MW Chapter 2203

Chapter 2203– The Strength of Good Fortune

Within the void, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign narrowed his eyes and looked at the distant Lin Ming.

After a single exchange, the strength that Lin Ming revealed had left him immensely shocked. He thought he hadn’t looked down on the abilities of this young man before him, but now he discovered that he had still underestimated him!

“You’ve really left me surprised. In 2000 years, just what sort of fortuitous encounter did you find?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign said as he took out a shining gold pair of gloves from his spatial ring.

Pa! Pa!

With two light sounds, these gloves slipped onto his hands.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had many True Divinity spirit treasures and could use all 18 variations of weapons. But, what he was most familiar with were fists.

With a single punch, mountains and rivers shattered – a fist to rule the world!

Originally, when facing Lin Ming, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign hadn’t used his own spirit treasure or weapon to fight. And in fact he hadn’t used his weapon for a long, long time.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign believed that with his protective astral essence and his body transformation technique that had been cultivated to the limit, there was no one in the 33 Heavens capable of wounding his mortal body. Even though he feared the Soul Emperor, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign believed that the Soul Emperor would only be able to severely wound him with soul attacks.

And in reality, with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign having tempered himself to such a degree, his mortal body had become much stronger than most True Divinity spirit treasures.

Even if he didn’t use astral essence he still possessed an indestructible body. But today, Lin Ming’s spear strike had directly crumbled the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s confidence!

“I underestimated you before. I will acknowledge that you have the qualifications to make me go all-out!”

As the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign spoke, explosive crackling sounds emitted from his joints!

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Thunderclaps rang out from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body. His figure began to grow and his muscles bulged out. Golden scales started emerging from his face and arms.


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s robes were torn off his body, revealing an upper body that seemed carved from steel and covered with golden scales.

These scales were like dragon scales. Just by taking a single one off it could be refined as a top weapon, capable of piercing through a True Divinity’s defenses.

“That is His Majesty Saint Sovereign’s body metamorphosis!”

A saint Empyrean said, excitement thick in his voice.

And it was no wonder that they were excited. In the universe of the 33 Heavens, there were few people capable of forcing the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to use his true strength. Thus, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign hadn’t used his body metamorphosis for at least 100 million years.

In fact, most saint martial artists had no idea that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign possessed the body metamorphosis ability.

“Hahaha! This is His Majesty Saint Sovereign’s strongest fighting state!”

“His Majesty Saint Sovereign is part of the great astral sun bloodline! Once he activates his body metamorphosis, his combat strength will multiply! His appearance will also become tyrannical and fierce, just like a gold dragon, invincible amongst the heavens and earth!”

Many saint Empyreans knew that Lin Ming hadn’t used his full strength in his strike just then and had only been probing. But, they also didn’t want to believe this and didn’t want to admit that Lin Ming was equal to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

They believed that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was undefeatable within the 33 Heavens. Even if there was someone capable of standing on equal ground with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, that person could only be the Soul Emperor, and not some mere 10,000 year old junior like Lin Ming.

After changing his body, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had become 10 feet tall and his aura had become that much more horrifying, nearly unbearable.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign emitted the roar of a dragon from deep in his body. Then, he smashed out his fist at Lin Ming. At this time he was truly like a gold dragon in the form of a man, his momentum overwhelmingly vast.

One fist to rule the universe!

In that moment, everyone’s field of vision seemed to be blocked, as if endless mountains and rivers were coming crashing down!

These were mountains and rivers formed by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s fist!

This strike was aimed at Lin Ming. But even the human and saint race powerhouses standing 100,000 miles away also felt as if they were facing this strike.

A formidable suppressive feeling pushed down on them, making it feel as if their backs would break!

“A fist turned into mountains and rivers, just what sort of fist technique is this!?”

Not only were the human martial artists panic-stricken, but many saint martial artists were also shocked. They had never seen this fist style of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign before.

In truth, most of them didn’t know what techniques or hidden cards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign possessed, because they never had the chance to see the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign fight.

A terrifying pressure seemed as if it would crush everything to pieces.

Because the void couldn’t withstand the pressure, massive tracts of space began to crack apart and disintegrate. Space storms wildly swept out through tens of thousands of miles. This was absolute strength, one that was impossible to match up to!

In terms of mortal bodily strength alone, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had truly reached the peak of the 33 Heavens!

Lin Ming stood at the epicenter of this massive pressure, facing those terrifying mountains and rivers that came crashing down on him!

Then, Lin Ming’s mortal body also began to change.

The blood of Asura began to burn in his body. Lin Ming’s body started to rise up. Bone armor and scales spread out over his body and his looks became far more fierce and demonic!

