MW Chapter 2192

Chapter 2192 – Origin Amethyst Crystal

The world strength that swept through the Emperor Bone Sea began to slowly weaken over three days.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei perfectly passed their trial.

Originally, breaking through to True Divinity meant that one would be a martial artist who stood at the highest echelons of the universe. Moreover, whether it was Lin Ming or Sheng Mei, they both possessed enough talent to show disdain to all other rivals at their boundary. Their strength was already great enough that they could affect the future of the universe and alter the grand chess game of the world!

However, Lin Ming also knew that this was only the first step in resisting the Soul Emperor. The Soul Emperor should currently be cultivating some sort of cultivation method, and once he finished he would be able to perfectly control the Demon God’s Tomb. By that time, his strength would reach incomprehensible levels!

The time they had was far too short. Once the Soul Emperor’s cultivation method reached...

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