MW Chapter 2208

Chapter 2208 – For the People


Within the enchantment, Lin Ming passed a jade slip to Soaring Feather God King that described the Soul Emperor’s plans.

The truth was that before this, Soaring Feather God King had already heard some clues from the dialog between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. However, as she truly read through the contents of the jade slip, she was shocked speechless.

At this time she would no longer doubt that Lin Ming was making up a story, because with his strength, he could already control the destiny of humanity and even decide the life and death of the entire saint race.

In particular, at some unknown point in the future he would surely step Beyond Divinity and become a peerless powerhouse like the Asura Road Master, perhaps even surpassing him.

If there really wasn’t a powerful potential enemy threatening Lin Ming, then Lin Ming could have already stretched back and waited without worries for the day when he could unify the 33 Heavens as ruler.

“The great war of 10 billion years past, the abyssals are returning…”

Soaring Feather slowly digested this information. In the 33 Heavens 10 billion years ago, the primal god race had ruled the world. The primal god race of that era was countless times more powerful than the current combined strength of humanity, saints, and spiritas. Even so, they had to pay a grievous price in order to push back the abyssals.

The current humanity, saints, and spiritas, were races on the decline. If they wanted to resist the abyssal demons, it truly felt like throwing an egg against a boulder.

Lin Ming said, “The Dark Abyss is also far weaker than it was 10 billion years ago. In order to complete his plan, the Demon God’s Tomb Master has killed a massive number of higher abyssals.”

The Demon God’s Tomb Master was far too ruthless and cruel; in order to achieve his goals he was willing to resort to any means.

Soaring Feather’s heart skipped a beat.

“You want me to gather together the saints to join forces with you?”

“Yes! It seems that your relationship with Astral Vault God King isn’t too bad, and the influences below him should obey you. As for the Good Fortune Saint Palace, I have the life of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in my hands so there shouldn’t be anyone that would oppose you. The current you can be called the most powerful character amongst the saints, and also the one with the highest level of authority.”

In terms of strength, Soaring Feather was naturally stronger than Astral Vault was and thus she was the most appropriate candidate for leader.


Soaring Feather took a deep breath. “About the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, what is your plan…?”

Soaring Feather hesitated for a bit as she looked at Lin Ming. Her relationship with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wasn’t good at all, and in the past when he suffered she even celebrated it. This was also the reason why Soaring Feather’s response had been so cold when he asked her to take action in the past.

However, Soaring Feather owed the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign a favor. And, no matter how it was said, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had shown graciousness to her in the past. In addition to them being from the same race, Soaring Feather also felt sad to see Good Fortune fall so low.

She didn’t want to see the saints exterminate humanity, but at the same time she didn’t want to see Lin Ming execute Good Fortune.

“I will not kill the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. But in this upcoming great calamity, I cannot even say I can completely control my own destiny, much less the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s… although I have said I will not kill Good Fortune, that is only in normal circumstances. If he has even the tiniest thought or indication of betraying the 33 Heavens, then I will strike him down without hesitation.”

Soaring Feather was satisfied with Lin Ming’s response.

In truth, if Good Fortune betrayed the 33 Heavens, then regardless of the situation, Soaring Feather would have done everything possible to cooperate with Lin Ming and find ways to kill Good Fortune.

But in the current 33 Heavens, due to the war between humanity and the saints, both races were horrible to look at. The only race that was fully intact was the spiritas, but their situation might be even worse because the Soul Emperor’s body had been seized so long ago.

Only the heavens knew what the current situation of the spiritas was.

Facing this great calamity, Soaring Feather felt a deep powerlessness. The cards in her hand were too weak, so weak that she couldn’t summon any confidence.

“Lin Ming, do you think we can win…?”

Soaring Feather quietly asked, sighing. The reason she asked this question was because of the rising impotence in her heart; she wanted to find some words of comfort from Lin Ming.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Then, he said, “I am not sure whether we can win or not. The future is not set in stone. We martial artists cultivate the body, cultivate the Heavenly Dao, cultivate the divine soul, but in the end, just what are we cultivating for? What are we chasing after? Even I have been left confused by this. For glory? That is only fleeting smoke before the eyes. For strength? I already possess the power to sunder the heavens and shatter the earth, to annihilate stars and the vastness of space. To become immortal? In these years I have also chased after immortality. However, when I was in the Emperor Bone Sea I looked upon the countless pained remnant souls there as well as the 100 billion year plot that the Soul Emperor had laid out for the sake of immortality, and suddenly, at that time I felt that chasing after eternal life was meaningless. For we that practice martial arts, we naturally must fight. But in fact, what we are fighting is the chaos of the world, the time when the catastrophe arrives.

