MW Chapter 2194

Chapter 2194 – Leaving

The Dark Abyss’s 12th layer, the Endless Sea –

This was an unfathomably deep sea that extended onwards without end. The sea was a dark and deep blue that was thick and heavy, similar to mercury. The sea didn’t have ordinary fish and shrimps; only powerful demon beasts and abyssals were able to survive here.

At this time, the thick mist above the Endless Sea was as deep as a wall and as heavy as lead. A mortal couldn’t even see a foot in this fog and even a martial artist’s divine sense would be hindered a great deal.


A sharp roar cut through the calm surface of the sea, echoing over the horizon. With it, the thick mist parted and dozens of figures hastily rushed out. These people all wore loose blue robes and had appearances no different from the races of the 33 Heavens; they were the ancient race martial artists of the Dark Abyss.

These ancient race martial artists seemed panicked and their movements were messy, as if they were...

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