MW Chapter 2208

Chapter 2208 – For the People


Within the enchantment, Lin Ming passed a jade slip to Soaring Feather God King that described the Soul Emperor’s plans.

The truth was that before this, Soaring Feather God King had already heard some clues from the dialog between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. However, as she truly read through the contents of the jade slip, she was shocked speechless.

At this time she would no longer doubt that Lin Ming was making up a story, because with his strength, he could already control the destiny of humanity and even decide the life and death of the entire saint race.

In particular, at some unknown point in the future he would surely step Beyond Divinity and become a peerless powerhouse like the Asura Road Master, perhaps even surpassing him.

If there really wasn’t a powerful potential enemy threatening Lin Ming, then Lin Ming could have already stretched back and waited without worries for the day when he could unify the 33 Heavens as ruler.

“The great war of 10 billion years past, the abyssals are return...

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