MW Chapter 2186

Chapter 2186 – Lossless Body

As these four demon pagodas began to light up, beams of divine light poured down like a waterfall and the world strength in the surroundings crazily rose in a short period of time!



Wild and fierce roars sounded out. This world strength contained the will and spiritual sense of their masters.

Some of these wills were evil, some brutal and tyrannical, some filled with overwhelming hatred and killing intent!

After being sealed in the Emperor Bone Sea for dozens of billions of years, many of the demons here had turned mad and demented, wishing to destroy everything in existence!

The world strength grew increasingly manic. Even Immortal Sovereign had an earnest expression at this time.

This was 20 demons acting out together, many of them having gone mad. They poured out their energy without reserve so that Lin Ming would have to withstand it alone!


20 beams of divine light gathered together, as thick as a mountain. Such a terrifying world strength caused the void in the Emperor Bone Sea to shake, as if it were being violently rammed by something.

The Emperor Bone Sea was an invincible cage; any powerful existence here would be suppressed by the potential of the world. But, this formidable world strength actually caused the Emperor Bone Sea to fiercely shake, because this energy in itself was fused into the potential of this world!

Before the energy arrived, Lin Ming could already feel the terrifying impact it would bring upon his body. After such a long time, Lin Ming had already gained the intuition of a wild beast. In that instant, his blood began to swirl inside his body like waves and he stirred up all the strength within him to greet this wave of energy.


Lin Ming’s body shook. The 20 supernatural mights were like 20 mountains pushing down upon him. Waves of energy dazzled like divine splendor, pouring into his body like linked chains of magma.

Just how incredible were these divine powers? Each wave had been personally condensed by supreme ancient demon emperors, and Lin Ming was finally beginning to feel the immense pressure.

In that moment his body rapidly inflated, as if he would explode.

“This boy, can he really withstand it!?”

From all around, a hundred some spiritual senses focused on Lin Ming’s body, waiting to see his performance.

Even those six demons that argued with Lin Ming couldn’t tell where Lin Ming’s limits were after seeing his current form. They crazily poured out their world strength in order to save some face.

But at this time, as Lin Ming was covered in the vast waves of world strength, another astonishing change occurred. The 36,000 pores on his body began to shine with the brilliance of life essence. This brilliance shot out, forming 36,000 tiny vortexes that endlessly sucked in this incoming strength.

Within Lin Ming’s body, the Eight Gates and seven Dao Palaces began to open up one after another. Waves of life potential erupted from his body and his acupoints glowed with a bright luster like a rising sun, as if a True Dragon were awakening from within him.

Every wisp of True Dragon energy was evolved from Lin Ming’s blood. They helped Lin Ming’s mortal body to crazily swallow up the world strength.

As world strength gathered onto Lin Ming without end, his originally inflated balloon-like body began to return to normal.

Blue veins twisted on Lin Ming’s face and blood vessels burst open. His complexion was red like heated iron as he soaked in the immense energy. It was clear that this was difficult for him.

“Child, you go over too!”

Immortal Sovereign said to Sheng Mei.

The Emperor Bone Sea’s world strength was the land where energy throughout the entirety of the Demon God’s Tomb gathered; it was impossible for Lin Ming to absorb it all. And, the abyssal ritual wasn’t a one or two day process; it could be maintained for dozens or even hundreds of years.

To withstand the cleansing of world strength for such a long time and the incalculable pain that accompanied it, this caused many peerless geniuses to falter and perish in the process.

Sheng Mei nodded. She slowly arrived at Lin Ming’s side and withstood that massive wave of energy.

At this time, the overwhelming amount of energy was withstood by Lin Ming. What Sheng Mei had to withstand was only a small portion of it.

As energy rushed into Sheng Mei’s body, the nine revolution red lotus mark between her eyebrows began to emit a blood red light.

Sheng Mei held onto Lin Ming’s hands. The two of them blended together their strength and the power of their bloodlines.

The two of them were like yin and yang, supplementing each other. Energy flowed between their hands, forming a perfectly harmonized cycle.

