MW Chapter 2202

Chapter 2202 – Battle of True Divinities


The moment Lin Ming picked up the Black Dragon Spear, the table and all the chairs around him exploded, turning into dust!

Killing intent recklessly surged outwards. Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, two peerless masters, stood in sharp contention to each other!

For powerhouses on their level, in the world of the 33 Heavens just their auras alone were able to shatter space.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s clothes flapped in the wind. A sneer hung on his face. At this moment from within his body, a sound rose up, as if a dragon was howling into the heavens. This howl deafened the ears and impacted through the vastness of space, causing the world to lose its color and storms to stir up. Behind the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, a 10,000 foot high phantom of a spiritual god appeared.

This phantom grasped a lance in hand, its appearance like a towering mountain. Its eyes were like two blazing suns that illuminated the world as it looked down upon everyone with cold disdain.


A series of stuffy coughs spread throughout the audience. The human and saint race World Kings were simply unable to look straight at this spiritual...

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