Chapter 219 - I’ll Let You Struggle In Despair

Chapter 219 I’ll Let You Struggle In Despair.


Chapter 219 – I’ll Let You Struggle In Despair

“Move against the Lin Family… ” Ouyang Dihua hesitated for a moment as he thought about it. The truth was that he also wanted to use this method to force out Lin Ming, but he worried about Qin Ziya.

Now, because of the Total Faction Assembly Tournament, Qin Ziya had been looking for Lin Ming. Perhaps he might even suspect him now, but he just didn’t have any evidence to back his speculations up.

If he moved against the Lin Family now, Qin Ziya would easily be able to discover some clues…

Zhang Fengxian noticed Ouyang Dihua’s hesitation, and said, “I know what Mister Ouyang is worried about. Please let my Allied Trade Association act upon this matter. I will use legitimate means in order to suppress the Lin Family’s family business. I have already investigated and found that the Lin Family is comprised of a few thousand people in total, with only two estates and several hundred acres of farmable land. The rest rely on the family business in order to maintain daily expenses.”

“If I cut the Lin Family’s business off, the Lin Family will fall apart. I think, that for normal commercial competition, Martial House Master Qin Ziya will not say anything. We merely need to wait for the Lin...

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