MW Chapter 2209

Chapter 2209 – Refining the Spirit Bead


A month later, deep within the endless starry skies –

Pata! Pata!

The Grandmist Spirit Bead was grasped in Lin Ming’s hand. It emitted dull ringing sounds that reverberated into the heavens and earth.

It was like the heart of a divine god, beating in its own strange rhythmic undulations. The galaxies in the skies seemed to dance about it, and starlight gushed out, weaving out into the void.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead was controlled within Lin Ming’s hand.

And not too far away, there were many human martial artists present.

Those that could stand here either had significant connections to Lin Ming or were one of the pillars that supported humanity.

For instance, there was Lin Huang, Jiu’er, Xiao Moxian, Emperor Shakya, Dark Demon Monarch, Empyrean Vast Universe, Dragon Fang, Hang Chi, and many others, resulting in a total of 20-30 people.

They stood here to bear witness to Lin Ming refining the Grandmist Spirit Bead and making a breakthrough in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. And, the most important reason they were here was to take advantage of Lin Ming’s breakthrough and gain an even deeper awareness of the Heavenly Dao.

To them, this was an incredibly great lucky chance.

To break into the eighth Dao Palace was to leap past a large boundary in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. At that time, the Heavenly Dao would descend and wash over everyone present, baptizing them.

Even if one didn’t cultivate the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, they would still obtain considerable advantages.

In truth, even essence gathering system martial artists would be concerned with tempering their mortal bodies. After all, it was impossible for them to allow their bodies to be as frail as those of mortals. The more powerful their mortal bodies, the greater their advantage.

Everyone held their breath, quietly looking towards that god-like man in the distance, waiting for him.

The starry skies was silent. The Spirit Bead emitted wisps of blood energy, like the dawn in the early morning, a rosy light blooming in the world. Every wisp of light was as thin as a needle and as sharp as a sword as they shot into all directions. It was like countless peerless vicious beasts hurtling out into the horizon, all of the boundless blood vitality seeming as if it would lift up this world, leaving the heart racing with anticipation.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead had been refined by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign for many years, and it contained a massive amount of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s strength as well as the flesh and blood essence of the Famine avatar.

After having swallowed up humanity’s destiny, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had already refined his avatar of Famine.

As a totem level abyssal, Famine was naturally far more formidable than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. However, Famine had been wounded billions of years ago and its boundary had plummeted.

Following that, Famine’s soul was suppressed by Divine Seal and its body divided into two. With just its incomplete mortal body, it was impossible for it to be the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s match. During the 2000 years that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was in seclusion, he used the Grandmist Spirit Bead to completely swallow up Famine’s strength and gather it into his own.

At this time, Lin Ming could feel that within the Grandmist Spirit Bead, Famine’s flesh and blood still possessed a single sliver of unwillingness to be swallowed.

The current Famine could really only be regarded as a mass of flesh and blood. Beneath the suppression of the Spirit Bead, it continued to writhe about, struggling and resisting.

However, no matter how much it struggled, no matter how much it stirred its blood vitality, Lin Ming’s hands would forcefully isolate it from the outside space. Divine chains of order flew across the cosmos and thunder dragons roared out loud as they surrounded the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

Lin Ming’s five fingers were like five boundless mountains, stubbornly suppressing it.

In the next moment, Lin Ming held the Grandmist Spirit Bead and soared into the air. In an instant he travelled hundreds of millions of miles away and sank deep into a vast sea of stars.

He sat there with legs crossed, like a deity stepping upon the world, imprisoning any fluctuations of power.

He opened his left hand. Countless rays of light bloomed from his fingertips, turning into tiny runes that whistled about.

Each rune drilled into a star, pulling out beams of brilliance, like endless mountain ranges of starlight.

These beams of light wove through the air, turning into a transparent furnace formed of starlight with Lin Ming at its center.

This was a method of refining blood vitality that Lin Ming had learned of in the Asura Road’s final trial’s seventh level – the Galaxy Void Furnace.

Lin Ming wanted to thoroughly refine and swallow all the blood vitality contained within the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead contained all the bloodline strengths that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had accumulated throughout all the years. After so many years of refinement, if he could absorb the blood vitality inside then this would absolutely be far superior to any heavenly treasure.


The Galaxy Void Furnace emitted a great strength that could burn mountains and boil seas. This strength attacked the Grandmist Spirit Bead. Countless beams of starlight were like innumerable stars that bombarded the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

Not just that, but in the center of the furnace, Lin Ming’s seven orifices, his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, everything began to spout flames.

These flames were a ghostly purple. Although they didn’t seem to contain any heat, this was because the heat of the flames had condensed to the limit and manifested in such a manner.

As these flames appeared, they gave off an alarming feeling as if they could burn down the world and disintegrate all of existence.

