MW Chapter 2193

Chapter 2193 – Leaving Behind the Magic Cube

As Immortal Sovereign saw Ruby, he let out a sigh, infinite love and emotion filling his face. Although he was looking at Ruby, his gaze seemed to pierce through 10 billion years of time to see Ruby’s past appearance…

“Your name is Ruby?”


Ruby stared wide-eyed at Immortal Sovereign with the curiosity of a child. She only thought that this man in front of her was familiar and he also had a nice smell exuding from him, just like her Big Brother Lin Ming.

“Ruby, huh… that’s a nice name.” Immortal Sovereign gently patted Ruby’s head. “These years have been hard on you…”


Ruby didn’t know just what Immortal Sovereign was trying to say.

“Uncle, what did you say?”


Immortal Sovereign lovingly smiled and traced Ruby’s head again. Then, he turned to Lin Ming and said, “Take good care of her.”

“I will.” Lin Ming solemnly vowed.

Immortal Sovereign sighed. He said, “In the...

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