MW Chapter 2185

Chapter 2185 – To the Heart’s Content

“You want us to pour our strongest strength into the bodies of these two Empyrean juniors?”

“Hehe, Immortal, do you think you’re dreaming? If we pour the strength of our hundred some soul forms into this boy and girl, it will cause their bodies to explode!”

“Hahaha! Immortal, you might have some grudge with these two babies but there isn’t a need to use such cruel methods to torture them!”

After several breaths of quiet, many demons began to howl in laughter. The abyssal ritual was an excruciatingly painful process, and the greater the intensity of energy, the greater the pain that followed it.

If one couldn’t withstand the impact of energy then their body would blow up. This method of death was at least a hundred times more painful than death by being torn apart.

Moreover, after dying their soul would also be sealed here. However, they wouldn’t be sealed in the demon pagodas but beneath a great array formation...

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