MW Chapter 2198

Chapter 2198 – Talks with Good Fortune

After Lin Ming returned, the various human powerhouses began to arrive from all directions. This was because the saints had weakened and their ability to block out the universe was far inferior to the first time they came to wage war in the wild universe. As long as they were careful, Empyrean level masters could freely move about in the starry skies.

The master of the base that Lin Ming returned to was Xiao Moxian. As the master of this land, Xiao Moxian was responsible for setting up a banquet to greet the other masters of humanity as well as help Lin Ming prepare.

During this banquet, Lin Ming was in the leading spotlight. As one of humanity’s leaders he naturally stood in the highest position and was the focal point of the audience.

Sheng Mei also followed Lin Ming as he returned, but she didn’t make a public appearance; she only privately met with Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian had already heard Lin Ming tell her about what happened between him and Sheng Mei 2000 years ago.

When it came to Sheng Mei, it was simply extremely difficult for Xiao Moxian to produce any close and intimate feelings towards her. Even so, Xiao Moxian still gratefully thanked Sheng Mei, because without her she wouldn’t have been able to see Lin Ming again.

As for Sheng Mei, she felt similar towards Xiao Moxian. Although she was willing to stand behind Lin Ming and support him, it was still hard for her to lay down her cold and arrogant pride and contact others on her own initiative.

Thus, Sheng Mei and Xiao Moxian only exchanged several greetings and rounds of small talk before separating.

Sheng Mei sat in meditation alone. As for Xiao Moxian, she began to greet the guests in the grand hall.

However, as Xiao Moxian left, Jiu’er popped her head out and grinned towards Sheng Mei. “Is that beautiful aunty just now Big Brother Lin Huang’s mother? Wow, Daddy is really a flowery playboy, all his wives are as pretty as flowers!”

Jiu’er said, pursing her lips.

During these past years, Jiu’er also grew. Beneath Sheng Mei’s careful guidance, her cultivation increased at a mind-boggling speed. Moreover, because she withstood the baptism of the Heavenly Dao when Lin Ming and Sheng Mei broke into True Divinity, Jiu’er’s awareness of the Laws far surpassed anything her contemporaries could hope to accomplish.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign swallowing humanity’s destiny also couldn’t hinder Jiu’er’s cultivation.

One reason was because Jiu’er was not purely a human, and a second reason was because the Laws that Jiu’er cultivated could not be summed up in humanity’s essence gathering system alone.

The heights she stood at had already surpassed the 33 Heavenly Daos.

Sheng Mei looked at Jiu’er and smiled. She gently traced Jiu’er’s head and said, “I did not come together with your father because he is some flowery playboy…”

“Then why?” Jiu’er crooked her head.

“Probably because of fate…” Sheng Mei quietly said, sighing. In truth, even up until now, she had never been able to rid herself of the word ‘fate’.

“Mama, it’s really lively outside. Did you want to attend the banquet?” Jiu’er asked again.

Sheng Mei shook her head. “I won’t go, but you should go to say hi to your father.”

In truth, ever since returning to humanity with Lin Ming, Sheng Mei found it difficult to integrate herself into this environment.

Whether it was the human Empyreans or Lin Ming’s friends, or even someone like Xiao Moxian who Lin Ming completely trusted, she still felt a deep divide and lack of understanding between them.

Only with Mo Eversnow could Sheng Mei chat for a while.

It was as if she didn’t belong on this world.

However, this wasn’t a problem to Sheng Mei. She was used to being alone and used to being lonely. She didn’t need to socialize with others to be happy, and besides Lin Ming, there was no one else who she needed to accompany her.

She had her own road – a road that she had to walk down, a road that she had no choice but to walk down.


Lin Ming’s welcoming banquet was also the celebration banquet for Lin Ming breaking into True Divinity.

There were 12 different banquet tables arranged in the grand hall.

In these complicated wartimes, there weren’t many seats, but those that arrived were all overlords of the human race.

For instance, Dark Demon Monarch, Skyrend Godlord, Emperor Shakya, Empyrean Vast Universe, Great Limitless Buddha, and over 20 other human Empyreans had gathered here.

Lin Ming’s cultivation speed had left everyone shocked. But at the same time, this also left them worried. With Lin Ming’s cultivation speed being so bewilderingly quick, would his strength and comprehension of Laws have been able to follow behind?

Originally Lin Ming took 7000 years to become an Empyrean. Although this was amongst the peak speeds of humanity, it couldn’t be called first place. However, Lin Ming had then become a True Divinity at 13,500 years of age; this speed cast off all human martial artists behind him.

