MW Chapter 2193

Chapter 2193 – Leaving Behind the Magic Cube

As Immortal Sovereign saw Ruby, he let out a sigh, infinite love and emotion filling his face. Although he was looking at Ruby, his gaze seemed to pierce through 10 billion years of time to see Ruby’s past appearance…

“Your name is Ruby?”


Ruby stared wide-eyed at Immortal Sovereign with the curiosity of a child. She only thought that this man in front of her was familiar and he also had a nice smell exuding from him, just like her Big Brother Lin Ming.

“Ruby, huh… that’s a nice name.” Immortal Sovereign gently patted Ruby’s head. “These years have been hard on you…”


Ruby didn’t know just what Immortal Sovereign was trying to say.

“Uncle, what did you say?”


Immortal Sovereign lovingly smiled and traced Ruby’s head again. Then, he turned to Lin Ming and said, “Take good care of her.”

“I will.” Lin Ming solemnly vowed.

Immortal Sovereign sighed. He said, “In the past, Ruby was the Stone of Eternal Life’s world spirit…”

“World spirit?”

Lin Ming was stunned. The so-called world spirit was the soul of a world. Mountains had mountain souls, seas had sea souls, stars had star souls, and weapons had artifact spirits.

All things in existence, when all sorts of lucky chances coincided and after an incredibly long period of time passed, could develop wisdom. For instance, the Ancient Elysium Seal was one such example.

Immortal Sovereign predicted that the Soul Emperor was the world spirit of the Demon God’s Tomb.

He appeared with the identity of ‘Deep’, seized the body of the Soul Emperor, and then took control of Flood. Not just that, but he controlled the two greatest influences of the Demon God’s Tomb – the Deep Alliance and Flood Alliance. Even powerhouses like Sheng Mei and Deep Child had been firmly grasped in his hands.

“Ruby, she seems to have also reincarnated… her memories have been lost. In that past war, her soul nearly turned to ashes.”

Immortal Sovereign casually stated. But, Lin Ming could imagine just how heaven-shaking that war had been.

The Magic Cube and the Purple Card went through the same war and Fishy’s experiences were likely similar to Ruby’s. Both of them had suffered catastrophic losses in that war 10 billion years ago.

Now, Fishy had returned to the Purple Card, which was the Origin Amethyst Crystal. Hopefully she would be able to recover a little…

Lin Ming prayed in his heart. Towards these two little girls with similar fates, he felt a deep sense of pity. In his eyes these two little girls were living beings, no different from the races that lived in the 33 Heavens.

“Child, stand.”

Immortal Sovereign said to Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei didn’t know what Immortal Sovereign was about to do, but she obediently stood in front of him.

“Don’t resist…”

As Immortal Sovereign spoke, he gently placed the Magic Cube between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows. The fist-sized Magic Cube began to rapidly shrink until it reached the size of a grain of rice. Then, it fell into the nine revolution red lotus mark between her eyebrows.

Lin Ming locked his sense on Sheng Mei the entire time. He knew that the Magic Cube had submerged into Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea.

To a martial artist, their spiritual sea was an extremely fragile yet important place. Once their spiritual sea cracked apart, a martial artist would suffer damage to their divine soul and perhaps even become an idiot.

The Magic Cube was a divine tool of the soul. Once it entered a person’s spiritual sea it could erupt with a strength that could instantly shred the spiritual sea to shreds.

However, because Lin Ming trusted Immortal Sovereign, he didn’t say a word. He quietly looked on, wanting to see what Immortal Sovereign was trying to do.

An incense stick of time passed. Immortal Sovereign’s concentration was completely focused and his complexion was dignified. It was clear he was giving his full effort, and was even somewhat strained.

After a while the Magic Cube flew back out. In that instant, Lin Ming faintly felt that a source mark belonging to Sheng Mei seemed to have quietly fallen into the Magic Cube…

“Senior, you…”

Lin Ming didn’t know what Immortal Sovereign was trying to do, he seemed to be carving Sheng Meil’s soul mark into the Magic Cube. As for why he was expending so much effort to do so, Lin Ming didn’t know.

But Immortal Sovereign wasn’t finished. He controlled the Magic Cube again so that it flew between Lin Ming’s eyebrows and sank into his spiritual sea.

