MW Chapter 2201

Chapter 2201 – Talks Collapse

Amongst the saint Empyreans, whether it was the older generation or younger generation, they all held a deep sense of hostility and envy towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was far too blinding an existence. To break through to True Divinity at around 10,000 years of age and also set up talks with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign – this was already on a completely different playing field than them.

Ever since ancient times, those of the same profession always competed against each other. This was true for martial artists and especially if martial artists stood on opposite sides. No one wanted to admit that they were inferior, and no one was willing to destroy their own prestige to glorify the ambitions of others.

“What is His Majesty Saint Sovereign still waiting for? He should just strike right now. This Lin Ming relied upon a time enchantment to break into True Divinity and is nothing at all compared to His Majesty the Saint Sovereign.”

“The Saint Sovereign should deal with Lin Ming while we encircle the other human masters. In this battle today we can severely wound humanity!”

Many saint Empyreans began to rapidly calculate various scenarios in their minds. As for talks or anything like that, they simply didn’t care. For most of those present, today was a day of slaughter!

And at this time, on the small planet, Lin Ming reached out a hand in invitation once more.

“Your Majesty Saint Sovereign, how about taking a seat?”

Lin Ming said with a smile, his tone calm and without waves. To be able to remain so composed beneath the pressure of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, this wasn’t something that ordinary True Divinity level masters could hope to accomplish.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign looked at Lin Ming and said, “I actually want to hear you speak, and listen to just what you can say.”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign waved his sleeves. In the next moment he was already sitting in the seat. The table in front of Lin Ming was only 20 feet long, and the two sat at opposite sides of the table. Lin Ming slowly poured a cup of wine.

This caused the many saint Empyreans present to feel bewildered. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign held a supremely revered status within the saint race, and no one had the qualifications to sit at the same table and drink with him; this was true even for Soaring Feather and Astral Vault.

But now, the human Lin Ming was treating the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign as an equal, drinking wine at the table!


No one could see when, but a jade slip flew out from Lin Ming and towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t even move. The arrow-like jade slip automatically stopped in front of him.

Divine sense swept out. This was only an instant, but the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign immediately read through the information within the jade slip!

Within the jade slip, Lin Ming had described the Soul Emperor’s plot.

The abyssals would sooner or later swallow up the 33 Heavens. The ancient war that occurred 10 billion years ago would descend upon the world once more.

The contents of the jade slip would horrify anyone. Even the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign found it hard to remain calm after reading through it.

He looked at Lin Ming with surprise and said, “What did you say? You said that the Soul Emperor’s body has been seized?”

“His body was seized at least several hundred million years ago… the current 33 Heavens’ Soul Emperor is no longer a spiritas.” Lin Ming slowly finished his cup of wine and poured more.

The information that Lin Ming gave out caused a cold chill to creep down the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s back. But, there was no way he could fully believe Lin Ming’s words.

These events were far too world-shocking. If Lin Ming were intentionally deceiving him, there was no way he could know what was true and what was false.

“You said that Immortal Sovereign is sealed in the Dark Abyss’s Demon God’s Tomb, and also that the Demon God’s Tomb has developed a spiritual wisdom that wishes to enslave the entirety of the 33 Heavens. All of this is only said by you alone, so on what basis can I believe you?”

“On the basis of your own judgment.” Lin Ming simply replied.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign couldn’t help but sneer. “You might as well have said nothing at all. With just a single jade slip you want me to end the war between humanity and the saints, and then transfer all forces to resist the spiritas? That is simply too ridiculous!

“Moreover, the story you created has too many holes. If you say that this Demon God’s Tomb Master is so horrifying and is capable of seizing the Soul Emperor’s body and also controlling totem level abyssals, then let me ask you why he has never bothered with me. Since he can seize the Soul Emperor’s body then he can naturally take over me too. I control Famine, and controlling me is the same as controlling Famine; wouldn’t that even be easier? Moreover, something like me coming to these talks today would never have occurred if he did!”

Lin Ming wasn’t surprised by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s words. He had already considered this matter before.

Lin Ming said, “No one has infinite strength. According to the view of Your Majesty Saint Sovereign, then I can ask you the same question. How come the Demon’s God Tomb Master doesn’t simply control all lives in the 33 Heavens and Dark Abyss, seizing the bodies of all abyssals and becoming the absolute ruler of them all? If he did that then no one would be able to oppose him!

