MW Chapter 2204

Chapter 2204– Suppressing Good Fortune

Rumble rumble rumble!

Raging energy swept out without end. 100,000 miles away, whether it was the energy barriers created by the joint efforts of the human Empyreans or saint Empyreans, it seemed as if they would all break apart!

Seeing this, the complexions of many martial artists changed. If these energy barriers were to shatter then the Good Fortune Divine Art would wash over them, and the Empyreans with weaker cultivations would have their life force directly sucked away and be killed!

At this moment, in the turbulent flows of energy, a giant Asura phantom appeared. This Asura pushed a wheel-like grinding pan in its hands, slowly suppressed the raging power of good fortune between the heavens and earth.

The Asura Sutra and Good Fortune Divine Art were both cultivation methods that cultivated the world of the universe. But in terms of rank, the Asura Sutra was clearly much better.

The two supernatural powers clashed. A sun seemed to rise up between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, illuminating the vastness of space!

This was a battle between...

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