MW Chapter 2209

Chapter 2209 – Refining the Spirit Bead


A month later, deep within the endless starry skies –

Pata! Pata!

The Grandmist Spirit Bead was grasped in Lin Ming’s hand. It emitted dull ringing sounds that reverberated into the heavens and earth.

It was like the heart of a divine god, beating in its own strange rhythmic undulations. The galaxies in the skies seemed to dance about it, and starlight gushed out, weaving out into the void.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead was controlled within Lin Ming’s hand.

And not too far away, there were many human martial artists present.

Those that could stand here either had significant connections to Lin Ming or were one of the pillars that supported humanity.

For instance, there was Lin Huang, Jiu’er, Xiao Moxian, Emperor Shakya, Dark Demon Monarch, Empyrean Vast Universe, Dragon Fang, Hang Chi, and many others, resulting in a total of 20-30 people.

They stood here to bear witness to Lin Ming refining the Grandmist Spirit Bead and making a breakthrough in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. And, the most important reason they were here was to take advantage of Lin Ming’s breakthrough and gain an even deeper awareness of the Heavenly Dao.


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