Lin Ming’s complexion grew increasingly calm. But at the same time, the world strength within his body became increasingly rich. This world strength was like countless seeds of life, flooding through his body, infecting every drop of blood, every inch of skin, every bit of bone, taking root within him and transforming him, rebirthing him.

Lin Ming had already tempered his mortal body to the extreme. Wanting to advance any further was something filled with countless difficulties. But now, after being soaked beneath this world strength, his mortal body began to experience another breakthrough!

After years upon years of fights, in truth, Lin Ming’s mortal body had actually gathered injuries.

Lin Ming’s body possessed incredibly recovery abilities. No matter how severely wounded he was, he could still regenerate himself.

But some injuries were extremely special; they were wounds of the Great Dao.

When Lin Ming forcefully broke through a boundary, tempered his body, or fought with peerless powerhouses, he had to resist the Great Dao. These attacks could strike at his divine soul and mark his flesh and blood, even connecting with his marrow. Even if he could recover from these injuries, the truth was that they would leave behind small scars.

These injuries were extremely faint yet also incredibly profound. They were wounds that were close to the Laws, so they were hard to discover and also hard to heal from.

The truth was that on ordinary days, these scars wouldn’t hinder Lin Ming’s cultivation or fighting style.

But with Lin Ming having reached this degree, his body had already been tempered to the limit. If he wished to make another breakthrough, it would be incredibly difficult. If he could perfect his own body to form a lossless body, then this would allow Lin Ming to take another step forwards on his road of martial arts.

And on this day, as he was being flooded with this world strength, the tiny scars left in Lin Ming’s body by the Great Dao began to gradually disappear.

Not just that, but small silver lotuses were left behind where these small scars had been. These lotuses burst out with divine natural radiance, and shrouded in the chaos of strength around them, they emerged with ancient runes.

These ancient runes grew all throughout Lin Ming’s body. Faintly, Lin Ming began to become aware of more things. These were runes of the Life Laws, and they blended together with Lin Ming’s previous understandings of the Great Dao of Life.

Blessings and woes often followed each other. These scars were eliminated by the world strength of the Emperor Bone Sea, and as for Lin Ming, after his mortal body withstood these scars for such a long time, he instinctively and subconsciously became aware of the true meaning of vigorously potent life.

These sorts of changes caused the last two sealed Dao Palaces in Lin Ming’s body to loosen a little.

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace; seven light and two dark. The human body’s nine Dao Palaces were divided into the seven bright palaces and the two hidden palaces. In truth, leaping from the bright palaces to dark palaces was almost equivalent to breaking through a large realm.

This was an incredibly difficult breakthrough. But as Lin Ming’s mortal body became increasingly difficult, he had already turned in this direction and had taken his first solid step forwards!

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed open. His pupils glittered with blinding light, as if great suns existed within them.

The world strength that was instilled in Lin Ming might not be completely absorbed by him, but as the waves of world strength stabilized they formed droplets that gathered around him. These droplets were attracted to his body, forming an endless misty fog around him.

Seeing this occur, Immortal Sovereign’s lights lit up with a tinge of appreciation and wonder.

Lin Ming’s transformation had already begun. As for Sheng Mei who was beside him, her transformation wasn’t too far away.

The two of them had become one, yin and yang reinforcing each other. They both possessed an incomparable degree of potential. It was hard to imagine just what step they would arrive at after withstanding the baptism of the Emperor Bone Sea’s world strength.

Seeing Lin Ming not only resist the world strength of 20 some demon emperors and even have a sense of breakthrough beneath the soaking of world strength, this was enough to cause the other demons standing on the sidelines to pay attention to him.

Without a doubt, Lin Ming had already proven himself.

Perhaps what Immortal said was true. If these two little children had enough time to grow, then they really might be able to resist the Soul Emperor!

When it came to that old fellow who had enslaved them all, these demons hated him to the depths of their marrow. To kill him so that their remnant souls could be freed was an obsession that had taken root deep in their minds.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

At this time, the other demons also moved.

The originally crazy and fierce demons here that had hearts filled with killing intent had a moment of rare earnestness. They poured in all of their energy. They no longer tried to have Lin Ming blow up and die, but sincerely offered their world strength so that Lin Ming and Sheng Mei could soak in it and complete their breakthrough!


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