MW Chapter 2206

Chapter 2206– Defeating Good Fortune


“This is… what is happening?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign began to panic. He wanted to recall the Grandmist Spirit Bead, but at this time he felt a strange strength cover it.

As Lin Ming hurtled towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign he used the world strength of the Emperor Bone Sea to block off the Grandmist Spirit Bead. Although he couldn’t seal it away forever, as long as he could delay it for even a tenth of a blink of an eye, that was more than enough time.

Lin Ming attacked.

His true self appeared. Grasping the Black Dragon Spear, he shot towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. As for Lin Ming’s demon avatar, he also thrust out the demon spine in his hands!

The two forces gathered together. A giant Asura wheel appeared in the air, creaking and humming as it spun.

At this moment, the Asura wheel seemed to become the heavens.

At the same time a seven revolution red lotus shot out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows. The red lotus bloomed and overflowed with the Life and Death Laws!

In this moment, the seven revolution red lotus was like the earth.

The Asura wheel and seven revolution red lotus unexpectedly fused together as one.

The Asura Heavenly Dao and Holy Scripture Laws had undergone a preliminary fusion; this was the result of the highest comprehension of Laws that Lin Ming had achieved in his 1500 years in the Demon God’s Tomb.

These two strengths were infused with all of Lin Ming’s power of divinity and demons as it all came hurtling towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was shocked. At this time the Grandmist Spirit Bead was temporarily blocked off by Lin Ming. Without the Spirit Bead, he could only resist his enemy with his two fists!

In this critical life or death moment, he bit down on the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence. With a loud roar, this blood essence began to burn with blinding brilliance, erupting like a great rising sun. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign revolved his energy to its limits and punched out with both fists!


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s left and right hands roared out like two flying divine dragons, smashing into Lin Ming’s two great Laws.

This was a frontal collision between peak True Divinity powerhouses!

It was like two suns crashing into each other. Wild astral essence and the power of divinity and demons erupted. Golden light shot out into the void, illuminating the entirety of space!

100,000 miles away, the energy barriers laid down by the saints and humans began to wildly shake. Cracks began to form from the impact of energy. Everyone covered their eyes, feeling blinded from the light!

Whether it was the saints or humans, every martial artist was left speechless. Not to mention the younger generation, but even upper Empyreans, peak Empyreans, Emperor Shakya, Soaring Feather, and everyone else, was utterly dumbfounded by this battle between peak True Divinity level powerhouses.

This didn’t seem like strength that a person should possess, but the might of the universe itself. Perhaps only a giant star exploding in a supernova could emit such power.

Waves of light swept out; it was hard for anyone’s sense to pass through it.

“Lin Ming won?”

The human martial artists glanced at each other. In that final moment, it should have been Lin Ming who had the upper hand.

At the end, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had actually burnt his blood essence. Not only did he use the Grandmist Spirit Bead but he was also forced to burn his blood essence afterwards. It was clear from this just how terrifying Lin Ming’s strength was, to the degree where a person who nearly reached the peak of True Divinity had to go all-out in order to deal with him.

The light continued shining out for dozens of breaths of time before gradually fading away. Then, people could finally find out just what happened on the battlefield 100,000 miles away.

As they saw the scene appear, the faces of many saint martial artists turned pale white.

On the battlefield, space for 10,000 miles had completely collapsed, forming a giant black hole. All of the nearby martial artists had been disintegrated into dust and as for their king, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, his entire body was left covered in blood.

His wounds were extremely heavy and golden scales were broken all over his body. His bones were shattered in numerous places and he was covered in rags, looking like a corpse that floated in the void.

Not too far away from him, Lin Ming had already returned to his human form. His severely wounded demon avatar had stepped back into his inner world.

As a result, besides a pale expression, Lin Ming appeared completely unscathed on the outside.

They had already expected that Lin Ming would win in that final exchange. After all, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had to hastily defend, and even though he had burned his blood essence he might not have been able to fend off Lin Ming’s attack where he had gathered all his potential.

But they didn’t think the disparity would be so great.

This was simply a complete victory!

At this time, Lin Ming had taken hold of the Grandmist Spirit Bead and was slowly erasing the spirit mark within it.

When the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was in his weakest moment was the best opportunity to erase his spirit mark.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead was something Lin Ming had wanted to obtain for a long time.

In fact, for Lin Ming, of the three great divine tools, the Grandmist Spirit Bead and Origin Amethyst Crystal were the most practical. Those two divine tools could directly increase his strength, since he mainly dual cultivated in the body and energy, and cultivated the soul as an auxiliary third.


Although the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was heavily wounded by Lin Ming, the moment that Lin Ming started to erase his spirit mark in the Grandmist Spirit Bead, he quickly felt it and regained consciousness.