As the banquet carried on for a quarter hour of time, Skyrend Godlord was the first to speak. “Lin Ming, now that you’ve returned, how do you plan on dealing with the saints?”

Skyrend Godlord’s words caused everyone to unconsciously set down their glasses and chopsticks and look towards Lin Ming. This was the most important matter that they cared about in coming to Lin Ming’s welcoming banquet.

After Lin Ming broke into True Divinity, no one knew where the limits of his strength were.

Without having reached the True Divinity realm, no one knew the disparity between the small boundaries of True Divinity. Now, people were worried that since Lin Ming had just broken into True Divinity and had used such a short period of time to do so, could his foundation be unsteady or would his accumulations be lacking?

After all, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was a True Divinity of the older generation and he had also made considerable progress in the recent past. It was impossible to predict just what levels his strength had reached.

In a situation where no one understood Lin Ming’s strength and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s strength, it was naturally difficult for anyone to judge what the current situation would be like. They could only ask Lin Ming what he planned to do for his next step.

Lin Ming put down his chopsticks and thought for a moment. At this time, Vast Universe said, “The current war between humanity and the saints has fallen across several universes and the field is far too large; it isn’t something that can be clearly explained in a few words. Lin Ming, I think you don’t need to speak out now, but you can take your time to carefully consider your next move.”

With the great enemy before them and humanity’s destiny on the wane, the various leaders of humanity didn’t have any desire to taste the delicious spirit foods laid out before them. They began to discuss the current war situation.

“I think that Your Majesty the Human Sovereign should go into seclusion for some time and further consolidate your foundation…”

The one who spoke was Dark Demon Monarch. Although he came from a demonic background, he had a gentle and scholarly appearance and his tone of voice was extremely respectful.

“Mm… but the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign has blocked the destiny of my race and now the younger generation is fraught with difficulties when they try to cultivate the essence gathering system. Even in the body transformation system it is hard for them to make progress in such a short period of time. If this continues to drag on then the saints won’t even need to do anything for my human race to be destroyed!”

Skyrend Godlord looked at Lin Ming with worry on his face. He only hoped that Lin Ming could suggest something, anything that could slightly change the current situation.

Currently, humanity was in a terrible spot. And whether it was Dark Demon Monarch, Great Limitless Buddha, Divine Dream, or Emperor Shakya, no one could offer an effective solution.

It was as if humanity was already pressed into a dead end by the saints with no way out.

“The situation we face is indeed as Skyrend Godlord says, but it is exactly at this moment that we cannot hurry ourselves. If we do, there is a possibility that our weaknesses will be exposed and the saints will ruin us, or even exterminate us.”

The one speaking was Emperor Shakya. He felt that throwing out such a sharp question towards Lin Ming was unfair as it would be difficult to come up with any immediate countermeasures. No matter what happened, Lin Ming’s return still meant that one of humanity’s top powerhouses had come back, and at least they wouldn’t be completely crushed in the face of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

As Emperor Shakya spoke he also looked at Lin Ming, wanting to seek out his opinion. The current Lin Ming had already become the pillar of the human race.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “Senior Dark Demon Monarch suggested that I should go into seclusion to consolidate my boundary, but the truth is that I have already completed this step. After breaking into True Divinity, I still remained in a cultivation holy land for 500 years and my foundation has long since stabilized.”

As Lin Ming said this, many human overlords felt their hearts skip a beat.

It seems that Lin Ming had broken into True Divinity 500 years ago. In other words, when he was 13,000 years of age, he had completed his breakthrough!

As for something that could be called a ‘cultivating holy land’ for Lin Ming, it was likely something truly extraordinary.

“In the 1500 years that I was in the Dark Abyss, there was no news of me, and I apologize for causing everyone to worry over me…” Lin Ming glanced at Xiao Moxian, a little guilt on his face.

Xiao Moxian smiled, casting a peaceful look towards Lin Ming.

In truth, Lin Ming really didn’t have any means to send Xiao Moxian a message. During the days he was in the Dark Abyss, he passed most of them in the completely sealed off Demon God’s Tomb.

“Since I have returned to humanity today, I naturally possess the confidence and ability to face the saints.”

As Lin Ming spoke to here, everyone was shaken. They all held absolute faith in Lin Ming, and if Lin Ming said he had the confidence and ability to face the saints, he naturally wouldn’t be casually joking about this.

“Then what do we do?” Skyrend Godlord said. Because of his excitement, his beard was already shaking.

“I just need everyone to support me. As for me…” Lin Ming paused for a moment, and then slowly and clearly said, “I plan to set up talks with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!”

Lin Ming’s words left the entire audience speechless.

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