Then, Lin Ming lifted his hands together and formed seals. Rainbow-hued thunder appeared, weaving together in the skies like hued beams of sunlight. This was Lin Ming’s power of thunder.

It had already been a long time since Lin Ming used the power of thunder and fire. And after Lin Ming stepped into the True Divinity boundary and withstood a baptism of the Heavenly Dao, then whether it was controlling the source of fire or the source of thunder, he had reached the pinnacle in these aspects.

The Great Dao flames, spirituality of starlight, power of thunder, all of it was like a great grinding pan that spun over the Grandmist Spirit Bead, constantly rolling over it.

This process of refinement continued for an unknown length of time. Finally a crystalline drop of something that resembled a bloodstone fell down from the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

As this thing appeared, raging blood energy followed it. It was like 10,000 demons howled from within, with countless lives roaring out in unison.

As soon as this thing appeared it possessed its own spiritual wisdom. It rose up in the air, assuming the appearance of a three inch tall baby as it tried to escape.

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed, his heart overjoyed. Without a doubt, this was a drop of blood essence condensed from all the blood energy within the Grandmist Spirit Bead as well as Famine’s flesh and blood essence. This drop of blood essence already possessed enough spiritual wisdom upon birth that it could take on the form of a person.

It could be called something that had seized the good fortune of the heavens and earth.

Without giving the baby a chance to escape, Lin Ming’s thoughts moved. With a thought, a net of runes appeared in the void and descended like falling mountains, completely imprisoning the blood vitality of the baby.

After this baby was held by Lin Ming, it suddenly became fierce and vicious. It turned into a demon, roaring with rage as it furiously struggled to escape.

However, Lin Ming blocked off the surrounding void with a force field, completely suppressing it.

As soon as this baby appeared, the purest strength of blood vitality from the Grandmist Spirit Bead began to pour out, gathering with the baby as the center.

Time passed, day after day. The blood energy within the Grandmist Spirit Bead slowly diminished. Finally, the last traces of blood energy were all drawn out by Lin Ming.

In a single breath, Lin Ming swallowed up all of this blood vitality essence.

In that moment he felt as if he had swallowed a sun. Limitless strength bloomed within him like countless sharp blades. Beams of divine light attacked him from within.

Even though Lin Ming was as strong as he was and possessed a nearly invincible body, his flesh still cracked and tore apart.

One could imagine just how strong the essence of blood energy within the Grandmist Spirit Bead had been. If an ordinary True Divinity were to attempt to withstand this, their body would have exploded already.

Lin Ming felt his blood seethe and boil over. His entire figure was shrouded in a chaotic pall of blood energy, making it difficult to see what was happening to him.


Although there was pain, Lin Ming’s expression was like he was drunk on this pain, enjoying it to its fullest!

He suddenly fell to his knees, his eyes shooting into the void like arcs of lighting. Without a doubt, this was the most powerful state his mortal body had ever been in. If he could refine this power, he could rise further in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and also increase his boundary yet again.

At this time, a part of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was still locked away, and humanity’s essence gathering system had been sealed by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

Now Lin Ming would sever these chains. For Lin Ming who had defeated the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and had taken control of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, this wouldn’t be difficult at all.

With a loud roar, countless deafening thunderclaps rolled out from within Lin Ming’s body.

His blood galloped and crashed like great rivers, rumbling and exploding.

Within Lin Ming’s body, a certain place began to turn blazing hot. A mysterious strength started to resonate with some unknown place in the void.

Whorl –

Whorl –

Whorl –

Endless wisps of star brilliance wove through the air. Stars began to appear within the cosmos, scattering inexhaustible starlight through the void.

One of these stars was particularly dazzling, as if it appeared from the darkest void in space.

However, at this time, dark gray divine chains of order began to appear in the infinite void.

These chains were like continuous mountain ranges that sparkled with countless runes. They were like pythons locking in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, attempting to block Lin Ming’s breakthrough.

“You might as well appear together, so you can be severed together!”

Lin Ming waved his hand. The power of divinity and demons erupted and blasted the great vault of the heavens.

A moment later, another set of divine chains of order appeared in the void. These divine chains of order were deep purple, as if they locked in endless fog.

These were the divine chains of order that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had used to seal away humanity’s essence gathering system.

The divine chains that locked away the essence gathering system were clearly far more formidable than those that caged in the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. This was because these divine chains were complete, and also because the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had spent a great deal of time and effort to arrange them.

Seeing these divine chains of order appear, the 20-30 human martial artists present all held their breaths.

In the past, they had all tried several times to attack these divine chains of order. To do this they overdrew they blood vitality, exhausted their strength, and even burnt their blood essence.

But, all of them failed to overcome these chains.

Many times, they were even left heavily wounded.

For the martial artists of humanity, these chains left far too deep an impression.

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