MW Chapter 2195

Chapter 2195 – Returning to the 33 Heavens

The ancient race uprising had continued for over a thousand years. For this revolt to continue for such a long time was mainly because of the opening of the Demon God’s Tomb which had shifted the majority of the Demon Association’s attention somewhere else.

After the venture into the Demon God’s Tomb ended, all of the masters from the Flood Alliance and Deep Alliance had been utterly destroyed. To the numerous abyssal influences, this was simply a lightning strike from nowhere!

For a long time after the exit to the Demon God’s Tomb opened, not a single higher abyssal came out. This left the numerous abyssal influences bewildered.

Every large influence, including even the totem level influences, had been severely wounded. And with the deaths of several True Divinities and dozens upon dozens of Empyreans, this wasn’t something that any influence could withstand.

During such times, the Demon Association naturally didn’t have the heart to pay attention to the ancient race uprising that wasn’t on too large of a scale to...

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