MW Chapter 2191

Chapter 2191 – Refining the Soul Emperor’s Strength

After breaking into True Divinity, Lin Ming had a fervent desire to fight!

However, he was well aware that after reaching this boundary, there were few in the entire universe that were capable of being his match!

Lin Ming pulled Sheng Mei’s hand.

After breaking into True Divinity his senses had become exceptionally sharp. He could faintly feel an energy hidden deep within Sheng Mei that was discordant with her bloodline.

This energy was similar to the world strength of the Emperor Bone Sea that Lin Ming had absorbed, but, it was actually much fiercer and far more evil.

“The strength of a totem abyssal!”

This thought flashed through Lin Ming’s thoughts. Thinking about it, he recalled that Sheng Mei once stated that the Soul Emperor had left behind two marks within her.

The first was a spirit mark; Sheng Mei had already shattered that by herself.

The next was an energy mark. The essence of this mark was the strength of a totem level abyssal....

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