Immortal Sovereign focused his concentration to leave behind Lin Ming’s soul mark within the Magic Cube. Then, he brought out the Magic Cube.

Lin Ming looked at Immortal Sovereign, a bit puzzled.

“Lin Ming, I asked you to bring out the Stone of Eternal Life today because I would like you to leave it here.”

Let alone Lin Ming, Immortal Sovereign’s words even shocked Sheng Mei. No one knew why he would make such a request.

Currently, it was obvious that the Stone of Eternal Life would be more useful to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s strength had already reached the top levels of the universe, and there was still much room left for growth in his future.

If there was the Magic Cube to help him, then he would have much more assurance to deal with the Soul Emperor.

“Senior, may you tell me the reason?”

When it came to Immortal Sovereign, Lin Ming felt a deep level of respect towards him.

Not to mention that Immortal Sovereign was his elder, but he had also died in the great 10 billion years ago for the races of the 33 Heavens and had established countless war merits.

Just the Holy Scripture Laws had helped him rise from the lowest valley of his life. There was also the thousand year process of the abyssal ritual that had allowed him to complete his final accumulations and break into True Divinity. With all of these things, Lin Ming felt nothing but gratefulness towards Immortal Sovereign.

This sort of benevolence couldn’t even be described as being as heavy as mountains and rivers.

Immortal Sovereign said, “If you face the Soul Emperor then the Magic Cube will be a powerful weapon. But in truth, upon reaching the boundary Beyond Divinity, it will not be able to display much of a wonderful role…”

When Lin Ming was at a low boundary, the Magic Cube was nearly invincible when it appeared. No matter how powerful a soul they still seemed incredibly fail in front of the Magic Cube.

But Beyond Divinity was different. This was a boundary where one could create and destroy worlds. The heights they stood were on a level on par with the great universe.

Not just the current times, but even 10 billion years ago, Immortal Sovereign possessed the Magic Cube and the Asura Road Master possessed the Purple Card, yet even together they were only able to cause heavy losses to the Soul Emperor and hadn’t been able to annihilate him.

From this it could be seen just how terrifying the Beyond Divinity boundary was.

Immortal Sovereign continued to say, “The function of the Stone of Eternal Life mainly manifests in its supportive abilities; it is by no means purely a weapon. As for the reason I would like for you to leave it behind, it is because during the last span of years, I have been in discussions with the Demon Lord. Perhaps… we have means of dealing with that old freak so that it isn’t easy for him to completely control the Emperor Bone Sea.

“But in order to do this, we will need the support of the Magic Cube.”

“But…” Lin Ming said, a bit hesitantly. He was afraid that the Magic Cube would be stolen away by the Soul Emperor. However, as he thought about it more carefully, with Immortal Sovereign’s skills and experience there was no way he could commit such a low level mistake.

If their plan couldn’t affect the Soul Emperor at all and would instead deliver a treasure to the Soul Emperor, then Immortal Sovereign would never carry out such a plan.

“I am only borrowing it. Your source soul mark is imprinted into the Stone of Eternal Life, and in the future I will have the means to return it to your hands…”

Immortal Sovereign confidently spoke these words.

For some unknown reason, Lin Ming had a foreboding premonition in his heart.

Immortal Sovereign and the Demon Lord would join together to resist the Soul Emperor; just what sort of result would occur?

Could they stand the ruthless retaliation of the Soul Emperor?

Lin Ming felt that with the Soul Emperor’s methods and his understandings of the soul, he likely had thousands of ways to refine a soul and thousands of ways to have one suffer unimaginable tortures.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming was a bit worried. “Senior, are you really sure you can contend with the Soul Emperor?”

In Lin Ming’s impression, the Soul Emperor was far too strong an existence. Immortal himself was nothing more than a wisp of remnant soul and the Demon Lord likely wasn’t much stronger. Just what could they do to the Soul Emperor?

“How will we know if we don’t try?”

Immortal Sovereign smiled. He didn’t go into much explanation as to what he would do. “Cultivate here for some time. Afterwards, you can leave…”

Lin Ming hesitated for a bit, and then reluctantly nodded. He deeply looked at the Magic Cube and left it behind.

In his life, Lin Ming had obtained the Magic Cube at 15 years of age, and now was the first time that the Magic Cube was leaving him.

The reason he did this came from his absolute trust in Immortal Sovereign.

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