MW Chapter 2204

Chapter 2204– Suppressing Good Fortune

Rumble rumble rumble!

Raging energy swept out without end. 100,000 miles away, whether it was the energy barriers created by the joint efforts of the human Empyreans or saint Empyreans, it seemed as if they would all break apart!

Seeing this, the complexions of many martial artists changed. If these energy barriers were to shatter then the Good Fortune Divine Art would wash over them, and the Empyreans with weaker cultivations would have their life force directly sucked away and be killed!

At this moment, in the turbulent flows of energy, a giant Asura phantom appeared. This Asura pushed a wheel-like grinding pan in its hands, slowly suppressed the raging power of good fortune between the heavens and earth.

The Asura Sutra and Good Fortune Divine Art were both cultivation methods that cultivated the world of the universe. But in terms of rank, the Asura Sutra was clearly much better.

The two supernatural powers clashed. A sun seemed to rise up between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, illuminating the vastness of space!

This was a battle between top True Divinities. If this were a lower realm world like the Sky Spill Planet, then just the shockwaves produced from this fight would have directly disintegrated the planet!

Energy surged. Divine flames burned to the heavens. Within the tyrannical energy, Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were like two meteors flying through space, repeatedly crashing into each other!

After revolving the Good Fortune Divine Art, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body seemed to be forged from gold, like a deadly war god come to life.

But Lin Ming was fighting with his true self and demon avatar. Sometimes they joined together, sometimes they separated; their attack styles were endless!

A fist to break the mountains and rivers!

After revolving the Good Fortune Divine Art and being flooded with the power of good fortune, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s combat strength had risen to a new level. Astral essence gushed out of him like a sea without end!

Fist after fist, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign punched out tens of thousands of times, each fist stirring up a space storm that could sweep through the 33 Heavens and hurtle towards Lin Ming!

These tens of thousands of fist strikes blocked off all of Lin Ming’s directions to evade in. They smashed down together into a single point, able to crush anyone to paste.

Such fist speed, such a terrifying energy output, this was already a realm that the martial artists watching were unable to comprehend!

“You want to compare attack speed?”

Seeing these attacks that covered the skies, Lin Ming coldly sneered. He shook his right hand and the Black Dragon Spear’s point began to violently shiver as innumerable spear shadows appeared!

Then, Lin Ming grasped his spear in both hands and rapidly thrust out – flowers in a storm!

The originally shaking spear shadows and the tens of thousands of thrusts that Lin Ming just stabbed out actually formed a net of attacks that was even more dense than that of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s!

If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s attack was comparable to landslides and tsunamis, then Lin Ming’s attack was like a howling planet!

To compete against speed with speed, the attacks recklessly collided.

These fast and violent strikes contained enough energy that even an ordinary True Divinity would have to exhaust all their strength in just a few short breaths of time!


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was forced back. He exploded into a roar. The Good Fortune Divine Art condensed to its limit. All of his fist potential gathered into a single point and then wildly erupted!

This fist was similar to Lin Ming’s Celestial Tyrant Manual’s Hundred Layered Waves. By gathered the strength of all these fist strikes together, he could punch out with his strongest blow!


Lin Ming roared into the air. Behind him, his demon avatar held a thick evil demon spine that he brought pounding downwards!

This was a demon spine found within the Demon God’s Tomb. It was left behind by an ancient Beyond Divinity demon, and was used to stabilize the array eye of the array formation. It was an ominous and unlucky object that shouldn’t have been brought out from the Demon God’s Tomb.

But Lin Ming had taken a liking to the power of this demon bone; it was simply far too perfect a weapon for his demon avatar. Thus, after reaching True Divinity and going into seclusion, he spent a considerable amount of time to use the world strength of the Emperor Bone Sea to wash the demon bone and constantly erase the demon mark in it. Finally, he used his demon avatar to refine this spine, turning it into its own true weapon!

At this time, as this evil bone appeared, it brought with it the cruel and horrifying world power of the Demon God’s Tomb. This evil bone had been soaked in blood for 100 billion years. As it appeared in the 33 Heavens, 10 thousand demons seemed to roar out, their cries unstoppable!


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s gathered fist potential collided with the demon bone and completely shattered!

In the heaven-shaking flows of energy, Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear and used flowers in the storm once more!

