Chapter 220 - Suppression of Absolute Power

Chapter 220 Suppression of Absolute Power.


Chapter 220 – Suppression of Absolute Power

“I haven’t done anything… other than use a Dreamland Pearl to lay down this illusionary world. It should give me enough time to play with you a bit. Don’t uselessly struggle; it’s pathetic. This enchantment can only be broken by a Xiantian realm master. All perception is isolated within. No matter what goes on in here, whether it be some earth-shaking power or wondrous ability, anyone looking in from the outside will only see a calm scene. If Mister Ouyang does not believe me, then feel free to try breaking the enchantment.”

Lin Ming slowly said as he crossed his arms across his chest. A cold smile flit across his features.

Hearing Lin Ming’s words, Ouyang Dihua’s heart sank. Only a Xiantian master could break through this enchantment? Was it really such a great treasure? Just where did he get this pearl from?

Such a pearl would be incomparably precious even within the Seven Profound Valleys!

Once again, Ouyang Dihua guessed that Lin Ming had an unknown yet fantastical background!

“What do you want?” Ouyang Dihua no longer doubted Lin Ming’s power. If he dared to come here today, then he must have had the absolute assurance to kill him.

“You ask what I want? Mister Ouyang, I can’t...

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