MW Chapter 2207

Chapter 2207– Hold the Overlord



For a time, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign couldn’t understand what Lin Ming meant.

But at this time, Lin Ming attacked; his fist smashed into the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s chest.


With a loud explosion, the already wounded and powerless-to-resist Good Fortune Saint Sovereign simply wasn’t able to withstand Lin Ming’s attack; his chest was smashed in and he vomited out a mouthful of blood.


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was enraged.

But this punch was only the beginning. Lin Ming’s fists fell down onto the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign like a raging storm. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was covered in blood. His meridians tore apart and his golden scales began flying off!

His bones and organs were all shattered by Lin Ming; he could be said to be completely broken.

However, with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s powerful vitality, he didn’t die.

In the surrounding void, many saint race Empyreans and World Kings watched helplessly on as this occurred. All of them were left slack-jawed with shock and indignation, but none of them dared to speak out.

In the face of so many saints, their Saint Sovereign was being horribly beaten up and yet none of them could utter a single word or lift a single finger.

This was the suppression brought about by absolute strength.

There was not a single person that dared rise up against Lin Ming, because in front of him, any single one of them could be instantly killed!

“Your Majesty Saint Sovereign…”

The many martial artists of the Good Fortune Saint Palace felt their hearts quiver. Not too long ago, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had been a living god in their hearts, an unreachable existence that controlled the life and death of all beings beneath him.

Not to mention the ordinary disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace, but even the Empyrean level powerhouses rarely had a chance to see him.

And yet such a Saint Sovereign was being savagely ruined by Lin Ming.

“This should be enough.”

Lin Ming looked down at the mangled Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. After a brief probe, he determined that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had lost all strength to resist, and even a Great World King could freely handle him.

Then, Lin Ming’s hands began to move. Seals flew out from his hands and into the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body.

These seals were fused with the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra Laws; they were a fusion of both Laws.

Their effect was to completely imprison the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s cultivation.

After all, no matter how it was said, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was a powerhouse nearly at the peak of True Divinity. Out of all the races in the entire 33 Heavens, it was hard to find someone that could be a match for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

But now, with the great enemy looming on the horizon, killing the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would be incredibly inappropriate!

This was equal to ripping out the spine of the saints. Without the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, the cohesion and total combat strength of the saints would plummet precipitously.

But letting the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign go was impossible because it was likely that he would turn traitor. If so, it was best to just kill him here and end any troubles before they began.

Thus, Lin Ming decided to make a compromise. He would imprison the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and hold the overlord to control his vassals.

Of course, if he were able to control the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s thoughts and implant a slave seal in him then that would be for the best. But, with Lin Ming’s current level of strength, wanting to forcefully control the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was impossible. As for planting a slave seal in his body, that was even more unrealistic. To allow someone else to control their mind and heart, to completely hand over their life, that was something that not even low level martial artists would submit to, much less the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign who controlled his own race.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign seemed to understand Lin Ming’s thoughts. He looked at Lin Ming with hatred thick in his eyes, like the most sinister and deadly snake, wishing that he could tear Lin Ming to shreds.


Lin Ming coldly snorted. He smashed a fist into the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s face.

Towards this man that had tried to take his life several times before, that had placed him in numerous precarious life or death situations, and had even killed or caused the deaths of numerous heroes of humanity and the ancient races, including Three Lives Old Man, Empyrean Primordius, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, the primal god race’s old Patriarch, and countless others that Lin Ming owed gratitude towards, Lin Ming simply didn’t have a single shred of pity for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign still wanted to show off his strength after falling into his hands, then Lin Ming would simply use a greater strength to roll over him!

“You think that you are still that all-powerful Saint Sovereign? You are nothing but a captive!”

Lin Ming looked at Good Fortune with cold indifference. “In your heart, all lives are to be suppressed by you, humiliated by you, or even swallowed by you. All lives should be honored by this, and even obediently offer themselves up to you. As for those that aren’t willing to be suppressed, humiliated, or swallowed by you, they should be cut to pieces, completely exterminated! This is your mindset, your logic!

“Your logic may be overbearing, but it isn’t wrong. Because if you have the strength, you can control the life and death of all beings! But now, my strength is even greater than yours so you should be honored by me ruining you.”

