MW Chapter 2188

Chapter 2188 – The Critical Point of True Divinity

Years passed silently. Lin Ming and Sheng Mei quietly withstood the long abyssal ritual.

Ever since Lin Ming comprehended the mysteries of the Eternal Soul, the impact of pain against his soul grew increasingly weak as he slowly adapted to it. He even began to do as Immortal Sovereign said and took this pain as pleasure.

And beside Lin Ming, Sheng Mei also found her own methods to adapt to this pain. While she didn’t have Lin Ming’s Eternal Soul, she used her talent to forcefully take control of her nerves.

At the start Sheng Mei had to rely on revolving the Holy Scripture Laws, using the life strength of endless growing to neutralize the agonizing impacts.

But several years later, Sheng Mei was already able to erase the pain to her soul.

Ten years later, Sheng Mei sat cross-legged within the small independent world, her expression like that of a sleeping baby. It was hard to imagine just what sort of energy impact she was actually withstanding at this moment.

As for Lin Ming, he was like a never-changing statue, not even uttering a single word.

From the beginning and even now, Immortal Sovereign stood by the side, silently waiting.

He floated high in the air, his divine sense constantly examining the situation within the independent world.

As for the 100 some demon emperors, every 10 years they would pour their world strength into the force field that Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were in, in order to ensure that the world strength within it was always at a highly saturated state!

10 years, 20 years, 30 years…

100 years, 200 years, 300 years…

In this independent world, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei remained unmoving for several hundred years.

They only held hands and quietly withstood all of this. Beneath the repeated impact of energy, their foundation became increasingly solid.

From the outside, nothing seemed to have changed. The only thing that changed was the time period from when those ancient demon emperors would pour their world strength into the independent world.

At the start it was every 10 years, but afterwards, it was once every five years.

After that, it was once every three years.

And 900 years later they would pour their world strength into the force field every single year.

After 900 years of bitter cultivation, the energy within Lin Ming and Sheng Mei had gathered to an extreme; they had already reached their limits.

In fact, Sheng Mei’s cultivation was originally higher and over 500 years ago she had already reached the critical point for breaking into True Divinity. However, in order to step forwards with Lin Ming and form a harmonious yin yang energy cycle, she continually suppressed her cultivation to help Lin Ming cultivate.

Because of this, 900 years later, their cultivations had become increasingly close.

This long abyssal ritual even left the many ancient demon emperors of the Demon God’s Tomb shocked. Before this, there had been abyssal demons who passed the test of the abyssal ritual and slowly grew into totem level abyssals in the future.

But the abyssal ritual they withstood was only several hundred years in total, while Lin Ming and Sheng Mei withstood one that was approaching a thousand years. This was truly inconceivable!

Like this, time continued to the 1000th year. The many ancient demon emperors had started to pour their word strength into the independent world every 10 months.

1080 years later, on one day, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly flashed open. At this moment his skin started to explode like stars and pieces of his jade-like flesh fell off, blowing outwards from the tremendous and chaotic flow of energy.

This flesh had a strong medicinal fragrance. Covered in the milky white light, it was actually abandoned like this. Even the demon emperors felt their hearts ache at such a loss.

When Lin Ming’s old flesh and skin fell off, new flesh and skin had already appeared. This new flesh was crystal bright and shined like a sun, illuminating the surrounding world.

Countless golden vortexes appeared atop every pore. Immortal beings seemed to sit atop these vortexes, reciting ancient mantras.

His entire being was shrouded in a haze of these ancient mantras, as if some great revered being was being born.

Meanwhile, Lin Ming’s body also trembled. Bones penetrated through his flesh and blood, sticking out like divine pillars.

If one looked at these bones carefully, they could see numerous tiny marks on them, as well as some areas that were pitch black, and even blood markings of the Great Dao.

Now, these bones were being forcefully pushed out of Lin Ming’s body.

He was replacing his flesh and blood, being reborn.

This scene was extremely macabre and abnormal. As the old demons around the Emperor Bone Sea saw this, they were shocked, all of them rendered speechless.

After Lin Ming reached this step, he still managed to replace his flesh and blood once more. It was obvious just how useful this world strength was in tempering his mortal body.

