MW Chapter 2185

Chapter 2185 – To the Heart’s Content

“You want us to pour our strongest strength into the bodies of these two Empyrean juniors?”

“Hehe, Immortal, do you think you’re dreaming? If we pour the strength of our hundred some soul forms into this boy and girl, it will cause their bodies to explode!”

“Hahaha! Immortal, you might have some grudge with these two babies but there isn’t a need to use such cruel methods to torture them!”

After several breaths of quiet, many demons began to howl in laughter. The abyssal ritual was an excruciatingly painful process, and the greater the intensity of energy, the greater the pain that followed it.

If one couldn’t withstand the impact of energy then their body would blow up. This method of death was at least a hundred times more painful than death by being torn apart.

Moreover, after dying their soul would also be sealed here. However, they wouldn’t be sealed in the demon pagodas but beneath a great array formation beneath the Emperor Bone Sea. In that crowded and dark array formation, being caged up in that sort of environment would cause one to go even crazier than if they were locked up in a demon pagoda!

Immortal Sovereign remained unmoved. He coldly sneered and said, “You are already dead, so what is the point of keeping your energies? If you still have a slim hope of being able to revive someday, then I advise you to stop dreaming! However, I believe that even if you pour the greatest amount of world strength that you have in your body, you still won’t be able to fill these two juniors up!”

“Heh, there is no need for you to stir us up, Immortal. If you want to reduce these two juniors to ashes then let me help you!”

A demon fiendishly laughed. But just as this demon was about to act, a series of even more shrill laughs echoed out. “Jejejeje! Yuan Chi, pass this matter over to us brothers instead!”

As this voice finished speaking, it focused on Immortal and said, “Aren’t you confident in these two little babies? Good, then us brothers will act on that boy. We will pour in our greatest energies, and if we kill him then you will toss that young beauty over there to us for us to enjoy. How about it?”

Hearing these insolent and brazen voices, Lin Ming’s complexion darkened. He clearly remembered who these voices belonged to; they were from the hungry ghosts who had drooled over Sheng Mei.

After staying in the Demon God’s Tomb for so long, some remnant souls would start to understand each other, and it wasn’t surprising for some minds that shared mutually disgusting interests to be on close terms with each other.

Immortal remained expressionless. He clenched his fists and highly compressed world strength began crackling in his palms!

“What? Do you want to attack us? We are locked in these demon pagodas, so there is nothing you can do to us!”

These demons didn’t fear Immortal Sovereign. Indeed, Immortal Sovereign wasn’t able to do anything to them. They had already died and could no longer die again. Moreover, these demon pagodas would protect their divine souls.

And if in fact they could die, they would be overjoyed to die forever. They had been locked in these demon pagodas for endless years and had gone crazy with loneliness and despair. Their futures were to be nothing but beasts reared in cages, waiting for the day that the Soul Emperor completely refined this world, whereupon they would be slaughtered no differently than beasts.

But at this time, Lin Ming coldly said, “Enough nonsense. I want to see just what your strongest strength is. If you can’t do anything to me, how about you admit that you are nothing but base dogs 10,000 times over?”

Although these ancient demon emperors had died and nothing could be done to them, most of them were still incredibly arrogant and prideful. If they actually had to admit that they were nothing but dogs 10,000 times over, then they wouldn’t have the face to continue existing in this Emperor Bone Sea.

“You are seeking death!”

Hearing Lin Ming’s insults, the demons that spoke before were incensed.

“Let us begin! Blow this boy’s body up!”

“Kill him!”

This group of demons had arrived in the Demon God’s Tomb at around the same time period. There were six of them together and six great demons struck out together. Six demon pagodas began to shake and tremble!

Of these six demon pagodas, the shortest was 15 levels and one of them was 18 levels. On the opposite shores of the Yellow Springs River, this was considered the highest demon pagoda.

But this wasn’t the end. When these six demon moved, they also galvanized nine surroundings pagodas that were originally quiet, and all of these pagodas began to gush out with a wild world strength.