“The extinction of races, lives lost like burning coals, the collapse and destruction of great worlds, this time, the fight has reached the peak. Then, perhaps the peak of martial arts is originally for the common people of the world…”

As Lin Ming finished speaking, Soaring Feather was stunned.

The peak of martial arts was for the common people of the world?

These words sounded too pretentious, too empty, and perhaps even a bit fake.

However, upon thinking about it, no one was able to separate themselves from the common people; this was also true for martial artists.

A race was a person’s roots. Without roots, no matter how towering or lofty a tree, that tree would still wither away and die.

Without one’s race, without the common people, then the so-called everlasting immortality was meaningless.

One would be no different from a remnant soul in the Emperor Bone Sea, facing infinite loneliness and sorrow.

Thus, the peak of martial arts was for all the people in the world, because every martial artist was originally one of these people.

Being for the people of the world, was the same as being for oneself.

In this moment, Soaring Feather seemed to be becoming aware of something.

But then, Lin Ming waved his hand, withdrew the force field and flew away.

“Whether we can win or not, as martial artists we must fight them with all our strength!”

Lin Ming’s final words echoed in Soaring Feather’s ears.

Lin Ming passed through space and appeared in front of the human forces.

As the human martial artists saw Lin Ming fly towards them, they prepared to cheer and celebrate, and even offer up words of congratulations.

But, they never thought that Lin Ming who returned in victory, wouldn’t have any sense of high-spiritedness or joy. Rather, his complexion was calm, even somewhat dignified. This caused the words of congratulations to become stuck in the throats of those about to speak them.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Ming simply said.

Then, he took Xiao Moxian’s hands and flew into Primordius Heavenly Palace, leaving the crowd of human Empyreans and World Kings blankly staring at each other. They didn’t know what Lin Ming was up to. The great mountain that had pressed down on the chest of humanity for almost 10,000 years had finally been removed, and yet Lin Ming’s reaction had been so subdued.

At this time, Sheng Mei also quietly followed behind.

During the battle between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, Sheng Mei had stood on the human side. But, no one had been able to sense her.

The moment that Lin Ming entered Primordius Heavenly Palace, Sheng Mei also appeared like a wisp of blue smoke.

As Xiao Moxian saw Sheng Mei appear, she was left silently astonished. She couldn’t help but admit just how terrifying a character Sheng Mei was. She hadn’t sensed Sheng Mei’s presence and yet she was able to easily conceal herself the entire time. From this, one could infer Sheng Mei’s strength.

“Miss Ji.”

Sheng Mei greeted Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian nodded in response. For a time, she didn’t know what to call Sheng Mei. Whether it was referring to Sheng Mei by her full name or calling her the Soul Empress, neither seemed appropriate.

As the two women faced each other, the atmosphere became a little awkward, even with Lin Ming present.

“Sheng Mei, three days from now I will bring you somewhere.”

Lin Ming’s words were sudden. Sheng Mei was left startled. “Where to?”

“The Asura forbidden zone, Cold Ice Mirror!”

The Cold Ice Mirror was where Lin Ming had first seen the past life of Sheng Mei. When Lin Ming first arrived at the primal god race, he had tried to obtain one of the spots to enter the Asura forbidden zone in order to seek out a method of salvation for humanity.

Afterwards, the primal god race headquarters had been destroyed by the saints. But the Asura forbidden zone was left behind by the Asura Road Master, and the array formations that protected it were extraordinary. With the strength of the saints, it was impossible for them to break through them.

“Cold Ice Mirror?” Sheng Mei asked, puzzled.

“You will know once you get there. There, you might find something about your last life…”

Lin Ming believed that the Cold Ice Mirror contained a wisp of remnant soul from Sheng Mei’s previous life!

This was because when he faced the past life Sheng Mei in the Cold Ice Mirror, she had been no simple phantom formed by an array formation. Rather, she seemed like a remnant soul with intelligence.

Lin Ming also clearly remembered every word and expression that the past life Sheng Mei had said or shown.

“What about you?” Xiao Moxian asked.

“I plan on going into seclusion to open up the eighth Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.”

Of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, seven were bright and two were dark. The gap between the seventh Dao Palace and eighth Dao Palace was also a massive leap, one comparable to a large boundary in cultivation.

Now that Lin Ming had the Grandmist Spirit Bead, he could definitely make a breakthrough!

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