Kacha! Kacha!

Lin Ming’s bones shattered without end. An energy broke out from them, filled with the roars of demons as it floated into the air.

These bones were engraved with mystical bone runes. For anyone else these would be supremely rare and valuable bones, and yet Lin Ming was discarding them so easily.

However, this was not the end. After several breaths of time, these bone that were discarded were destroyed. As the fragments of bone dust fell all around, the purest life energy contained in those bones actually returned to Lin Ming’s body.

Even some of the medicinally fragrant flesh that Lin Ming discarded rapidly turned into ash. Their essence energy as well as the source Law fragments contained within flew back into Lin Ming!

Many old demons marveled at the spectacle.

To be reborn to such a degree was simply inconceivable.

This was a true perfect body!

Lin Ming had already taken pain as pleasure. But, in the process of his birth, he fell into agonizing pain once more. His source Great Dao had already been fused into his bones and flesh and blood, and wanting to discard it from his body to be replaced and to be reborn, that was incredibly difficult.

One needed the most formidable of wills as well as an incomparably stable foundation.

Not too far away, Immortal Sovereign’s eyes lit up with a fascinated light. As he looked at Lin Ming’s changes, he had already stood up.

Now, what he was waiting for was Lin Ming’s true transformation!

He knew that this moment of replacing the bones and flesh was only the prelude to Lin Ming’s breakthrough into True Divinity.

Beside Lin Ming, Sheng Mei also opened her eyes. In truth she had waited for Lin Ming for 600 years. Waiting this long wasn’t a waste, but was actually highly significant to her.

This was because if she could step into True Divinity together with Lin Ming, then the two of them could touch upon the Heavenly Dao together and arouse the trembling of the world Laws. Because they were complementing each other in yin yang circulation, they would obtain the greatest benefits!

As Sheng Mei was fermenting her own energy, the nine revolution red lotus mark between her eyebrows began to shine with divine light.

She wanted to complete her breakthrough together with Lin Ming.

At the same time, Lin Ming’s replacing of bones and flesh was continuing. As his bones were reborn anew, his organs also started to transform.

An unknown period of time passed. Lin Ming’s blood vitality scattered again and again, but was reborn repeatedly due to the perfusion of world strength.

Finally, his body dazzled once more, and creamy white bones grew out from his old shattered ones.

These bones were densely carved with mysterious ancient runes. It was like towering mountains grew within his body, supporting his infinite power.

Fresh blood boiled over, the sounds like roaring True Dragons.

He emitted a loud cry into the heavens. The sound waves turned into tumbling sea waves that surged into the Emperor Bone Sea.

His gaze was like the sun and moon. As he opened and closed his eyes, it was like worlds were being born and extinguished, rivers of stars flowing within without end.

And at this time, Immortal Sovereign pointed out a finger.

With a light cracking sound, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s spatial rings shattered. Three ancient black books emerged from their two spatial rings.

These were the ceremonial rites books left behind by the Soul Emperor!

The ceremonial rites books had been tampered with by the Soul Emperor. If one withstood the abyssal ritual using them, their spiritual sea would be invaded.

And now, beneath the support of all the ancient demon emperors, Immortal Sovereign was using this world potential to refine these ceremonial rites books!

Without a doubt, these three ceremonial rites books contained an incomparably pure strength. How could Immortal Sovereign waste it?

Now, Immortal Sovereign was refining these books to draw out their strength. This would undoubtedly allow Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s cultivations to take a step further, and provide them with the maximum energy possible for their breakthrough into True Divinity!

Over 100 ancient demon emperors suddenly stirred up, their thoughts focusing. They revolved their strength, moving as much world strength as they could towards Lin Ming and Sheng Mei.

And at this time, an ancient voice leisurely echoed out, shaking the heavens and earth.

“What a grand occasion that hasn’t been seen for even 100 billion years…”

This voice actually came from the 30 level pagoda that was around the dark altars!

Originally, there were only three pagodas around the dark altars and only Immortal Sovereign had been awakened because of the battle between Lin Ming and Deep Child. As for the other two pagodas, they remained quiet. Yet at this time, a response rose up in one of them!

Immortal Sovereign’s eyes began to shine.


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