Spear light recklessly shot outwards. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s pupils shrank and he was forced back again and again.

Seeing that he could no longer evade, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign bit down on the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. He stimulated his protective astral essence to the peak, wanting to forcefully resist Lin Ming’s strike!


A dreadful collision rang through the air. Even though the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was defending with all his might, he still couldn’t completely block Lin Ming’s spear lights.

Several spear lights eventually pierced through the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s protective astral essence. After making it through the cracks, they drilled into the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body!

These spear lights were filled with energy from the Laws of Life and Death. Upon entering the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body, they wildly rampaged around, destroying anything they could!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign coughed as blood vitality tumbled within him. A wisp of blood flowed out from the corners of his lips.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had been injured!

From the moment the battle began until now, this was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s first injury!

It had already been a long time since the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had been wounded. And, the last time he wounded was also related to Lin Ming – it was when he was chasing after the primal god race and trying to destroy them.

But when he was wounded that time, it was due to the Asura Decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master. Just what sort of character was the Asura Road Master? He could be called the greatest powerhouse to exist in the vast history of the 33 Heavens. To be wounded by the Asura Decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master was an acceptable result, but now he was wounded by the hands of Lin Ming, a junior. To be wounded by such a person left the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wallowing in shame!

At this time, the saint race martial artists had all fallen silent.

Not only could Lin Ming directly face-off against the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, but he had also wounded the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

Such strength was undoubtedly a heavy slap on every single one of their ears. At this time, with reality laid out before them, they could no longer delude themselves and say that Lin Ming was only being overly arrogant and bluffing about his strength!

Soaring Feather and Astral Vault watched Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fight each other, and they were deeply shocked by what they saw. As True Divinities, they were acutely aware of the terrifying heights of strength that Good Fortune and Lin Ming had reached!

“Lin Ming is too terrifying. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before he takes the step Beyond Divinity.”

Astral Vault God King said, fear lingering in his heart. He was glad that he didn’t tear apart all consideration for face with Lin Ming in the past. When he rushed into the wild universe to demand his disciples back, he hadn’t tried to kill Lin Ming due to the presence of Divine Dream. If he had tried to recklessly kill Lin Ming’s people at that time, then he might have been a dead man standing right now.

“Indeed…” Soaring Feather God King nodded as she took a deep breath.

And beside Soaring Feather, Fairy Blue Lotus also had a complex look on her face. She had long since been at a loss for words.

When a martial artist reached the True Divinity realm, wanting to jump ranks to fight became increasingly difficult. This was because there were no mediocre individuals that were capable of reaching True Divinity.

And the current Good Fortune Saint Sovereign should be near or even at the peak of True Divinity. Yet, he had been wounded by Lin Ming, a lower True Divinity. If he were to wait for Lin Ming to step into the peak of True Divinity, then just what realms would his strength reach? It was hard to imagine!

In the raging flow of energy, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign roared into the heavens with rage. His eyes overflowed with killing intent as they locked onto Lin Ming. He slowly and clearly said, “I will exhaust your blood, sever your life!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign bellowed. He raised a hand and then fiercely dug into his own chest!


Blood flowed out from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s chest.

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank – he already knew what the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was planning to do.

This was a scene he had already expected, but even though he knew it was coming it was impossible for him to stop it – he could only face it as it came.

“I never imagined that I would have to actually use this move against a mere 10,000 year old junior!”

From the flesh and blood of his own heart, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign dug out a bead the size of a baby’s fist!

This bead was pitch black, as dark as ink, with faint blood-like lines running over its body.

This was the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

The moment the Grandmist Spirit Bead appeared, the void for the surrounding 100,000 miles was covered in a thick black light. This black light was similar to the primal chaos energy from the formation of the universe. As it appeared, the many saint martial artists and human martial artists felt their blood slow down and found even taking a single breath fraught with difficulty.

“Grandmist Spirit Bead!”

“The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign has finally brought forth the Grandmist Spirit Bead!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign originally didn’t want to use the Grandmist Spirit Bead. After all, in the face of many powerhouses from the 33 Heavens, he actually had to bring out a divine tool to deal with a junior; this was far too humiliating.

Yet now he had no choice but to use the Grandmist Spirit Bead. If he didn’t he would sooner or later be defeated by Lin Ming!

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