MW Chapter 2199

Chapter 2199 – Sending a Letter

“You want to set up talks with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?”

“This is…”

The human rulers present were all shaken by Lin Ming’s words. They couldn’t help but glance at each other with dismay and even the wine in their glasses spilled out. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was expending all efforts to find Lin Ming, and yet Lin Ming wanted to deliver himself on his own initiative.

In a war between races, if one wished to set up talks then both sides had to have equivalent strength. Otherwise, who would want to discuss anything? They would simply eliminate the other party and be done with it.

Could it be that… Lin Ming had confidence he could face the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!?

Realizing this point, everyone was left speechless.

“Lin Ming, you want to fight the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in a showdown?” Empyrean Vast Universe asked after some time. In his opinion, setting up talks was no different from a challenge to a final battle.

“Do you… have the confidence to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?” Xiao Moxian asked, a bit of worry tinting her voice. She believed in Lin Ming, but for Lin...

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