MW Chapter 2197

Chapter 2197 – Meeting

“We cannot keep depending on Benefactor Lin. Although we failed in breaking through the heavenly dao diagram this time, we have still gained experience. If this time fails we have next time, and if next time fails we will have the time after that. There will come a day when we break past these chains, and once those chains break, our martial arts accumulations will rise even further than before.”

Emperor Shakya slowly said. This could be a summary of the failures in breaking past the heavenly dao diagram this time.

Emperor Shakya was well aware that they couldn’t pin all their hopes on Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s current cultivation was likely at the upper Empyrean realm and to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign at this boundary was impossible. No matter how heaven-defying Lin Ming’s talent was, there still wouldn’t be a chance for him.

“Benefactor Ji…”

Emperor Shakya said as he saw Xiao Moxian appear a bit listless. He wanted to say some words of comfort but didn’t know just where to start.

“I’m fine.” Xiao Moxian waved her...

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