MW Chapter 2200

Chapter 2200 – Day of the Meeting

Within the Good Fortune Saint Palace, in a golden hall, a tall and powerfully built middle-aged man was sitting upon an opulent throne.

This throne was forged from eternal stone. The seat was 10 feet wide and as the man sat here, he seemed to sit upon all beings in existence, making it nearly impossible to look up to him.

His eyes were filled with a disdainful indifference, as if nothing in the world could possibly cause his heart or mind to waver.

This man was the ruler of the saints – the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was holding a jade slip in his hands, no joy or anger evident on his face.

He had already looked through the contents of this jade slip; it held a message that Lin Ming wished to set up talks with him.

And in this golden hall were many saint race powerhouses. Of those that could stand here, even the ones with the lowest cultivation were at the middle Empyrean realm.

Everyone could see the jade slip in the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s hand. They originally thought that this was a meaningless message, but they never imagined that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would suddenly take it out at this time.

They didn’t say anything. The matter with the humans sending out these jade slips was puzzling, but since the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had already seen it, it was naturally up for him to make the decision on whether he would want to attend.

“Three days from now, you will all follow me to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign simply said. The Empyreans present were stunned. The Hidden Dragon Galaxy was the meeting place designated in the jade slip.

They never thought that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would really decide to attend.

“Your Majesty Saint Sovereign, you really intend to go?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t respond.  He simply waved his sleeves and left, leaving the many saint Empyreans looking at each other with looks of dismay.

It seemed that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign truly planned on attending. But what if the humans didn’t come at that time?

However, no one dared to defy the orders of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Thus, three days later, the many saint Empyreans set off from the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

“Hahaha, Soaring Feather, I knew you would return too.”

Astral Vault had already guessed that Soaring Feather would come. Casting out his sense, he soon found her. They hadn’t seen each other for 2000 years.

Beside Soaring Feather God King was Fairy Blue Lotus. As for Astral Vault God King, he had also brought his two disciples – Darkmoon and Highsun.

“I naturally cannot miss such a grand occasion.” Soaring Feather faintly smiled.

“Let’s go first.”


Soaring Feather and Astral Vault only had a so-so relationship with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and didn’t plan on joining his group.

Like this, the Good Fortune Saint Palace, Soaring Feather, Astral Vault, as well as many other saint race influences all started to head towards the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

When it came to this, the Empyreans of many influences weren’t willing to go. After all, no one wanted to be made a fool by others. However since this was the order of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, no one dared to not go.

But as they approached the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, all of these Empyreans were slowly silenced.

This was because when they spread their sense to the surrounding areas of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, they discovered that there were human spirit ships in the vicinity.

“It’s a human fleet. Did Lin Ming really come?”

“What are the humans thinking? They want one final battle?”

Many saint martial artists were dumbfounded.

The Hidden Dragon Galaxy covered an incredibly large area, but by relying on the positions of the human spirit ships, they found the approximate location of the talks.

And as everyone saw what was before them, they were utterly shocked.

In the distant starry skies, they could see a small planet floating about.

This small planet was only several hundred miles in diameter. It was originally impossible for life to form on such a small planet, but it actually contained countless spirit trees and treasures of the heavens and earth.

These spiritual plants all casually grew over the planet, and above it was a pavilion floating in the skies.

This pavilion was far simpler. It only encompassed an area of several dozen feet, and sitting in it was a young man.

This young man had extraordinary features and a temperament as ephemeral as dust. Just by sitting there he was like a spear that shook the hearts of those who saw him!

In front of this man was a long table. The young man sat at one end of the table, and on it was a pot of wine as well as several cups.

As the many saint race martial artists arrived, the man waved his hand in invitation. His gaze was directed at the Saint Palace in the skies, his eyes bright and shining as if he could pierce through the palace walls and array formations to see the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

“Lin Ming!”

“It’s really him!”

Many saint Empyreans had seen Lin Ming before, and even if they hadn’t, they had at least looked at his portrait. This man sitting there was undoubtedly Lin Ming.

They never imagined that not only would Lin Ming show up but he would also be sitting there so calmly, as if he were attending a gathering with friends!

