MW Chapter 2188

Chapter 2188 – The Critical Point of True Divinity

Years passed silently. Lin Ming and Sheng Mei quietly withstood the long abyssal ritual.

Ever since Lin Ming comprehended the mysteries of the Eternal Soul, the impact of pain against his soul grew increasingly weak as he slowly adapted to it. He even began to do as Immortal Sovereign said and took this pain as pleasure.

And beside Lin Ming, Sheng Mei also found her own methods to adapt to this pain. While she didn’t have Lin Ming’s Eternal Soul, she used her talent to forcefully take control of her nerves.

At the start Sheng Mei had to rely on revolving the Holy Scripture Laws, using the life strength of endless growing to neutralize the agonizing impacts.

But several years later, Sheng Mei was already able to erase the pain to her soul.

Ten years later, Sheng Mei sat cross-legged within the small independent world, her expression like that of a sleeping baby. It was hard to imagine just what sort of energy impact she was...

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