MW Chapter 2196

Chapter 2196 – Imprisonment of the Divine Chains

Emperor Shakya had always been one of the most peak powerhouses of humanity. If it weren’t for the great decline of humanity’s martial arts civilization, his road of cultivation would have been far smoother.

In the first great invasion that the saints launched in the wild universe, he had been at the Empyrean limit. But now, he had finally stepped into True Divinity.

Emperor Shakya was also the second True Divinity of humanity.

Seven people were sitting in a grand hall, silently. Emperor Shakya sat above a lotus throne, his ten fingers weaving together as he produced buddhist seal after buddhist seal.

This lotus throne was one of Mount Potala’s magic tools. Mount Potala had an inheritance that extended for billions of years, and the throne was one of their most precious cultivation support items.

When it came to magic tools, there were numerous offensive and defensive kinds. But when it came to auxiliary magic tools, they were actually quite rare because the array formations required to refine one were exceedingly complex.

Hum –

Hum –

Golden light dazzled outwards on the...

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