“It’s not just Lin Ming that came, but many human Empyreans are also here. They are in full battle array not too far away!”

The human spirit ships were here. As long as they traced back the position of the spirit ships, it wasn’t difficult to find that there were over 20 human Empyreans standing nearby.

These human Empyreans were all high level figures of humanity!

If Lin Ming as well as so many other Empyreans died here then humanity’s fate could be imagined.

“What is happening? Aren’t they afraid that they will die here?”

“Maybe the spiritas are involved!”

Doubt flashed in the hearts of many saint martial artists. But at this time, someone discovered Lin Ming’s cultivation.

Although there was a great distance separating them, when facing Lin Ming, they felt as if they were facing the endless starry skies. A powerful suppressive feeling fell over them.

The closer they approached the stronger this feeling became. Many Empyreans felt their breath catch in their throats. Moreover, even when Lin Ming casually moved, his movements seemed to contain indescribable concepts within, making them impossible to discern.

“True Divinity!”

“He actually broke into True Divinity!”

“It’s only been 2000 years, how is this possible…”

Many saint martial artists were panic-stricken. They never thought that in such a short period of time, Lin Ming would manage to break into True Divinity.

“True Divinity…”

Fairy Blue Lotus took in a deep breath. Lin Ming’s speed of growth was far too fast, so fast that she couldn’t muster the courage to take him as a goal...

She couldn’t help but glance at her master. Soaring Feather God King had once fought with Lin Ming in the past, and was likely the most qualified one here to estimate him.

Soaring Feather God King’s eyes sparkled. She was also incomparably amazed. “Strange… if Lin Ming could break through so quickly, he surely must have had a fortuitous encounter. But, I cannot imagine just what sort of fortuitous encounter can arrive at this level.”

“His breakthrough is too fast. I wonder what his foundation and strength are like…” Astral Vault God King commented from beside Soaring Feather God King. He licked his lips, looking forwards more and more to today’s events.

True Divinity Lin Ming against the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

The saint race spirit ships all paused before the small planet. Many saint martial artists were completely silent. As they looked at Lin Ming in the distance, dread and awe filled their eyes

Lin Ming hadn’t laid down his hand yet; he was still reaching out in an invitational gesture.

At this time, a hearty laugh echoed out from the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

“Extraordinary, truly extraordinary! You actually broke into True Divinity! No wonder you found the courage to face me!”

This voice was faintly indifferent but it rolled forwards like a thunderstorm, resounding through the universe!

A middle-aged man in golden robes stepped out from the Good Fortune Holy Palace. With just a few steps, he fell atop the small planet where Lin Ming was.

This man was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

At this time, he was only 100 feet away from Lin Ming. For True Divinity level masters this distance was no different from being face to face.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyes blazed as he looked at Lin Ming, an incomprehensibly happy expression on his face. “Did you think that you could fight me after you broke into True Divinity? For your cultivation to grow so quickly, you likely entered some sort of special time enchantment where the flow of time can be increased without twisting the Laws so that a martial artist can safely cultivate within?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s words left the saint martial artists stunned.

This sort of time enchantment was exceedingly rare; only a small number of people here had ever heard of something similar.

The cultivation that one gained from bitterly secluding themselves in such a time enchantment was different from the cultivation which one gained from adventuring outwards and living through all sorts of slaughters. Even though both could be considered growth through fortuitous encounters, the combat efficiency developed through both methods were on completely different levels.

This was just like a flower cultivated in a greenhouse compared to the weeds that withstood the harsh weather outside.

If Lin Ming had used 2000 years of time and entered into such a time enchantment to rapidly increase his cultivation, then breaking into True Divinity wouldn’t be strange.

Thinking of this, many saint Empyreans felt much more relaxed.

In these sorts of special ancient time enchantments, the flow of time wouldn’t be too ridiculously exaggerated. 2000 years would be around 10,000-20,000 years.

With this in consideration, Lin Ming’s breakthrough was within reason. After all, his potential and foundation were evident to all.

But to become a True Divinity in a time enchantment, in particular when jumping past several small Empyrean boundaries, it was inevitable that one’s Laws and strength would be influenced!

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