MW Chapter 2186

Chapter 2186 – Lossless Body

As these four demon pagodas began to light up, beams of divine light poured down like a waterfall and the world strength in the surroundings crazily rose in a short period of time!



Wild and fierce roars sounded out. This world strength contained the will and spiritual sense of their masters.

Some of these wills were evil, some brutal and tyrannical, some filled with overwhelming hatred and killing intent!

After being sealed in the Emperor Bone Sea for dozens of billions of years, many of the demons here had turned mad and demented, wishing to destroy everything in existence!

The world strength grew increasingly manic. Even Immortal Sovereign had an earnest expression at this time.

This was 20 demons acting out together, many of them having gone mad. They poured out their energy without reserve so that Lin Ming would have to withstand it alone!


20 beams of divine light gathered together, as thick as a mountain. Such a terrifying world strength...

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