains of order, he could feel many pained remnant souls in the energy that scattered outwards.

They howled in agony and sorrow as they spread out in space.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He immediately understood that these remnant souls had all been imprisoned by the divine chains of order.

Within the divine chains of order, besides the existence of a True Divinity’s strength, there had also been countless remnant souls supporting them.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had killed countless people in these years, and all of this was done for his great ambitions of swallowing the world. If it weren’t for the upcoming apocalyptic calamity, if it weren’t for the Demon God’s Tomb Master, then the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign could have been considered an unparalleled character of his era, one filled with an incredible ferocity and ambition. He could have likely ruled over the 33 Heavens, and his cultivation might have taken a step further until he reached the boundary of a totem level abyssal.

Unfortunately, if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s current strength was placed in the river of time that had flowed for 100 billion years, then he would simply be a commonplace existence. Compared to the Demon God’s Tomb Master, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wasn’t any more powerful than those numerous ancient demon emperors sealed in the Emperor Bone Sea.




As Lin Ming was breaking into the eighth Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, as he was shattering the divine chains of order, far off in a distant universe, within the Asura forbidden land hidden in the ruins of the primal god race, Sheng Mei walked above the wilderness, clothed in black.

The key to the forbidden land was the Chain of Calamity, and up until now it had been in the hands of the current leader of the primal god race – Diwuhen. Lin Ming borrowed his key, and with his understandings of the Asura Laws, it wasn’t difficult for him to open the Asura forbidden land.

Sheng Mei walked into the Asura forbidden land alone. She felt as if she had walked into an ancient tomb.

The great earth was barren and the sun above her was gloomy and dim, as if the world was shrouded in eternal dusk. Without any surprises, this world would be destroyed before long.

Sheng Mei never expected that the Asura forbidden land would be such a place. She quietly pressed forwards and found stone tablets buried underground. These stone tablets were mottled with time, many of their inscriptions ruined over the years.

Looking up, she could see thick layers of clouds gathered overhead. They were heavy and dark, blocking out the light.

Sheng Mei shook her head. She continued forwards. What she searched for was the Cold Ice Mirror that Lin Ming spoke of.

According to what Lin Ming said, there seemed to be a wisp of remnant soul from her past life contained within.

She wanted to personally look upon her past life and find out some things…

Perhaps she would find out why the Soul Emperor had expended so much time and effort to control her and raise her.

But at this time, Sheng Mei heard a sudden voice, one that gently summoned her.

This sound was a little intimate and a little familiar, as if buried in the depths of her memories so that she couldn’t remember who it was.

This voice was faint, but Sheng Mei could clearly hear it. It was completely different from her own voice.

“Who is it?”

Sheng Mei paused her step.

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