MW Chapter 2191

Chapter 2191 – Refining the Soul Emperor’s Strength

After breaking into True Divinity, Lin Ming had a fervent desire to fight!

However, he was well aware that after reaching this boundary, there were few in the entire universe that were capable of being his match!

Lin Ming pulled Sheng Mei’s hand.

After breaking into True Divinity his senses had become exceptionally sharp. He could faintly feel an energy hidden deep within Sheng Mei that was discordant with her bloodline.

This energy was similar to the world strength of the Emperor Bone Sea that Lin Ming had absorbed, but, it was actually much fiercer and far more evil.

“The strength of a totem abyssal!”

This thought flashed through Lin Ming’s thoughts. Thinking about it, he recalled that Sheng Mei once stated that the Soul Emperor had left behind two marks within her.

The first was a spirit mark; Sheng Mei had already shattered that by herself.

The next was an energy mark. The essence of this mark was the strength of a totem level abyssal. While it could be used in critical situations to control Sheng Mei, it could also protect her.

Originally, it would have been impossible for either Lin Ming or Sheng Mei to do anything to the Soul Emperor’s strength. But now that Sheng Mei and Lin Ming broke into True Divinity together, if they joined forces they absolutely could refine this strength.

“Lin Ming…”

Sheng Mei and Lin Ming had become of one mind. At this time, Sheng Mei also knew what Lin Ming wanted to do.

She slowly nodded. Lin Ming put his hands together, revolving the divine power within him.

Hum –

Weng –

Supernatural powers surged like a giant grinding pan, pressing down on the totem level strength within Sheng Mei’s body, disintegrating.

This strength was of an extremely high quality. Even if Sheng Mei and Lin Ming joined forces, they could only wear it away a bit at a time.


With a loud explosive sound, this totem strength burst out, forming a hazy phantom in the skies.

This phantom had the appearance of an old youth. However, the appearance was greatly different from that of the Soul Emperor. His features were far more fierce and diabolical than the Soul Emperor’s and his face was pale white without the least bit of depth, as if he was a 10,000 year old corpse that had all its blood sucked out.

Without a doubt, this was the strength of a totem level abyssal left behind by the Soul Emperor.

Lin Ming looked at this phantom and a cold light glinted in his eyes. He poured out all of his strength into this phantom, slowly breaking it apart!

This phantom naturally wasn’t able to resist Lin Ming and Sheng Mei. But, as the phantom’s body broke apart, not only did it not have a frightened expression but there was still that lightly taunting smirk hanging on his face.

Lin Ming frowned. He placed his hands together and poured out the Asura Heavenly Dao and Holy Scripture Laws.


The phantom finally exploded, turning into countless fragments that floated into the void. However, that taunting expression was like a curse, still lingering in the void and not scattering for a long time.

Lin Ming didn’t blink an eye. He thrust out a hand and the phantom exploded once more. This time, it completely turned into the purest world strength that was refined by Lin Ming’s energy.

“Lin Ming…”

Although Sheng Mei had just broken into True Divinity and her strength had risen precipitously, the Soul Emperor’s appearance still caused dark and gloomy clouds to envelop her heart.

This was unrelated to her heart of martial arts and it also wasn’t because she was afraid. It was because she had followed the Soul Emperor for many years and was deeply aware of just how terrifying he was.

“I seem to have… restored some of my previous life’s memories…”

Sheng Mei quietly muttered. After breaking through to True Divinity and undergoing a baptism of the world Laws and divine chains of order, she had faintly touched upon the vast and boundless memories of her past self from 10 billion years ago.

These memories contained the comprehensions of the Life and Death Laws of her past life, as well as her fighting skills and even the cultivation methods she trained in.

The memories were far too disorganized and convoluted. When Sheng Mei broke through to True Divinity she had only touched upon a small part of them and needed time to slowly sort them out. Even so, these memories would bring a massive advantage to her.

“Oh? What have you remembered?”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. Sheng Mei’s memories were of crucial importance. Although Immortal Sovereign also knew of the events from 10 billion years past, he had perished far too early in the war between the races.