Thick black beams of light shot into the heavens. Like 15 giant pythons of varying sizes, they all came hurtling towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming sent out a ray of soul force and sent Sheng Mei away. Then, he looked up, his eyes blazing as he stared at these 15 pythons.

“Come on!”

In this moment, Lin Ming’s mind seethed with killing intent. If he wanted to defeat the Soul Emperor, then everything would begin from here!


15 pythons violently rushed onto the altar. A terrifying explosion followed!

Lin Ming felt as if a massive bucket of lava was poured across his body. The 36,000 pores of his body began to emit an incomparably hot stream of heat, his entire body releasing steaming hot air!

This tyrannical and brutal energy rampaged through his meridians. It impacted into his inner world, breaking in and exploding, compressing, exploding, and then compressing again!

Lin Ming could feel that his foundation was being struck by a heavy hammer, maliciously hardened and tempered again and again!

If he had to describe this feeling with a single word, then it would be…


“Haha, how wonderful!”

Lin Ming emitted a loud cry to his heart’s content. His shout pierced into the skies, reverberating through the entire Emperor Bone Sea.

The impact of energy upon his body was painful, but sometimes, pain wouldn’t cause misery, instead it would sometimes cause joy and excitement.

Now, as these demons poured their energies into Lin Ming’s body, the pain it brought just happened to reach this degree. Lin Ming easily withstood it, and even felt a sense of comfort course through his body.


“This brat!”

Seeing Lin Ming withstand their energies and not only not explode to death, but also not suffering any distress or excruciating pain and instead yell out in joy, this was simply a slap to the faces of these demons.

“You are courting death!”

“Make him suffer! Make him die!”

Six ancient demons went mad with rage. They emitted violent roars of rage as their fierce strength rushed into Lin Ming’s body.

Lin Ming clenched his fists together and emitted a long howl.


“Come again! Make the energy even stronger!

“Did you not eat enough before this? Keep on coming!”

Lin Ming yelled out. And at this time, the six ancient demons were flushed with anger. They were rapidly using up their soul force and in a short several breaths of time they had used up over half of the world strength they had gathered.

Seeing these six great demons try their best and also seeing Lin Ming relax as if he were taking a hot bath, many ancient demons were shocked.

These six perverted demons had lustful and lascivious natures, but their strength was beyond reproach. Moreover, they even controlled a few of the silent demon pagodas. These six demons had joined forces and launched a joint attack with everything they had, yet they weren’t even able to do anything to a little peak Empyrean junior?

“Interesting, how interesting…”

An ancient voice resounded from another demon pagoda. This demon pagoda was also 18 levels, but every level of this pagoda was taller than the levels of the other pagodas. Amongst the rows of demon pagodas, this one felt as if it stood out, like a crane amongst chickens.

“This little fellow is truly unbelievable. Perhaps he really might be able to give a bit of trouble to that old freak.”

Another old voice sounded out.

“What use is there in being just troublesome? It is only good if he can at least cut off a piece of meat from that old freak’s body. And this is… if he had enough time to grow!”

“Hehe, grow? Then let me give him a helping hand!”

Suddenly, on the other shores of the Yellow Springs River, another demon pagoda emitted a beam of light. This beam of light was crimson, like a giant blood dragon that claws its way towards Lin Ming!


An explosion swept across the dark altar. Lin Ming’s hair scattered outwards, all of his joints emitting explosive crackling sounds.

“You came just in time!”

Lin Ming grit his teeth and veins stuck out on his muscles like blue worms.

Just the strength of this crimson beam alone was around a third of the sum total of those six demons’ energies gathered together!

And besides feeling pain surge through his body, Lin Ming still forcefully withstood it without any sense of collapse.

Seeing this scene, the six previously clamoring demons felt as if they had been slapped silly. They all wished to find a hole to crawl into. Even with the six of them together along with a demon emperor that was stronger than any one of them, they still weren’t able to do anything to Lin Ming, let alone cause his body to explode.

“I can’t believe it…”

These six demons still grit their teeth and continued. But at this time, more demons leapt into the fray.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!             

Four more beams of divine light shot into the skies!

“How interesting! Then let us join in and give this brat some more material!”


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