MW Chapter 2189

Chapter 2189 – Demon Lord

Weng - !

The 30 level demon pagoda began to quietly shiver, as if some incomprehensible being was emerging. Even the demon pagoda itself seemed to find this existence difficult to suppress.

“It’s actually him?”

“The master of the 30 level demon pagoda! Heavens! He must have been in deep slumber for the last 20 billion years. I even thought he had been freed from this hell and no longer existed…”

“He also wants to help?”

The numerous ancient demon emperors were bewildered.

The Emperor Bone Sea had already existed for over 100 billion years, and throughout this time, countless great demons were imprisoned here. They had to endure endless pain and loneliness in the form of remnant souls.

And in the Emperor Bone Sea, there was a supreme ruling powerhouse that appeared 20 billion years ago.

He had been locked inside the 30 level demon pagoda around the dark altars. Because it had been so long ago, not even the ancient demons remembered his true name. They only knew his title – Demon Lord.

He was once the ruler of the Dark Abyss. He didn’t rely on the abyssal ritual to become a totem level abyssal, but instead used his own strength and talent to step into the realm Beyond Divinity.

The truth was that even during the...

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