MW Chapter 2195

Chapter 2195 – Returning to the 33 Heavens

The ancient race uprising had continued for over a thousand years. For this revolt to continue for such a long time was mainly because of the opening of the Demon God’s Tomb which had shifted the majority of the Demon Association’s attention somewhere else.

After the venture into the Demon God’s Tomb ended, all of the masters from the Flood Alliance and Deep Alliance had been utterly destroyed. To the numerous abyssal influences, this was simply a lightning strike from nowhere!

For a long time after the exit to the Demon God’s Tomb opened, not a single higher abyssal came out. This left the numerous abyssal influences bewildered.

Every large influence, including even the totem level influences, had been severely wounded. And with the deaths of several True Divinities and dozens upon dozens of Empyreans, this wasn’t something that any influence could withstand.

During such times, the Demon Association naturally didn’t have the heart to pay attention to the ancient race uprising that wasn’t on too large of a scale to begin with.

Moreover, in these past years, the ancient race rebels had remained far more low key. From the beginning when they battled all around, they went quiet in order to recuperate and further develop themselves.

Mo Eversnow had inherited a part of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s memories. In addition to some ancient race cultivation methods that Lin Ming provided, all of these things were distributed amongst the ancient race martial artists to practice with. In these past years many new powerhouses appeared in the ancient race resistance.

The headquarters of the ancient race resist was deep in the Endless Sea.

Before entering the headquarters, Mo Eversnow had sensed Lin Ming and similarly Lin Ming sensed Mo Eversnow.

The two met each other in a grand hall. Mo Eversnow could see through Lin Ming’s cultivation with a glance.

Deep astonishment rose up in Mo Eversnow’s face. “You… you broke into True Divinity!?”

Lin Ming had broken into the Empyrean realm at around 700 years of age. Afterwards, he spent 5000 years in Tragic Death Valley to reach the peak of the middle Empyrean realm. After that, he took another 1500 years to break into True Divinity. This degree of speed was simply defying the heavens.

“Mm… it is because of reasons concerning the Demon God’s Tomb. It is a long story. Senior-apprentice Sister, let us speak as we go.”

“Go? Go where?” Mo Eversnow was slightly surprised. She didn’t know what Lin Ming was referring to.

Moreover, she was also puzzled about who Sheng Mei was, standing near Lin Ming.

Even Lin Ming had been surprised about Sheng Mei’s presence in the Dark Abyss. It was natural for Mo Eversnow to not know about her either.

“We will return to the 33 Heavens!”

Lin Ming succinctly stated. The ancient race rebel army consisted of several hundreds of thousands of people. This amount of people could easily fit into Primordius Heavenly Palace, and transferring them inside wouldn’t be difficult either.

And with Lin Ming’s strength, he could easily help them pass through the horrifying energy storms around the Eternal God Wall to successfully escape the Dark Abyss.

Lin Ming was already impatient to return. First, the Dark Abyss was too dangerous and second, he was worried about humanity’s current situation.

And in truth, humanity’s situation was just as Lin Ming worried; it wasn’t good at all…


33 Heavens, wild universe –

Over 1500 years had passed since Lin Ming left to go to the Dark Abyss.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign left seclusion 600 years ago, and by that time, humanity’s war campaign back into the Divine Realm had ended. Empyrean Divine Dream led humanity back into the wild universe, and by using the Asura Decree, another connection had been formed through the God Lamenting Wall, linking the wild universe with another neighboring universe.

By relying on these two incomparably vast universes, humanity and the saints began a guerilla war once more.

Humanity had caused severe damage to the saints before the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign emerged from seclusion. Thus, even though it was impossible for humanity to directly face the saints now, the saints had limited manpower and resources. With this, the human forces were able to rely on the complex terrains within the wild universes to barely maintain themselves.

This was a chaotic meteor belt with space storms and interstellar dust that blocked a martial artist’s sense. Because this interstellar dust was able to block out the light of stars, this region was hard to locate in the broad universe.

In fact, finding one such meteor belt was meaningless. In the wild universe, the number of similar meteor belts formed of interstellar dust was counted with ‘trillions’ as the base unit. Every interstellar belt could extend for trillions of miles, and if one wished to search through all of them it required transferring over a massive number of masters to carry out a full on carpet search with their sense.

Those with the ability to carry out such a search in a short period of time needed to have at least an Empyrean level cultivation, and many saint Empyreans had perished. Even so, Empyreans still needed to cultivate. It would be impossible for the saints to encircle humanity in the wild universe like they did the first time.

