MW Chapter 2202

Chapter 2202 – Battle of True Divinities


The moment Lin Ming picked up the Black Dragon Spear, the table and all the chairs around him exploded, turning into dust!

Killing intent recklessly surged outwards. Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, two peerless masters, stood in sharp contention to each other!

For powerhouses on their level, in the world of the 33 Heavens just their auras alone were able to shatter space.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s clothes flapped in the wind. A sneer hung on his face. At this moment from within his body, a sound rose up, as if a dragon was howling into the heavens. This howl deafened the ears and impacted through the vastness of space, causing the world to lose its color and storms to stir up. Behind the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, a 10,000 foot high phantom of a spiritual god appeared.

This phantom grasped a lance in hand, its appearance like a towering mountain. Its eyes were like two blazing suns that illuminated the world as it looked down upon everyone with cold disdain.


A series of stuffy coughs spread throughout the audience. The human and saint race World Kings were simply unable to look straight at this spiritual god phantom. Just from a single glance, they felt their bodies shake as if they had been struck by a hammer and were nearly forced to their knees.

Even the many Empyreans present felt a tremendous pressure as they faced this spiritual god phantom, as if a mountain were being pressed down upon them. The force nearly made them fall to their knees in worship, unable to withstand the excruciating pressure.

“You… you have decided to fight me?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign looked at Lin Ming, his tone filled with arrogant contempt.

At this time, with the spiritual god phantom behind him, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign seemed like a true living god; no one could defy him!

“Saint Sovereign immortal, 10,000 lives immortal!”

On the side of the saints, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s followers began to cry out.

“Those who dare affront His Majesty’s dignity – death!”

Many saint Empyreans were stirred into a frenzy as the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign revealed his strength!

This was the might of their ruler. Moreover, none of them wished to engage in these meaningless negotiations to begin with. What they wanted to do was watch the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign roll over Lin Ming and suppress him, and then the saints could rush forwards in droves to rip apart the human forces so that not a single one of them was left alive!

On the human side, as Emperor Shakya, Dark Demon Monarch, and the others saw this scene occur, all of them had dignified expressions. Xiao Moxian clenched her fists, her heart filled with worry for Lin Ming.

They all knew that Lin Ming wouldn’t be unreasonable with his decisions, but even though they knew this they still felt anxious. After all, Lin Ming was facing the most powerful Sovereign of the saints!

For humanity, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s infamy and influence had been gathered over far too long a time, and had become impossibly heavy. In fact, in the hearts of many human martial artists, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had become a god-like existence in the 33 Heavens.

This was an existence that could swallow the destiny of humanity and reverse the Heavenly Dao – if this wasn’t the methods of a spiritual god, what was?

This was a decisive battle that concerned the fate of humanity, so how could they not be worried? And now, this was especially true with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign exposing his strength, making it so the leaders of humanity couldn’t even bear to look towards him.

Time came to a standstill. Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were only several dozen feet away from each other. Due to the fierce pressure they exuded, the planet beneath them began to quiver. Cracks appeared in the earth, as if the world below them would soon disintegrate!

Lin Ming looked up at the spiritual god phantom behind the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. “It looks like we have now entered a life or death battle. If I lose then you will surely take my life. If so, then if I win, it’s impossible for you not to pay a price. I will take away your Grandmist Spirit Bead, seize your avatar of Famine and then liberate the destiny of humanity that you stole!”

In the chaos all around him, Lin Ming’s voice was like a rolling thunderclap that spread out for 10,000 miles in the void.

All of the saint martial artists were stunned as they heard this. This Lin Ming was crazy!

In this situation he was still so arrogant! Those three things he listed were all the most important treasures to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

The Grandmist Spirit Bead and avatar of Famine didn’t need an explanation – they were the reason why the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was able to cultivate to his present level. As for humanity’s destiny, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had gone into seclusion for 2000 years in order to swallow those Laws and integrate them into the avatar of Famine and further his own cultivation. If Lin Ming were to take that away, it would be the same as wasting 2000 years of time.

Without a doubt, these three things that Lin Ming mentioned each touched upon the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s reverse scale!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign cackled in anger. His long hair danced in the air and his eyes overflowed with killing intent.

“Good! Good! Good!” The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign said. “You desire my Grandmist Spirit Bead but I also desire the secrets on your body! You rose like a star, and in a mere 10,000 years managed to step into True Divinity! How could you not have secrets on your body? Today, I will tear you apart piece by piece and find out just what you are hiding!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s hair flew up. His body was tall and prominent and his eyes shined. He was like a naturally superior being, an innate sense of suppression gushing out from him.