After Immortal Sovereign died, the races of the 33 Heavens still struggled against the Dark Abyss for tens of thousands of years. This was the part of history where the Asura Road Master and the races of the 33 Heavens were finally able to force back the abyssals, and as for the specifics of what happened here, Immortal Sovereign wasn’t sure.

And if Sheng Mei knew then this would naturally be a great help to Lin Ming understanding more.

However, Sheng Mei shook her head, saying, “I cannot remember many details about the great calamity from so long ago… I only know that 10 billion years ago, my previous life underwent a blood sacrifice and used a divine tool to manifest the Eternal Wall and block out the Dark Abyss. In truth, my past life also left behind a single turning point for reincarnation – this could be called the tenth cycle of reincarnation… in my past life I was cold and arrogant and even though I knew I would die in battle, I also hoped that I would be able to draw upon personally experiencing ‘death’ to comprehend the Life and Death Laws to a far more profound degree, and then after the ninth reincarnation, carve out a path for the tenth reincarnation. Like that, I would have been able to break through my limits, surpassing my father and even surpassing the Asura Road Master.

“But as for what happened afterwards, I do not know.

“Now, it seems that my tenth reincarnation failed. My memories were lost and my cultivation was abandoned, and I had to begin anew… moreover, I don’t know how but I was discovered by the Soul Emperor and he knew of my true identity.

“The Soul Emperor has incredibly hidden depths. He trained me, but I’m afraid there is some unknown purpose behind it all…”

As Sheng Mei spoke to here, Lin Ming’s thoughts chilled.

The Soul Emperor was unfathomably deep. Not only was he terrifyingly strong but he had laid down a plot of the heavens and earth that spread out over 100 billion years. Compared to him, those True Divinity overlords of the spiritas, saints, or Asura Road, were nothing at all.

Even the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was lacking.

Although the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was the ruler of the saints and had the great ambitions of swallowing all life in the 33 Heavens, when compared to the Soul Emperor he was nothing at all.

Not to mention anything else, just amongst the many ancient demon emperors that the Soul Emperor had locked in the Emperor Bone Sea, if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were placed within he would only be at the middle or upper reaches of them…

Across a horrifying timespan of 100 billion years, even spreading into the last universal era, cruel and vicious elite demons had poured forth from the Dark Abyss, and there were dozens if not hundreds of powerful abyssals that were far stronger than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign could hope to be.

But, when one considered the weakened human race of the 33 Heavens, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was far too formidable. Through the entire human race, they couldn’t find someone that could run away safely in front of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign much less defeat him.

And calculating the time, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign should have already emerged from seclusion. By now, he had likely swallowed up the karmic link between the 33 Heavens’ essence gathering system and the human race.

If so, then humanity was in an even more precarious position.

Of course, to Lin Ming, this sort of karmic link of destiny had no influence. Whether it was in terms of Laws or the energy saved within his body, he far surpassed the essence gathering system. And even if the Laws were imprisoned, Lin Ming could still break through with his strength!

Now, the only things that Lin Ming dreaded were the Soul Emperor and Demon God’s Tomb.

However, before he confronted them he would need to return to the 33 Heavens.

He had to solve the trouble around the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Facing the terrifying enemy that was the Dark Abyss, the infighting between the humans and saints no longer held any meaning.

Of course, wanting the saints to believe him wouldn’t be easy. Even so, Lin Ming didn’t plan to try persuading them too much, because in the world of martial arts strength was all – strength would forever be a weapon countless times more powerful than words!

“I will return to the 33 Heavens!”

Lin Ming suddenly said. He looked at Sheng Mei. Although he didn’t say anything, his meaning was clear; he wanted Sheng Mei to follow him.

The Eternal Wall couldn’t cage in the races of the 33 Heavens. Even though Lin Ming became a True Divinity it still wouldn’t be a problem for him to pass.

As for the bloodlines within Sheng Mei, although they were convoluted, it was still her previous life that had formed the Eternal Wall through her blood sacrifice. Because she had been the one to lay it down, the Eternal Wall wouldn’t imprison even the True Divinity realm Sheng Mei.

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