In this meteor belt there were all sorts of complex spatial structures that formed a maze. In the center of this maze were layers upon layers of interconnected illusory magic arrays.

These illusory magic arrays were incomparably mystical. Let alone an ordinary saint martial artist, even if a saint Empyrean were to step inside, they would be left confused by the arrays and stranded within.

Such potent illusory magic arrays were Divine Dream’s handiwork. With her strength, it would be impossible for anyone to break through them unless the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign personally arrived.

In the last 8000-9000 years that humanity had resisted the saints, although humanity had suffered losses, they also grew by a great deal. This was particularly true when it came to their abilities to conceal themselves and lay out formations.

In order to protect the growing seeds of humanity, Empyrean Divine Dream personally laid down hundreds of these illusory magic arrays through the wild universe, making it that much harder for the saints to find them.

Like this, humanity continued to struggle with the saints. They managed to hold on, but there was a matter that caused dark clouds to hover in the hearts of all human martial artists.

That was… when the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had gone into seclusion, he had swallowed up the destiny of humanity’s essence gathering system. Now, there was a divide that separated humanity from the essence gathering system Heavenly Dao.

This divide didn’t affect the existing strength of a martial artist, but it hindered them from furthering their cultivation.

Now, when a human martial artist cultivated to the Nine Divine Shifts, they would feel incredibly strained. At the World King boundary, this resistance increased by hundreds and thousands of time, making it almost impossible to break through.

As for lower Empyreans rising to middle Empyreans, and middle Empyreans rising to upper Empyreans, this process was originally not easy to begin with, but it had now become far more difficult.

If this continued, then the destiny of humanity would eventually fade away to nothing.

This was the so-called moment when a race’s destiny reached its end.

In the endless flow of history, it wasn’t uncommon for a race to meet their demise because their destiny had reached its end. 10 billion years ago, the primal god race were unimaginably powerful, yet they too slowly withered away because their destiny was at its end.

Compared to the primal god race, humanity was far from being able to compare, whether it was in strength or numbers. Thus it wouldn’t be strange if humanity perished in this great calamity.

Now, the young generations of humans had already started to wither and wane. Underneath this curse, martial artists with ordinary degrees of talent were only able to reach the Divine Sea realm. Proud children of humanity would be able to break into Holy Lords, but upon encountering the World King realm, all sorts of resistances would rise to meet them so that they weren’t successful.

An atmosphere of gloom and dread began to slowly spread amongst humanity.

Although there was the protection of array formations, there were no new masters born within the younger generation and it was difficult for the older generation to rise again in strength. Amongst the human powerhouses, one dead meant one less.

If this continued for long enough, then humanity would be defeated without even being able to put up a fight.

Within this belt of interstellar dust, within a small independent world –

A youth sat in the void. This youth wore black clothes and had a spear harnessed to his shoulders. His looks were solemn and decisive, and the edges of his face were sharp and distinct. He gave off a swift and fierce aura.

Looking at this youth carefully, he resembled Lin Ming somewhat.

He was Lin Ming’s eldest son – Lin Huang.

At this time, six people were standing in front of Lin Huang – Xiao Moxian, Dragon Fang, Jun Bluemoon, Hang Chi, Emperor Shakya, as well as a black-clothed girl with a beautiful appearance and skin as white as snow.

This girl appeared around 17-18 years old. Her figure was slim and her legs were thick and round. Although she was beautiful, her weapon was a dark red nine foot long scythe.

This scythe had an extremely fearsome shape. It was like three sharp fangs were stacked on the edge from large to small, but even the smallest blade was half a foot wide. When this weapon was contrasted with the girl’s slender figure and her porcelain-like skin, it formed a strong visual contrast.

This black-clothed girl had once encountered Lin Ming. Her name was Sable Ink and she was Dark Demon Monarch’s direct disciple. She was renowned within the younger generation of humanity and was called the second coming of Xiao Moxian.

At this time, Dragon Fang, Jun Bluemoon, Sable Ink, Lin Huang, Hang Chi, and Xiao Moxian were sitting at the ends of a six-point star drawn in the void.

As for Emperor Shakya, his hands were gathered together as he stood still in the center of these six people.

An invisible momentum rose out from Emperor Shakya’s body, forming a different world.

In this world, there were buddhist platforms and buddhas reciting abstract truths. Beams of divine light soared through the skies, turning into flows of golden scriptures that snaked through the void.

After 1500 years, Emperor Shakya had broken into True Divinity!

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