“Any more words are meaningless. Let us compare our strengths. This will be my first battle since I stepped into True Divinity. I have been waiting for this for a long time!”

Lin Ming’s figure flashed and flew up from the pavilion. He stood above a vast expanse of mountains and rivers on the small planet.

As he looked at the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, his gaze sharpened.


Lin Ming flourished his spear. Time seemed to freeze. Everyone only saw a 10,000 foot beam of divine light cover their eyes, blinding them to what happened. Then, in the next moment, an earth-shattering roar deafened the ears!

Wild energy howled in all directions. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign also punched out his fist at this moment!

His fist was wrapped in divine light. Golden energy gathered around the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s body, turning into astral essence war armor.

This fist could shatter the starry skies.

Fist light and spear light collided.

The pavilion on the small planet, the earth, the plants, everything began to disintegrate. Mountains and rivers began to break apart and collapse downwards!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s fist light contained a potential that rushed forwards like a monstrous tsunami. But in the center of the fist light, the Black Dragon Spear continued forwards with unstoppable momentum!

Like a waterfall that fell for thousands of miles, the fist light was split open from the middle. Thousands upon thousands of light beams flew past Lin Ming, radiating all around him.


These light beams pierced through the void, tearing into the ground and splitting open the earth. Everything that the light beams touched was brutally annihilated. And, what bore the brunt of the attack was the small planet beneath their feet. As this planet was struck, it began to completely implode upon itself from the light beams that tore into it.

This was the terrifying strength of one of the strongest powerhouses in existence. A True Divinity powerhouse was originally a god of a great world. When Lin Ming had the strength of a True Divinity, most of his fights had been within the Demon God’s Tomb. The Demon God’s Tomb was like a spirit treasure that had been refined for 100 billion years and was indestructible in itself. In addition to the suppression of Laws within and the grand array formation that stabilized the entire world, it was impossible to display such heaven-destroying strength within.

But now, in the world of the 33 Heavens, in the battle between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, their actions could cause planets to collapse!

“Be careful!”

The human forces and saint forces had already drawn back, but now they were forced back even more. If an Empyrean were to be sucked into a battle of this level, they would instantly be turned into ashes!

Both sides drew back 100,000 miles. Then, the Empyreans on each side joined forces to weave together barriers of astral essence and true essence to resist the shockwaves!

“How is this…”

“Lin Ming blocked His Majesty Saint Sovereign’s strike, and he even… broke through the Saint Sovereign’s fist light!?”

Many saint race powerhouses witnessed Lin Ming’s unstoppable spear light with their own eyes. They watched as that horrific energy broke through the fist light and reached the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

The Black Dragon Spear shimmered with cold light as it thrust forwards!

This spear contained the Laws of Life and Death. The spear point was like the scythe of the death god, reaping all life!

Facing this life-reaping strike, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign emitted a deep roar. His entire body released explosive crackling sounds as he displayed the saint race’s body transformation technique to its limits!


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign punched out his fist once more. This fist violently collided with the Black Dragon Spear, causing it to wildly curve!

But the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was also forced back from the impact of this spear strike.

Ka ka ka!

Faint cracks began to appear in the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s protective astral essence. His complexion suddenly changed. In that moment, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had felt a pervasive energy rush through these cracks and wantonly attack his body!

Although this energy was weak it was extremely tenacious and desired to swallow up his blood vitality!


The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign coldly coughed. Astral essence erupted from within him as he destroyed this strength.

But by now, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyes as he looked at Lin Ming had already changed.

Although that had only been a probing strike just now, wasn’t Lin Ming’s strike also similar?

In just a single strike, Lin Ming had managed to break through his protective astral essence. How could the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign not be startled?

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was startled, but the many saint powerhouses were left completely bewildered.

Lin Ming’s short exchange with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had destroyed a massive area of the void and even caused a small planet to collapse. This actually wasn’t anything at all. But, what shocked them was that Lin Ming’s strike had forced the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign backwards!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had been forced backwards!

Forced backwards…


It was like a demonic spirit was chanting curses into the ears of the many saint race martial artists. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, an invincible god-like existence in the hearts of the saint race martial artists, an existence that none of them could look up to, had been forced 10 miles away by Lin Ming’s spear!

How could this possibly happen?

Many saint Empyreans glanced at each other with ashen faces of dismay. For a time, no one could believe what had happened. Both sides had exchanged probing strikes, but Lin Ming was the one who had gained the upper hand. This meant that at the very least, Lin Ming possessed strength that was equal to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!


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