MW Chapter 2187

Chapter 2187 – The Limit of Pain

Over a hundred giant beams of world strength shrouded in the aura of demons came crashing down, each one dazzling, their brilliance spreading out for tens of thousands of miles.

It was like a river of stars came falling down from the skies, their massive momentum slamming into the earth, causing the world to shake.

The Emperor Bone Sea began to boil over as monstrous demonic auras filled the air. The mysterious rules and the countless remnant traces of ancient demons were quickened.

Steaming black energy filled the air, seemingly filled with the forms of ancient demons. They formed a storm that raged out in all directions.


Lin Ming bore all of this immense world strength. His body that glistened like jade was suddenly curved by the impact into a tightened bow. His skin, his skeleton, everything emitted creaking sounds that blasted out like the roars of dragons and cries of phoenixes.

Beneath this tremendous pressure, he remained unyielding. His tendons twisted over the surface of his body like snakes. He raised his arm and hands up and...

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