As Lin Ming spoke he smashed his fist into the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s face. His punch cracked open the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eye sockets and caused him to bleed from his eyes!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign couldn’t even open his eyes anymore. His strength had been completely exhausted and even his wounds regenerated at an agonizingly slow pace.

Lin Ming’s fingers continued to flicker. Light striking sounds echoed in the air.

Lin Ming planted 12 Asura seals in the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body, sealing up his 12 main meridians routes. Then, he formed 11 Holy Scripture seals, sealing up the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s organs.

Following that, the 36 death points, the 360 acupoints, the 36,000 pores, all of them were sealed up by Lin Ming!

These seals contained the highest Laws of Lin Ming’s life studies. Unless Lin Ming personally unsealed them, it would be impossible for anyone else.

Of course, if there was someone stronger than Lin Ming they could still rely on brute force to erase these seals. But even so, they would create calamitous damage to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body.

Lin Ming carefully probed the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. After feeling that everything was about right, he summoned Primordius Heavenly Palace and tossed the half-dead Good Fortune Saint Sovereign inside like a sack.

The truth was that there was also a space within the Grandmist Spirit Bead. But, since Lin Ming had yet to fully refine the Grandmist Spirit Bead he didn’t want to recklessly use it.

Then, Lin Ming turned towards the many saint race martial artists.

A void of 100,000 miles separated them. Lin Ming took a single casual step forwards, instantly utilizing a great void transfer to arrive in front of them.

At this time, a cold chill crept into the hearts of all the saint martial artists.

The pressure that Lin Ming exuded was too great!

They had all personally witnessed the sad and tragic scene of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign being completely suppressed by Lin Ming!

As long as Lin Ming wanted to, he could slaughter them like chickens and dogs.

Moreover, none of them had the courage to escape from Lin Ming’s hands. Perhaps Lin Ming only needed to summon a force field to cage all of them inside this space.

“All of you…” Lin Ming opened his mouth to speak. The saint martial artists all felt their hearts skip a beat. They regretted following the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign here to set up these ‘talks’.

Just what kind of ‘talks’ was this? This was simply a grand slaughter festival!

“Most of you have hands stained with the blood of my people!”

Lin Ming’s first few words caused the many saint martial artists to feel a cold chill creep up their backs. It was over! They were all done for! It was time for all debts to be settled!

Lin Ming simply didn’t care about the ugly expressions of these saint martial artists. “Because of you, humanity has suffered countless casualties. They have been forced to leave their homelands to roam through the wilderness!

“How many families have been broken up? How many children have starved to death? How many people, because of this war, don’t even have their bones left behind? There have been many humans born in the chaos of war, born in the wilderness, that have never been able to see their homeland even before their deaths!

“If I were to kill any one of you, it would be perfectly justified!”

As Lin Ming spoke to here, the saint martial artists all held their breath. Many of them felt a cold sweat dripping down their backs and their minds tremble.

“However… I will not kill you all. First, it is because I once swore an oath that I would withdraw from the war between humanity and the saints, only dealing with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign alone! Secondly, and most important, the reason I do not kill you is because I do not want humanity nor any other race of the 33 Heavens to experience the chaos and turbulence of war. I do not want lives to be wasted away like coal in the flames…

“Life, is innocent. Even amongst the saints, there are naïve little children, there are kind-hearted subjects. This war was never their intention.”

As Lin Ming spoke to here, he suddenly looked towards Soaring Feather God King.

“Soaring Feather!”

Soaring Feather’s thoughts stirred. On this day, Lin Ming had become the ruler of the 33 Heavens. With his status he could give orders to any person here!

Looking at her master being called out by her name by Lin Ming, Fairy Blue Lotus felt her heart tighten. She looked at Lin Ming with complex light in her eyes.

After 2000 years, Lin Ming now stood at a completely incomprehensible height.

Now, she and Lin Ming could be said to exist in two different worlds. She was only worried for her master. She wondered why Lin Ming had called out to Soaring Feather at this time.

“You follow me!”

Lin Ming’s tone brooked no refusal. With a wave of his hand, a force field isolated out the world.

Soaring Feather hesitated for a moment and then stepped into Lin Ming’s force field.

She had already faintly guessed just what Lin Ming was going to say to her.

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