MW Chapter 2200

Chapter 2200 – Day of the Meeting

Within the Good Fortune Saint Palace, in a golden hall, a tall and powerfully built middle-aged man was sitting upon an opulent throne.

This throne was forged from eternal stone. The seat was 10 feet wide and as the man sat here, he seemed to sit upon all beings in existence, making it nearly impossible to look up to him.

His eyes were filled with a disdainful indifference, as if nothing in the world could possibly cause his heart or mind to waver.

This man was the ruler of the saints – the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was holding a jade slip in his hands, no joy or anger evident on his face.

He had already looked through the contents of this jade slip; it held a message that Lin Ming wished to set up talks with him.

And in this golden hall were many saint race powerhouses. Of those that could stand here, even the ones with the lowest cultivation were at the middle Empyrean realm.

Everyone could see the jade slip in the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s...

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