MW Chapter 2203

Chapter 2203– The Strength of Good Fortune

Within the void, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign narrowed his eyes and looked at the distant Lin Ming.

After a single exchange, the strength that Lin Ming revealed had left him immensely shocked. He thought he hadn’t looked down on the abilities of this young man before him, but now he discovered that he had still underestimated him!

“You’ve really left me surprised. In 2000 years, just what sort of fortuitous encounter did you find?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign said as he took out a shining gold pair of gloves from his spatial ring.

Pa! Pa!

With two light sounds, these gloves slipped onto his hands.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had many True Divinity spirit treasures and could use all 18 variations of weapons. But, what he was most familiar with were fists.

With a single punch, mountains and rivers shattered – a fist to rule the world!

Originally, when facing Lin Ming, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign hadn’t used his own spirit treasure or weapon to fight. And in fact he hadn’t used his weapon for a long, long time.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign believed that with his protective astral essence and his body transformation...

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