Two scythe-like bone spikes jutted out from his elbows. A thick tail drilled out from his back, chaotically weaving about like a python!

In just several blinks of an eye, Lin Ming had risen to a few dozen feet in height, like a great tower of black iron. Compared to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign that was only ten feet tall, the difference was like that of an adult and child. Not just that, but the muscles on Lin Ming’s body began to wildly grow, as black as night, a transformation that was several times more exaggerated than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s!

This figure was incredibly hideous and fierce, like a demonic rakshasa that crawled up from the depths of hell!

“This is!?!?”

Let alone the saints, even the human martial artists were left dumbfounded.

This was Lin Ming!?

Emperor Shakya, Vast Universe, and everyone else stared on with eyes wider than full moons. They weren’t surprised by Lin Ming’s body metamorphosis. In the past, Lin Ming was able to galvanize the power of his Asura blood to undergo the Asura body metamorphosis.

But compared to this current body metamorphosis, the previous body metamorphosis could be called simply putting on some make up. This time, Lin Ming had body metamorphosized into an abyssal!

Compared to such an exaggerated shape, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s previously domineering body metamorphosis now seemed gentle.


The vast mountains and rivers crashed onto the demon Lin Ming’s body. But, the demon Lin Ming didn’t dodge at all. He bent his knees and used his terrifying strength to stiffly shoulder those mountains and rivers!

The demon Lin Ming’s muscles ballooned and blue veins stuck out all over him like worms.

This was like the scene from ancient mythology, a demon carrying a divine mountain on its back!

In terms of body transformation, the saints indeed existed at the peak. However, what existed at an even higher peak than the saints were the abyssals!

To use absolute strength to overwhelm all!

The demon Lin Ming forcefully withstood the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s attack. At this time, everyone felt light flash before them as a divine beam of light broke through the chaos and howled towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign like a meteor!

At the center of this divine beam of light was Lin Ming’s true self!

Lin Ming had summoned his demon avatar to resist the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s ‘one fist to rule the universe’ attack. Then, he used his true self to attack the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was shocked. He couldn’t be bothered with trying to figure out how Lin Ming had accomplished this, because he had just used his strength and it would take time to gather himself again.

Good Fortune Divine Art!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign shouted out loud. Astral essence swirled around his body, as if gold were pouring out all over him. In an instant, a massive vortex of energy rose up in the universe with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign at its center.

The Good Fortune Divine Art wrested away the strength of good fortune from the world. And, this so-called good fortune was the sum total of all things in the world besides sentient beings.

In this way, the Good Fortune Divine Art was a training method where one cultivated the outer universe, just like the Asura Sutra. However, it was much more cruel, tyrannical, and evil than the Asura Sutra.

The Asura Sutra cultivated the world of the universe to thoroughly commune with the body. But, the Good Fortune Divine Art forcefully seized the power of the outer universe for one’s own use.

The energy vortex wildly grew. The strength of the universe in a surrounding trillion miles was all plundered by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

Several hundred million miles away, there was a planet that brimmed over with life. But because of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s strength, this planet began to lose all of its vitality.

Grass wilted and old trees withered. Rivers and lakes dried up and even the great seas began to quickly evaporate. Birds and beasts fled in all directions, crying out in fear and horror. But in the end, they all exploded into a mass of blood red fog that was turned into pure essence energy and sucked into the energy vortex.

Like this, a planet full of life was ruined.

Not only planets with life, but even suns and moons and all other celestial bodies had their energies swallowed up by the Good Fortune Divine Art, their light gradually becoming dark.

Even the interstellar space dust, heat, light, everything was drawn in by the Good Fortune Divine Art.

And all of this strength was absorbed by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. What rose in correspondence to all that loss of life was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s strength!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyes became red and bloodthirsty, his face ugly and malevolent.

Facing the irresistible strike of Lin Ming’s true self, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign released a thunderous roar and then punched out both his fists!


It was like two stars colliding. A crazy amount of the power of good fortune swept through the world. Energy erupted like countless volcanoes, stirring everything into turbulent chaos!

The Black Dragon Spear’s spear light disintegrated. Beneath this terrifying strike, Lin Ming’s figure disappeared.

“Lin Ming!”

On the human side, many people cried out in alarm. Xiao Moxian was extremely anxious; her palms began to stream with sweat.

The Good Fortune Divine Art was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s strongest cultivation method. The Good Fortune Saint Son had also used it in the past, however, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s Good Fortune Divine Art was countless times more powerful.

She didn’t know whether or not Lin Ming had been able to resist that strike.

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