He looked up, his eyes filled with murder as he glared at Lin Ming.

This was the greatest defeat in his life! And also the greatest shame!

In front of innumerable masters from the 33 Heavens, he had been utterly defeated by Lin Ming, a mere 10,000 year old junior! He had even used every possible method at his disposal.

Not only that but he had been beaten down like a dead dog and even the Grandmist Spirit Bead had been taken away!

All the effort he had put in for so many years had failed.

Lin Ming’s soul force was far greater than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s and his strength was also superior. And, with the Grandmist Spirit Bead not possessing an artifact spirit, Lin Ming started to slowly refine it.

To the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, this was no different than cutting off a chunk of his flesh. He wished he could tear Lin Ming to shreds!

Lin Ming could clearly feel the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s hatred and pure animosity towards him. But this was also reasonable. After all, to be beaten up into such an appearance and also have his treasure taken away, how could he not hate?

“I know that it doesn’t feel good to have your spirit mark erased by me… but this is a result you cannot change. If you don’t want your soul to be injured then I advise you to remove the spirit mark on your own initiative.”

Lin Ming’s words grated on the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s ears.

He was a supreme ruler of the world, and yet he was being humiliated like this. Not only had he been defeated, but he even had to remove his own spirit mark to give his enemy his treasure.

How could there be such truths in the world!

However, even if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign stubbornly resisted and refused to comply, he would merely be extending his own pain and damage to his soul. Lin Ming would simply expend a little more time and energy, and in the end the Grandmist Spirit Bead would belong to him anyways.

This was the suppression of absolute strength.

This was suppression, this was shame, but this was a situation where he could not fight back!

If he complied then his dignity would fall through the floor. But if he resisted, he would only be giving himself an even greater pain.

In the world of martial artists, strength was everything!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign grit his teeth, adamantly refusing to respond to Lin Ming. His eyes were blood red, as if he wanted to swallow Lin Ming alive.

Lin Ming looked at the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s glare. His movements slowed down and a thoughtful look appeared on his features.

“Lin Ming, do you really plan on taking away the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s Grandmist Spirit Bead and avatar of Famine, and then after releasing the destiny of humanity, you will simply let loose this tiger to create trouble in the future?”

At this time, Sheng Mei’s voice echoed in Lin Ming’s ears.

“That was the original plan, but now I think my thoughts were too naïve…”

Lin Ming was also considering this.

Without a doubt, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign hated him to his marrow. Even if he released the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and allowed him to live, would he feel any sense of gratitude?

Perhaps the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would hide away to gather his strength, waiting for a day to stab him in the back!

The abyssal demons were natural enemies to the 33 Heavens. But, while the Soul Emperor wanted to swallow up the 33 Heavens, what if he didn’t exterminate all the races at once, but instead left some that he would allow to surrender instead?

When the Soul Emperor revealed his irresistible strength, there might be some races willing to degenerate into servants for the abyssals.

At that time, no one could tell whether or not the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would turn traitor.

His contradictions with the Soul Emperor were in truth not completely irreconcilable.

If he were to submit himself to the Soul Emperor, then the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign knew he would face a potential fate where he might be tossed away in the future, no different from a dog that had outlived its usefulness.

But, wasn’t this slightly better than joining forces to resist the Soul Emperor?

It might be!

In the eyes of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, even if he joined forces with Lin Ming to resist the Soul Emperor, the likelihood of defeat was still extremely high.

And even if he won, his strength was still inferior to Lin Ming’s; he would still worry about being eliminated.

Then, in this difficult dilemma with two hard choices to choose from, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign might switch sides and ally with the Soul Emperor to deal with Lin Ming. At the very least, since the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign hated Lin Ming so much, he might take this chance to kill him and soothe his thoughts and ego.

Moreover, what if the Soul Emperor truly took in the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and allowed him to become one of his minions?

Although the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign might have a master perching on top of his head, for better or worse, with his level of strength he could still take charge of several universes and continue his days of ruling over the life and death of others.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming hesitated. He originally hoped to join forces with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to fight back against the Dark Abyss; this seemed like the most reasonable outcome.

But once both sides had uneven levels of strength, and he was also stronger than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, then a subtle change would occur.

Lin Ming didn’t want to place his future destiny in the hands of others. To him, Ouyang Boyan had been enough of a lesson. In the future if he were to go into seclusion or go out seeking more lucky chances, or if the war were to carry on, what if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign decided to take action against his family and friends?

The consequences would be unimaginable.

Realizing this, Lin Ming gently rubbed his chin. He looked at the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and suddenly grinned. “My apologies, but after further consideration, I have changed my mind.”


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