“This is clearly impossible. He doesn’t possess such horrifying strength nor is his soul force strong enough. In other words, when it comes to controlling others or seizing the bodies of others, there is always a limit.

“In truth, this is the same for everyone. When a puppet master controls a puppet there will always be a limit, especially when this concerns formidable puppets!

“Then, there must be a limit to the number of upper True Divinities and peak True Divinities that the Demon God’s Tomb Master can control. This number surely cannot be too many. For instance, let’s say he can at most divide his soul into three, one part seizing the Soul Emperor’s body, one for Deep, and one for Flood, and by doing so he controlled the three most formidable existences in the world. But as for you… it’s regrettable, but you do not meet the standards.”

Lin Ming spoke at an unhurried pace, but as the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign listened to him, these words grated on his ears.

Plainly speaking, Good Fortune’s strength was too poor and wasn’t even worth a glance.

Lin Ming’s explanation was fair and reasonable. Famine had been wounded long ago and it was likely because of this that the Demon God’s Tomb Master gave up on controlling it.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s complexion darkened. But, he didn’t lash out at Lin Ming’s taunting. “So what if your story can be justified? My saint race has been preparing for this war for far too long, and you want my saint race to call for a truce just because of a story alone and then transfer all forces to resist the Soul Emperor? Wouldn’t that be the greatest joke in the world?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign said, still not believing Lin Ming’s words. But, Lin Ming was already prepared for this. He slowly traced his spatial ring and drew out the Black Dragon Spear!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign narrowed his eyes, his body overflowing with killing intent.

The pressure of a peerless powerhouse completely erupted at this moment. Even the planet beneath the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign began to shake, as if it couldn’t withstand this pressure.

As this massive pressure fell around Lin Ming, he lightly stroked the Black Dragon Spear, not even lifting his head as he said, “In truth, the reason Your Majesty Saint Sovereign launched an all-out war against humanity was to swallow up humanity and obtain a massive amount of resources and blood vitality, all in order to help you complete your ambitions to swallow all of existence? You believed that your final opponent was the Soul Emperor and that the Soul Emperor was your greatest threat to dominating the 33 Heavens.”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t deny or confirm Lin Ming’s words. He only sneered and said, “And what are you trying to say?”

 “All of your plans are based upon the premise that the saint race is stronger than humanity. But, if the saints cannot defeat humanity, then I believe there is no reason for you to continue such a mutually damaging war.”

“Mm!?” Lin Ming’s words caused the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyebrows to jump up, a cold light flashing in his eyes!

Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s conversation wasn’t isolated from others. The saint Empyreans that were standing hundreds of miles away could clearly hear everything.

Lin Ming’s provocation caused them to draw out their weapons and revolve their true essence!

“The saints cannot defeat humanity?”

“Hahaha, how funny!”

Some saint Empyreans laughed in anger. They wanted to fight here and prove just how silly Lin Ming’s words were!

Towards the responses of the many saint Empyreans, Lin Ming didn’t care about them at all. He faintly turned his head until his eyes came to a stop on Astral Vault God King and Soaring Feather God King.

When these two arrived, Lin Ming had already sensed their presence.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “Two God Kings, do you remember the agreement that we had in the past? I agreed to withdraw from the war between the saints and humanity with you two, but we also agreed that I have a personal grudge with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, an enmity of life and death. I will not attack any saint race subjects, and will only strike out at the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, right?”

Soaring Feather and Astral Vault vividly remembered their past agreement with Lin Ming. Astral Vault nodded, “Indeed.”

“Mm… very good! If you two God Kings do not interfere, then I will prove that…” As Lin Ming spoke to here, he turned towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and slowly stood up.

“I will prove that my strength far surpasses that of His Majesty the Saint Sovereign. Then, on the battlefield, no one amongst the saints will be able to contend with Emperor Shakya and Empyrean Divine Dream! If so, then the saints will not be able to defeat humanity!

“At that time, is there still a reason for the war to continue?

“And under these same circumstances, will Your Majesty Saint Sovereign still believe that I am lying to you?”

As Lin Ming spoke, his right hand had already grasped the Black Dragon Spear.

In that instant, the surrounding air froze over!

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