MW Chapter 2184

Chapter 2184 – Abyssal Ritual

When Lin Ming stood in the center of the dark altar, he could feel his divine soul connect through the altar and commune with the entire Emperor Bone Sea. He faintly felt this world and the strength that flowed through it.

“Originally, this so-called abyssal ritual is to accept a baptism of the strength of the Emperor Bone Sea’s world… the Soul Emperor wants to completely control the Emperor Bone Sea and fuse together with the Demon God’s Tomb, but he lacks the soul force to achieve this. Thus, he laid out all sorts of plans to accomplish it. He needed powerful minions for his plans, so he divided a portion of the Emperor Bone Sea’s strength to the peak talents of the Dark Abyss, training them into totem level abyssals that he could control himself…”

“If I withstand a baptism of the Emperor Bone Sea’s world but am not controlled by the Soul Emperor, then that is the same as slicing off a piece of meat from the Soul Emperor’s body…”


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