MW Chapter 2198

Chapter 2198 – Talks with Good Fortune

After Lin Ming returned, the various human powerhouses began to arrive from all directions. This was because the saints had weakened and their ability to block out the universe was far inferior to the first time they came to wage war in the wild universe. As long as they were careful, Empyrean level masters could freely move about in the starry skies.

The master of the base that Lin Ming returned to was Xiao Moxian. As the master of this land, Xiao Moxian was responsible for setting up a banquet to greet the other masters of humanity as well as help Lin Ming prepare.

During this banquet, Lin Ming was in the leading spotlight. As one of humanity’s leaders he naturally stood in the highest position and was the focal point of the audience.

Sheng Mei also followed Lin Ming as he returned, but she didn’t make a public appearance; she only privately met with Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian had already heard Lin Ming tell her about what happened between him and Sheng Mei 2000 years ago.

When it came to Sheng Mei, it was...

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