MW Chapter 2201

Chapter 2201 – Talks Collapse

Amongst the saint Empyreans, whether it was the older generation or younger generation, they all held a deep sense of hostility and envy towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was far too blinding an existence. To break through to True Divinity at around 10,000 years of age and also set up talks with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign – this was already on a completely different playing field than them.

Ever since ancient times, those of the same profession always competed against each other. This was true for martial artists and especially if martial artists stood on opposite sides. No one wanted to admit that they were inferior, and no one was willing to destroy their own prestige to glorify the ambitions of others.

“What is His Majesty Saint Sovereign still waiting for? He should just strike right now. This Lin Ming relied upon a time enchantment to break into True Divinity and is nothing at all compared to His Majesty the Saint Sovereign.”

“The Saint Sovereign should deal with Lin Ming while we encircle the other human masters....

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